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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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  1. Yeah I've probably lost native hair but it is not the only reason I would look the same after 5000 grafts. My yield was also extremely poor. Even if I lost some native hair during the 12 months...people with good yield after 5000 grafts go from basically bald to having hair and I wasn't bald before surgery. The light source is different between those 2 pics and is more harsh in the one that looks worse on the right at 12 months as well so that's a contributing factor to the difference
  2. I'll be back to work 11 days post op after rhinoplasty. I will not be going to asmed for touch up. I will probably try hasson and wong in Canada next year.
  3. Haha I've looked into penis enhancement but it's not good so I would not do that.
  4. Yeah but the majority of the results are within the first month. Mostly just small residual swelling after that. The biggest difference by far is pre op vs 6 weeks pictures Compared to 6 weeks vs 1 year photos
  5. Before Pic and surgery day. Pleased with my ski slope nose. Cant wait to see the new tip
  6. Tomorrow I will post my exactly 1 year post op pics. And funny enough my nose job is this Friday lol
  7. At least you had a better improvement than I did and I used 11% more grafts than you (500)
  8. Here's a preview of an idea of how my nose will be changing
  9. Haha idk man. just cuz you're old doesn't mean you can't look fresh. Plus if you think of the alternatives it's still always better. Styles do change however If push came to shove it is always better to be a bit better in the hairline and crown and sacrifice a little density in the sides and back and then keep a nice fade rather than to be thin on the top and hairline and yet have a thick bush on the back and sides of your head. The first way you still look good and not like you are balding, EVEN IF it is not the style to keep the sides and back short. There's always going to be variation in hairstyles anyway. This will always look pretty good in my lifetime I am quite sure of that. The second way you clearly look like you are balding. Even if I kept a bush in the back and let my top go to crap and just shaved my entire head, either way, the hair on the back and sides would be super short. The only way it is ever good to do a style with the hair long on the sides and back is if you have a dense crown and hairline ANYWAY. There are absolutely 0 good hairstyles where the hair on sides and back are ever longer than the hair on top. It is always equal in length or much shorter than the top. Otherwise you look like the guy in the 2nd picture Good. Bad.
  10. Yeah I'm fine with how my donor looks, its just the yield was way too low. And actually my barber asked me if I had a Hair transplant without me telling him. He said he could kind of tell because you can see if you look closely in my upper temple area the texture and quality of hair is slightly different in the recipient area than the native hairs. Plus the bald spot I have in the corners is a slightly unnatural male pattern baldness pattern and is the result of some patchiness of the hair transplant due to yield issues. Also this is the type of skin fade I was talking about. Id be okay sacrificing some donor density in order to have a but better density on my crown and hairline because I keep the sides and back short anyway. I'd rather look a bit thin in the donor area than in my hairline and crown cuz when you take it to A length 0 or.5 it's not as important. My barber actually messed up the style I want in the back so i had to draw this picture so I can explain it better next time lol. I want the fade to drop to a V shape in the back like this. Right now it looks like a bowl cut in the back.