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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Dr. Shelly Friedman

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  1. Bro seriously.... What would you suggest... I think I look pretty fucking good with what I've got. You can only do so much with a hairline like mine. Let's see your hairstyle
  2. 10 months Really disappointed with how things turned out given where I started and how many grafts they used. Literally haven't had much of any change since 5-6 months post op
  3. No they haven't. They just said that their goal will be to provide me with an excellent experience. So since the yield did not meet either mine or ASMED expectations, they probably will just account for what donor I have left, my age, my current hair situation, what they had attempted to do for me previously, my goals, and weigh all those things out to determine how many grafts should be used.
  4. Yeah just the section I drew the designing right above your post is where I need reinforced the most and what will have the biggest impact for me in terms of framing my face and really making me finally look like I'm not losing my hair. But given I had 5000 grafts I definitely did not meet the 90% minimum growth warranty from ASMED given where I was before and after the procedure with them. Because people that do meet that minimum 90% growth with 5000 grafts have significantly more impact of change than I did. Also remember, the Pic of me in the button up shit with palm trees from a long time ago was before I had any surgery not just the asmed one. I had 2000 grafts before I had 5000 at asmed.
  5. Here is donor with less harsh lighting and a bit longer and a Pic of the area I want reinforced.
  6. My crusts did come off pretty early and I would gently massage them occasionally since they were soft from the washing they would have me do and so the soft flakes would flake off. Idk, it's possible.
  7. Here's me this week with a recent haircut with a .5 gaurd buzzer on the side. And I believe asmed used a .8 or .9 mm punch
  8. No I don't do anything just shampoo and condition. My hair is coarse and stiff so it doesn't just fall down
  9. Yeah makes me jelly cuz I had 5000 grafts too but the difference it made for him was like 10 times as much
  10. Please do. Your results are making me more excited to go back for my touch up in a couple months lol
  11. It was a very reasonable process I just constantly took revealing pictures at every angle to show the actual yield and for receiving 5000 grafts and what I looked like pre op it was just obvious that I am not going to be reverting 90% yield by any means when you see the powerful results of 90% yield of people with even less grafts than me like 3000. They're transformations are clearly better than what I had at 5000 grafts. I'd say around 8 to 9 months was when they became ready and willing to arrange something. I know they can get great results someone just posted a result of 3000 grafts in the hairline and his yield was excellent
  12. Hey man good luck I'm actually headed back there in 2 months for a warranty procedure because the first one didn't yield very well for me but hoping for better results the second time