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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. Haha you should see my friend. His jaw is super human. Gotta get to low body fat percentage
  2. Here's my hair I just got cut shorter than a.5 gaurd but longer than a skin fade.
  3. I was never a fan of using topical minoxidil. Who wants to drip liquid onto your hair every morning and nighttime and make your already thin hairs clump together due to the liquid and make the scalp even more visible haha. Just too inconvenient and kind of a weird thing to do lifestyle wise.
  4. Lol for sure. I'm a very open person. Right now I'm working full time plus working an additional 35-40 hours per week on starting up a few e commerce businesses. I still haven't decided on my next surgeon yet. Everyone says hw are consistently putting out great results but to be honest I don't see many patient posts showing off work from hw coming out weekly in the forums. I see posts showing other doctors work but usually struggle to find hw. The most recent 2 are not good. But there have been good ones in the past. Diep consistently puts out video results every single Friday and they're alwa
  5. I also asked hw if there are any physiological factors that woild put them at a disadvantage for yield no matter how great the surgeon is and all the mentioned is not having good hair caliber or having not enough donor hair. Psychology can affect immune system and wound healing. However I am not severly psychologically crazy with extreme anxiety disorder and I heal from wounds and sleep just fine. I did not have poor yield because of "psychological" issues. It was the surgery itself that caused poor yield.
  6. Right now I'm deciding between diep and hw but I do hear about konior a lot and know he does the whole surgery
  7. I'm gonna have to do more research on him and his patient posted results
  8. No that's why I most recently started leaning toward hw
  9. Just followed. Hmm Idk if I really have any questions right now
  10. Oh what is that? I haven't heard of that. Are they going live on their instagram account for users of this forum to ask questions?
  11. Stress can affect immune system and wound healing however I heal from wounds just fine. I don't think it is psychological. Hasson also said that they haven't noticed any decrease in yield in patients with previous surgeries
  12. Honestly I've been checking the forums for new hasson reviews lately and I really don't see very often new hasson threads being started showing patient posted results as much as I see some other doctors being posted about
  13. Wow interesting to see 2 ppl experiencing bad results from hasson after everyone saying he's so great and I was just about decided on him. This same thing happened to me right before my Erdogan procedure and so many of my 5000 grafts got wasted too. 6 months is a good indicator if you're going to get results. Patients that get results always look significantly better at 6 months.
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