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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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  1. They say the manual method allows for a more precise and gentle method for extraction for differences iin each follicle and that ut has the highest success for extraction with least amount of damage.
  2. They just assured me that all the techs are skilled and experienced to do a good job
  3. Okay I did that within the website and searched erdogam and found a handful of recent positive results so that is more calming. And I see sole good ones from the past couple of years as well. I do doubt it would be likely that Erdogan would suddenly start having tons of bad results out of nowhere.
  4. I just Google searched "international hair loss forum erdogan" and only 2 results popped up. I guess I'll have to create an account with that forum and search within the forum itself
  5. I looked but only came across 2 from last year it seems like most forum results are on the hair restoration network or bald truth talk forums.
  6. I just emailed the rep that I communicate with and I'm asking about the recent change in results and any tech changes over the past 2 years and am concerned about the results from surgeries the past 6 to 9 months and what will be the experience of the techs working on me? And insisted that I have the techs with the highest skill set and experience working on me. I'm getting 5000 grafts I'm not about to waste my money and 5000 of the remaining 8600 grafts he says I have remaining.
  7. I dont know though. I was browsing around and did see some with positive results being posted around the same time as the negative ones. And if you look at the reply above from Managing Publisher Bill, he has been on this forum for many years and following tons of surgeon results and he is still confident that asmed is one of the best to go to.
  8. Sexual function dramatically crashes for some people after stopping finasteride. But luckily I recovered from 3 to 6 months afterward. There are some forums where people say they never recover. I was EXTREMELY scared for awhile.
  9. Yeah that's looking good once the density increases and the hairs get longer that's a great improvement. I tried propecia for 11 months and experienced sides so I quit and then had post finasteride syndrome for several months so I will never touch it personally
  10. Results looking good so far I look forward to seeing you at month 6+. Km getting my surgery by asmed in November and some of the other negative posts like from payam are making me worried
  11. So you dont think the recent posts with questionable results are something to worry about considering the numerous great results hes had over the years?