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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. I'm very thorough with the wash and throughout the day I lightly rub the area and flakes come off throughout the day
  2. Asmed calculates total donor capacity you can use without too much thinning of donor area and they harvest it homogeneously throughout the donor region
  3. Day 5 Erdogan had us do the atp spray the night after surgery and stop the spray after we go in for the day after surgery wash
  4. My official review of my ASMED results will be shown here. I had my surgery with ASMED this week
  5. Yeah he reinforced behind my temples as well because my hair was thinning there. To make it look more homogeneous and even throughout
  6. They didn't put all 5000 in my front line. 2400 of the grafts they distributed all throughout my crown reaching all the way to the back of my head. They said I currently have about 3000 more available donor grafts but as I continue to thin that may drop to 2200. So I can go back and do 2200-3000 grafts all throughout my crown if I had to in the future. Only like 75 grafts were used for my beard in this surgery and my previous surgery was about 2300, of which 350 were used for other patches in my beard. This is how I look normally. Can't wait to see how I look when the hair grows in and if I can finally style it by brushing it back instead of feathering it forward to cover how thin it is.
  7. 2 days post op. Just did the wash procedure. I got really really swollen but that's normal
  8. It's exactly same procedure as the scalp and the pain level was comparable to the scalp
  9. Just finished day 2. They worked on my crown and also added some density to both sides of my goatee so that my mustache and beard are more connected. I asked them to because I notice in a lot of pictures it doesn't look completely connected and solid. So now it should be solid.
  10. Sure, I'm 26 and first noticed hair loss around 21. First surgery used ARTAS robot which I don't believe is a great method and neither does ASMED. One thing I will day was after my first day of surgery with asmed the surgery was rather painless but I did feel some nausea at one point and as soon as I got to the hotel the one painkiller they advised me to take was not doing ANYTHING. It felt like my head was being crushed and I could not relax or focus on anything else. I ended up vomiting twice in my hotel. I had to have a guy at the hotel go but me ibuprofen and I took 3 of those babies and the pain subsided and was finally able to sleep. Now I have just woken up for surgery day 2 to work on my crown. Everyone is very nice and attentive in the clinic on surgery day.
  11. I had a first procedure that was unsatisfactory 18 months ago with ARTAS robot by another surgeon so I decided to try again with koray Erdogan. I attached 2 pics of me before surgery with dry hair and 3 with wet hair. I got 2600 grafts today all in the frontal and temporal areas and tomorrow it's supposed to be 2400 in the crown. I have also attached a couple pics of my first day post oo.
  12. I decided to go with asmed. I'm here now for the surgery. I will make a thread about my progress