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  1. I wont say its perfect. You can still see the scalp but it looks natural and way better from the point I started, so no complaints
  2. Thanks. Yes its risky but i just want to try, if it wont work i'll go back to fin.
  3. 9 months update. Scalp is a lil visible with wet hair and harsh light but normally they are great. I stopped taking fin a month ago and started 2% ketocoazol shampoo recently. I heard that it can block dht too in the scalp so im gonna give it a try. So far growth has been good, they look more thicker, their texture is also changing from a lil bit curly to straight.
  4. I take biotin and fin. I want to stop fin and look for other healthy options to control DHT. I was watching those youtube videos where they tell that there are certain foods that can help controlling DHT. I wonder if anyone here on this forum tried that. Looks like your supplements are working well of you. I might try taking Nettle root extracts too. Do you buy them online?
  5. Congrats Cosmo, great results. I wanted to ask if you are taking any supplements or medication?
  6. I don't know exactly where to find these numbers about grafts per square meter, but if you see photos from my very first post, few of the pre surgery photos show that he wrote 120/cm square in frontal and 80/cm square on top of my scalp. I don't know if it is graft per cm square or hair...
  7. Are you taking fin? Bcz i believe fin is playing a big part in my results.
  8. Im taking 1.25 mg (splitting 5mg in four) but recently Ive started blaming everything on fin, if im freling tired or sleepy or just not feeling good, i think it may be fin. So i was thinking about taking it three times a day onstead of daily. Do you have any advice for that?
  9. actually Dr Reddy is a generic Fin which CVS sell. So i thought it must be that one.
  10. I have been taking fin from last 6 months and every thing is fine so far. Can you tell which fin you were taking? Generic or Branded?
  11. Thanks Fozzie, the medication is definitely working good. ASMED provided me Proscar enough for a year. With only few months left, I'm thinking about switching to generic to see if it works the same, but I'm a lil bit confused as I heard generic doesn't work that good as proscar.
  12. I actually stopped taking photos and watching the mirror properly a while ago. But with these new hair I'm smiling every time I watch my self in the mirror lol. It feels really good.