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  1. Thanks for explaining pkipling, I was a little worried about it.
  2. In about a week it's going to be 5 months of my HT, my results are fine and I'm really satisfied. Everyday I comb my hair and see few fine hair (about 5-10) in the comb which are obviously the new hair growing after HT. Is it normal?
  3. 4 month update. The new hair are still growing but are way shorter and thinner than the originals. I guess they will take some time to mature. If I touch my scalp I can still feel new hair sprouting. For now the hair are getting better every week.
  4. It was after 2 months when I started noticing those fine hair sprouting. They are actually getting longer, but they are kind of blonde and really thin so you cannot see them in the pictures. Hopefully they will gain some volume in coming months. And almost every other day I see some fallen hair which are thin from the root side end but thicker from the other end, Don't know what's up with these kind of hair.
  5. Good luck man, I was there at ASMED on 3rd and 4th July, So may be we met each other. Keep updating.
  6. I am not gonna have my 2nd transplant any time soon, even if I keep loosing hair i'll wait another 10 years to consider a second one. I don't mind a lil thinning in my hair. I think its a part of life when you are growing old. But if the hair fall becomes crazy like all the hair from top of the head are gone, i'll consider the 2nd HT sooner than.
  7. Never, I am just scared of those big cuts. Moreover, I was told that I had a lot of donor hair, a lil over 11000, and size of my hair is 69 micron. Dr Koray told me that a patient like me is a dream of every HT doctor, lol. So with that many available donor and good hair thickness, I believe FUE is the best choice. Or am I wrong?
  8. 3 months update. I can see a lot of fine hair growing. Mid-scalp has improved because of Fin. There is still some numbness in frontal part. I started taking Biotin a month ago.
  9. 1.5 month update. Almost all the transplanted hair are gone. I feel like i had nore hair on my scalp before my HT so def there is some shock loss.
  10. wow, your hairline is completely transformed.
  11. Sure, I just completed the first month. Currently in the shedding phase. Will post photos once I noticed any significant changes.
  12. Yea, that tuft was always helpful. I'm tall, and not a lot of people can see top of my head unless I sit down. So that tuft of hair always hide the baldness behind it and people think I still have a lot of hair. I don't really know my Norwood pattern. May 4 or 5. Thanks