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  1. Yes, 10 years and I've held the line well so far and no sides I know of really.
  2. Crown is fine. I kinda cringe everytime I look in anticipation of what I'll find but my meds are holding strong. My main career is in the medical field and I've been working 70 hours a week, so I'm not able to get on often. I was down to 1 can of rogaine foam so I went and got some so the toilet paper hoarders didnt move on to rogaine. haha. Been on fin for 11 years now and its held up well.
  3. Looks like you are looking native hair...you had some there, enough to make a difference.
  4. It all comes down to your expectations. You are fairly young and you have been wearing a hair system. Both can create poor expectations for a ht patient. BeHappy gave some good advice.
  5. Appears you have take the pic down. I have CVG.
  6. It's been almost 8 years for me. I don't need another at this point. Also, there is a wide gap between wanting grafts and needing grafts.
  7. Hey, so I guess I have been under a rock when it comes to this subject but I missed the point that 1mg generic finasteride became available. I got a script and did not notice that was what it was. I have been on 1.25mg fin for 10 years successfully, cutting the 5mg into quarters. I am trying to decide whether or not to go back and get a 5mg or to just move to the 1mg and not have to worry about cutting the pills. Thoughts?
  8. You could, but the graft could be at riak that you move more than once. From your question, beard would be best to move once if your situation warrants it. You would need to send post pics or send pics directly to get an assessment.
  9. The only way you will have a thick crown is to get a hair system. Even then, it could be difficult to match the sides to a thick top. Your best bet would probably be to reset expectations, enjoy what you have, or shave your head.
  10. Dont do it. Look at guys that are 43 and 53...your hairline is better than most of them. Once you do the hairline, you are stuck with it. Yours looks good.
  11. I think you should not put topik in the first 3/4 inch. It looks a little too stark and unconvincing. Natural hair is not that much of a "wall."
  12. I have CVG and hair loss happens faster I think in areas that were going to lose anyway. It is stressful to have.