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  1. Good shout! I'll have a look into proscar! I tried initially to get onto it but it doesn't seem as easy to get in the UK as 1mg Finasteride.
  2. You may have a point there. The first supplier I had my pills from (Milpharm) have negative Google reviews compared to the new supplier (Accord). That being said, they may mean nothing and in any case, they are both licensed pharmaceutical producers in the UK so they should be both approximately 1mg in each tablet, right? I got it from a licensed online pharmacy in the UK so it should all be legit. I could tell it was from a different manufacturer from the packaging. It does seem as though I can request which manufacturer I want. I was just under the impression they’d give me the same one so I didn’t think to make that request before. Something to bare in mind for next time. I’m hoping that it won’t negatively affect my retention. Nope! It went from generic (Milpharm) to generic (Accord).
  3. Hello, So I had been on finasteride for 3 months without problem but when I ordered my next 3 months supply, I received finasteride from a different maker. I've been on the new finasteride for 2 weeks now and have started to experience side-effects which weren't there before. Is this most likely a mental thing that I am experiencing? I don't understand how it could be finasteride because the content of the tablets is exactly the same, no? Would appreciate to hear if anyone has had any similar experiences or if they have any advice. Thank you!
  4. Hey Lebaneseguy, First of all, I can understand why you want to hair transplant now. It is not easy dealing with hair loss at a young age, I can relate to that. However, given what you have described, am I right in presuming your hair loss is only in the temples? If so, I am sure I will not be the only one on this forum that will advise you not to go ahead with this hair transplant. You are still way too young for one and you hair loss doesn't sound too extensive either. Even if the surgeon is saying they will only use a limited amount of grafts because of your age, and that they will only operate if you are on finasteride and minoxidil, no ethical surgeon would operate on a patient that young. A lot of hair transplant surgeons won't operate on any patient younger than 25. I'm not sure what you wanted to get out of the replies for this post but I'd advise you to consider cancelling the operation and waiting a few years whilst carrying on with finasteride and minoxidil. Sorry for putting a downer on your post, but I hope you take what I say into consideration. Good luck either way!
  5. Hey. So, speaking from personal experience, I have only experienced one occasion where I can confidently assert that stress (more a case of intense anxiety for me) triggered excessive hair shedding (which lasted for 6 months). It followed the cycle that telogen effluvium usually does (shedding starts 2/3 months after stressful event, etc.). I was already experiencing MPB before that so I would say that it definitely made things worse in a short period of time. Shedding does not necessarily mean MPB, but in my case my MPB was worsened by anxiety-induced shedding. That being said, I have noticed some improvements since I stopped the excessive shedding period (this stopped around December 2019), but nowhere near how it was before. Perhaps by the end of the year I'll be able to report more improvements but I'm not expecting it. I don't think I know enough to answer the last question but I hope my reply has been of somewhat use!
  6. Thanks everyone! I appreciate your responses, they have certainly helped me!
  7. It happens to me sometimes. Nothing to worry about. They are just going through their shedding phase!
  8. I agree with Legend007 here. Definitely try using the foam version. I tried using the liquid version several times and I had all sorts of problems with flakes and greasiness. Once I switched to foam, no flaking at all. I wish I had gotten on it earlier! Sure, some people will say that liquid is more effective, but there's no point if it causes crazy flaking. The best version is the one that you can tolerate and see yourself using on a daily basis.
  9. Perhaps someone will correct me (please do if I'm wrong!) but I think it depends on how your hair responds to daily hair washing. If it makes your hair dry and brittle, then you have an increased chance of what looks like hair falling out due to brittleness. But this doesn't mean that you are losing your hair as your hair is breaking close to the scalp, not coming out at the follicle. However, if it doesn't make your hair dry and brittle, then it shouldn't be a problem. You'll be able to tell by the texture of your hair when it is dry. Any hair that you lose whilst washing your hair would have come out naturally anyway, washing it hasn't caused it to come out (maybe a day or two prematurely at most). I've read other members of this forum saying that they wash their hair everyday without problem. As for daily hair washing being good for getting rid of DHT. I can't see how that would work unless your shampoo and conditioner have DHT blocking agents that are absorbed into the scalp. Hope this makes sense!
  10. Hi everyone, I have a question for long-term finasteride users (1 year + on the drug). When did you start seeing results and how would you characterize your results (hair stayed the same? hair regrowth? if you experienced hair regrowth, in which areas?)? I'm curious as I've experienced rather rapid hair loss over the last 3 years, with most of my hair loss happening in long shedding periods. I was wondering if I can expect to see my hair return to the stage it was say a year ago, after a year of continuous finasteride + minoxidil usage? Thank you!
  11. So I have now been on oral finasteride (1mg every morning) for a month now. Happy to say I haven't noticed any of the side effects I was previously concerned about. Just a question on shedding. From the 3rd week on finasteride I started noticing that I was shedding what looked like miniaturized hairs. I'm not finding it to be excessive but it is noticeable. Can I interpret this as a positive sign that the drug is working?
  12. Although I have read about the merits of topical finasteride compared to oral finasteride, I don't know of any legitimate ways of buying it in Europe. I was heavily considering microneedling but I'm concerned that I may be doing my scalp more harm than good given that I am not trained in the practice. I would consider both in the future though, thanks!
  13. You hit the nail on the head with this video. I've been struggling to put to words what hair loss from a young age did to me emotionally, and found myself relating to your words. Thank you!