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  1. Dynamic, I am so sorry to hear about your experience. This is the sort of thing that could happen to every single one of us, and I hope you're able to reach an agreement with the surgeon that leaves all parties happy. While the financial situation doesn't sound ideal, your hair is very much still salvageable. The actual hairline placement looks conservative enough to fill in with your limited donor area. Talk to a few top surgeons -- maybe one will offer you a deal, they're often eager to showcase good repair work. For the time being, have you experimented with hair fibers and different thickening/styling products? Based on your pics, I could see a little bit of Toppik going a long way.
  2. No one has commented or asked about mine, aside from one friend who said it looks really thick and who I then told about the procedure. I had another friend say I lost weight. You could always say it’s due to rogaine/propecia (as some celebs have done), but it’s nice to break the stigma if you’re brave enough. It’s very silly that hair transplants are seen as plugs by most people.
  3. I agree with everyone else — your hairline is perfect.
  4. Redness looks normal, I haven't seen the crustiness/flakiness before so I'd check with the clinic to make sure that's not an issue. My guess is it's nothing serious
  5. The front looks very very good. I had a pretty noticeable density improvement from 5 to 7 months, so hang in there and I’m sure it will only get better!
  6. This is going to look ridiculously good in another few months. Enjoy!
  7. Thanks all! Appreciate the positive feedback. Everything blends together pretty seamlessly at this point. The front is still a little thin but I wouldn’t say there’s an obvious point where the transplanted hair meets the native hair...he placed a bunch of grafts around and behind the thinning zone, which I think helped reduce any contrast.
  8. Great thread! Here are a few thoughts: Don’t look at price as the determining factor when choosing your hair transplant surgeon. Your results will affect your appearance for life and you only have so much donor hair — one bad surgery can seriously compromise your long term results. Do be willing to travel for your hair transplant. It’s such an minor inconvenience and expense compared to the surgery itself, and you really want to go with whomever you consider the best surgeon in the world for your situation. Even if you live in a major city, it’s worth considering some of the top docs in Canada, the Midwest, and overseas. Do be open to the possibility of waiting a few years or deciding not to have surgery entirely. Hair loss can be super unpredictable and your best bet is to try finasteride and see if you’re able to maintain for a while. Do understand that sooner or later, you will lose more hair. Will you be ok with this when it happens? If not, are you open to a lifetime commitment of future procedures?
  9. Looks like an excellent number of 2 and 3 hair grafts, excited to see how this one turns out! I will probably end up having some crown work done by Dr. K sooner or later so always helpful to have a reference point 👍
  10. I would use finasteride for 6 months to a year and see how you respond. Your hairline looks pretty good and while there’s a little recession going on, I don’t think you’ve reached transplant territory yet. Between those options I would definitely choose Hasson and Wong. They’re frequently cited as among the very best for hairlines.
  11. 7 Months Just got a short haircut and have to say, being able to style my hair back feels pretty damn good. Every time I get a haircut the new hair blends in better and better. Scar has improved noticeably over the past 2 months as well. Still hoping for a little more density but there’s definitely been an improvement in the past month, with much more maturing to come. I should note that I’m an example of a patient who has very “fine” hair, so I hope this can be a good reference for those with similar characteristics. New pics below:
  12. Thanks for the comments! I've definitely noticed more thickening over the past few weeks. There is, only downside is it's absorbed by the rest of your body and you need to have it prescribed.
  13. I didn't get an exact number but I believe it was somewhere around 40 grafts/cm2. You may have been correct in saying the front of the hairline was lowered by 2 inches...it's crazy how bulbous my forehead looked when I used to pull back my hairline. I have noticed a few new hairs popping in front, so I'm still optimistic about the rest filling in. You can also see how limp and wirey some of the hairs still are, I'm sure their maturation will help a lot.