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  1. Do you regret getting FUT? Nope! I had mine done at 28 so it seemed like the smart way to conserve donor supply for the future. How's the scar? Very difficult to find even if you’re looking for it. At first I was nervous about the scar and couldn’t shave below a #5, but I found that it really becomes less visible as you approach the 6 month mark and beyond. I’m at 9 months now and thinking about going for a #3 guard...of course, your mileage may vary. How was the recovery? It was fine, but I will say that there was some degree of numbness and tightness for several months beyond the initial recovery period. It’s not a huge deal but it does make me think I’d prefer FUE for future procedures...you notice it for a while if you’re paying attention to it. I didn’t feel a whole lot of pain for the first few weeks because I remembered to take my painkillers, though sleeping on the stitches/staples got a little painful and uncomfortable at times. But it was pretty easy to get back to work. Do you feel good about the results? I feel great about the results. And the scar is thin enough that I wouldn’t really feel self conscious if I decided to shave it all some day. How is your laxity? (before and after) Good laxity both before and after.
  2. Nadimi is fairly new to the game but her patient posted results have been excellent so far. If you like Dr. Konior's work and are looking for something similar / more economical, she's a great option as her post op photos have that same clean appearance. I would ask Dr. Nadimi how much hair restoration work she performs compared to other procedures, and get a few takes from other big names to see how they'd approach your case.
  3. This was my thought process as well when I went with Dr. Konior...very expensive, but the hairline is so important that it’s worth spending the extra money. That being said, now that I’ve had the surgery I’d almost certainly go with Dr. K again for crown / midscalp work. Even though the cost per graft is high, the coverage he’s able to achieve per graft is better than what most surgeons can do (and perhaps this ultimately makes it more economical). Having an almost invisible FUT scar is nice too.
  4. Looks great. There’s still a lot of thickening to come, so hang in there and enjoy.
  5. No one has commented or asked about mine, aside from one friend who said it looks really thick and who I then told about the procedure. I had another friend say I lost weight. You could always say it’s due to rogaine/propecia (as some celebs have done), but it’s nice to break the stigma if you’re brave enough. It’s very silly that hair transplants are seen as plugs by most people.
  6. Redness looks normal, I haven't seen the crustiness/flakiness before so I'd check with the clinic to make sure that's not an issue. My guess is it's nothing serious
  7. The front looks very very good. I had a pretty noticeable density improvement from 5 to 7 months, so hang in there and I’m sure it will only get better!
  8. This is going to look ridiculously good in another few months. Enjoy!
  9. Thanks all! Appreciate the positive feedback. Everything blends together pretty seamlessly at this point. The front is still a little thin but I wouldn’t say there’s an obvious point where the transplanted hair meets the native hair...he placed a bunch of grafts around and behind the thinning zone, which I think helped reduce any contrast.
  10. Great thread! Here are a few thoughts: Don’t look at price as the determining factor when choosing your hair transplant surgeon. Your results will affect your appearance for life and you only have so much donor hair — one bad surgery can seriously compromise your long term results. Do be willing to travel for your hair transplant. It’s such an minor inconvenience and expense compared to the surgery itself, and you really want to go with whomever you consider the best surgeon in the world for your situation. Even if you live in a major city, it’s worth considering some of the top docs in Canada, the Midwest, and overseas. Do be open to the possibility of waiting a few years or deciding not to have surgery entirely. Hair loss can be super unpredictable and your best bet is to try finasteride and see if you’re able to maintain for a while. Do understand that sooner or later, you will lose more hair. Will you be ok with this when it happens? If not, are you open to a lifetime commitment of future procedures?