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  1. The ugly duckling stage is tough but keep in mind no one is paying attention to your hair as much as you are. Hang in there for a few months and you're going to start feeling great -- the hairline design looks excellent
  2. I appreciate all the comments! And I don’t mind the critiques. There are certainly times I feel like I wish I had more density, but overall I’d say I’m content. I did go out of my way to make it look as bad as possible in those last few pics, as others have said. I don’t think any ordinary person would look at my hairline as anything unusual — in fact, a first date recently told me that I have really good hair which is always nice to hear after a HT. I seriously doubt graft survival was an issue. Dr. K had said we’d have a density of around ~40 grafts per cm^2 and I almost felt lik
  3. Wow, incredible result. Dr. Wong's surgical style is really perfect for your type of hair loss. I'm sure having light/curly hair has been very helpful as well. Congrats!
  4. I had similar concerns before my surgery as well -- there's always the chance you'll lose a whole lot of hair behind the transplant, despite having had success with meds. As long as you're open to the possibility of future procedures or ok with the fact that it could thin in back, I'm sure it'll turn out fine. All you can do is keep taking fin (or try dut) and hope for the best. Few surgeons are as mindful of the potential for future loss as Dr. Konior, and he usually designs hairlines that look good even if you continue to thin. Relax, ask plenty of questions, and enjoy the ride. I
  5. Sorry to hear about your experience, if it makes you feel better I've seen lots of Diep post-op pics similar to yours that have gone on to look really good. Stay strong and happy growing!
  6. You have a good shortlist here Dodocc. Hasson and Wong may be a cost effective choice if you end up being a 3000-4000 graft case, as I think their price goes down after something like the first 2000 grafts. Eugenix has posted some very good results lately too.
  7. The surgeons listed in this thread are pretty much the top names in North America. Might want to check out Dr. Cooley as well, his work always looks solid in videos.
  8. It looks good! But pretty similar to how it looked before, which really just speaks to the effectiveness of the side comb over more than anything else haha. Getting my first short haircut since Covid next week and will post some new pics soon
  9. I’d probably go with Hasson, I’m not a huge fan of the V shaped hairlines but he’s done a bunch outside that style that look great.
  10. Wow, really good density for just 5 months. Congrats on the sick hairline
  11. I generally style it back, sometimes with Hanz De Fuko quicksand, which helps to thicken it up a bit. Styling it more to the side also makes it less see-through, but it's not as good of a hairstyle overall. I would say it actually looks better in normal daytime lighting than in those pictures, since even on a sunny day the light isn't as direct and close to my hair. I'm going to try sprinkling a little Toppik to see if that will make it bulletproof. I'm happy with the temple corners and think they integrate pretty seamlessly. There are no weird hair angles.
  12. Your hairline looks pretty solid, I'd wait a year or two and see how effective the fin is for you.
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