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  1. It looks good! But pretty similar to how it looked before, which really just speaks to the effectiveness of the side comb over more than anything else haha. Getting my first short haircut since Covid next week and will post some new pics soon
  2. I’d probably go with Hasson, I’m not a huge fan of the V shaped hairlines but he’s done a bunch outside that style that look great.
  3. Wow, really good density for just 5 months. Congrats on the sick hairline
  4. I generally style it back, sometimes with Hanz De Fuko quicksand, which helps to thicken it up a bit. Styling it more to the side also makes it less see-through, but it's not as good of a hairstyle overall. I would say it actually looks better in normal daytime lighting than in those pictures, since even on a sunny day the light isn't as direct and close to my hair. I'm going to try sprinkling a little Toppik to see if that will make it bulletproof. I'm happy with the temple corners and think they integrate pretty seamlessly. There are no weird hair angles.
  5. Your hairline looks pretty solid, I'd wait a year or two and see how effective the fin is for you.
  6. 1 Year and 1 Month Typed up a post but it got deleted somehow...anyway latest pics are below! I've included some of the scar this time, as well as some deliberately unflattering photos taken under bright bathroom light. Overall I'm pretty happy with the result -- I'll probably end up asking Dr. K to do another pass in the front whenever I go back to address the crown, but hopefully that will not be for several years. As always, feel free to PM or comment with any questions. This community has been a great resource for me throughout this strange but enjoyable experience.
  7. Scar is a little rough but his hair looks good!
  8. Thanks for posting, the graft placement and donor area look excellent as usual. Looking forward to seeing how everything turns out!
  9. Lots of good info here, and I’d basically echo everything that ruca2 already said. I would ultimately go with whomever makes you feel more comfortable during a Skype consultation, along with whose hairline style you generally prefer. Ask each surgeon about how dense they would go...Dr. K tends to go more conservative, but depending on your family history and other factors maybe he’d do a really dense pack. Both surgeons have as good a track record as you can really hope for. I’m sure you’ll be very happy with whichever path you take.
  10. In my case the FUT scar became way less visible as the first 6 months passed, took longer than expected but very relieved/happy with mine. My scar looked pretty similar to the pic posted initially.
  11. So far so good. The scar will likely improve over time, I was a little worried about my own at the 3 month mark and now I can barely find it. You're going to be feeling great over the next few months.
  12. Wow, it's really thickened up. Huge difference compared to earlier months
  13. Hairline looks awesome in those last few pics. I wouldn't sweat the thin spots, most people would never notice them. Congrats!