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  1. How old are you? I’m 28 and was tempted to thicken up my crown but Konior talked me out of it There’s a decent chance you won’t be fully satisfied with 1500 grafts, though Nadimi seems to get excellent mileage out of that graft count
  2. Tough call. If you’re going for 3000+ grafts HnW might have an edge because they’ve done so many good megasessions. Both are great with hairline work and scars. I would do what Melvin suggests, talk to both and see if the differing surgical plans push you one way or the other.
  3. Looks really good. You can easily pass for regular hair density with a little Toppik at this point, and I'm sure there's much more thickening to come.
  4. Your hair was pretty solid in the before pics, so I'm sure the new grafts will add that extra naturalness you're looking for. Congrats and good luck!
  5. Nice result, his midscalp looks a lot better and it's always good to see those comb back videos. Hairline looks natural and fittingly conservative given the potential for future loss 👍
  6. Mainly his ability to make fewer grafts go a long way and his involvement in every stage of the surgery. Check my thread for more detailed reasoning
  7. If you didn’t cause any bleeding, you’re probably fine. Grafts are permanent at 10 days and usualky hard to dislodge 8 days in.
  8. Looks good! How many grafts did he end up getting?
  9. Looking really good so far. 4 months is still really early, I think you're gonna be thrilled once it really starts to mature 👍
  10. Depends on the doc and clinic! I haven't heard of either of these surgeons, but I'd probably lean toward fewer grafts if you're under 35 or so.
  11. Those are all good names, be sure to also check out Rahal and Hasson