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  1. Both are excellent choices. Rahal is considered world class, probably on the more aggressive side, and you can see tons of his results on here and his site. Nadimi is newer and not as thoroughly documented, but all of the work I've seen by her so far has been great looking and natural. She was also trained by Konior and I'm pretty sure she follows his philosophy of doing most of the procedure herself (including graft placements), whereas most other doctors use technicians and aren't always as involved.
  2. Rahal over Bernstein for sure
  3. RecessionProof

    Best Hairline Doctor

    I’m from NYC myself and undergoing a similar procedure next year. Wesley is a great choice and I almost went with him myself, but ultimately decided to go with Konior. Wesley’s work is really impressive and natural though — the main reason I went with Konior was because he just had way more before/afters posted online, and Wesley has posted a lot of great results recently. The doctors mentioned in this thread are generally those I consider the best as well. Rahal, Hasson & Wong, and Diep have done incredible hairlines
  4. That post op work looks excellent. I hear Shapiro's one of the best but haven't seen a result of his posted in a while, so I'm looking forward to seeing how this one turns out.
  5. Looks great. I'm about to have my first procedure and often wonder what future touch ups might look like, so it's good to see you were able to reinforce your midscalp through FUE and conceal it pretty easily.
  6. RecessionProof

    Dr. Nadimi FUE

    Best of luck Harry! I'm having a procedure done with Konior next year and everything I've seen so far from Nadimi has been excellent. Can you send me your photos thus far as well? Curious to see your before and post op pics.
  7. RecessionProof

    Konior patients in NY?

    I live in NYC and have a transplant with Konior scheduled this April. Have you had your procedure already? Would be nice to get a support community started in the area.
  8. My top 3 after a lot of research were Konior, Rahal, and Hasson & Wong. I have also seen excellent results from Cooley, Gabel, Diep, and Carlos Wesley, and would consider all of them contenders. Nadimi seems like another great up and comer. I personally would go with Konior for his incredible naturalness, ability to use way fewer grafts than most to create strong visual coverage, and the sheer volume of home run level results I’ve seen posted here. Rahal’s hairlines are godly though, and may be my favorite surgeon with a more aggressive approach.
  9. RecessionProof

    1500 grafts - my pics

    Any before pics Haircali1? Curious to see where you started
  10. RecessionProof

    2,177 FUT from Dr. Konior

    Thanks for the pics and documentation Harry! Do you know what razor # your barber used for the haircut in your most recent pics? I'm scheduled for a similar FUT procedure with Konior and am curious to see how short I'll be able to cut mine in back.