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  1. Beautiful result, and great to see what 39 grafts/cm can look like in the hands of a skilled surgeon. Was his hair caliber on the finer or thicker side?
  2. Going to post another update at the 3 month mark. Lots of new sprouts coming in, so I’m excited for the hairline to start forming
  3. If you're pretty sure there's more hair loss to come (I would guess there is), you should definitely try finasteride first. It addresses the root cause of balding and will usually make the biggest difference in keeping your hair over the years. Minox works well in most cases too, but keep in mind you'll have to rub that stuff into your scalp at least once a day for the rest of your life (or until you stop caring).
  4. Sorry to hear you had two bad experiences in a row, I hope they do the ethical thing and eventually offer you a refund. I would definitely reach out to a few well respected surgeons about repair approaches and take it from there.
  5. Looking good so far, I'm 2 months in and in a similar place. Crazy how time slows down as the 3-4 month mark approaches 😂
  6. I've been tempted to switch to dut but have always been reluctant because it inhibits 5ar type 1 (whereas fin only inhibits types 2 and 3), and it's hard to say what effect that might have on the mind and body
  7. Lots of great results from True and Dorin recently, everything looks very refined.
  8. Graft placement looks really good. You're fortunate to have so many multi hair grafts, I think this is gonna go a long way
  9. 8 Week Update Most of the grafts shed at the 3 week mark, so now it's just a waiting game. A few have stuck around and grown out, and some early sprouts are starting to come in. Pimples have been appearing almost every day, which I interpret as a sign that the growth is coming. There's still a good deal of redness along my hairline, but friends and family have assured me that it's not very noticeable in public. Haven't really spotted people looking up at the redness so I haven't bothered wearing a hat. It's a lot more obvious under the harsh lighting in the below pics, and I've been applying aloe vera and moisturizer daily to make it fade more quickly (doesn't seem to be making a huge difference though). The scar is still easy to spot when I part my hair, and I did notice a patch of shock loss a few weeks after surgery. Looking forward to attempting some shorter hairstyles once the existing hair grows in a little more. There's still some numbness in the recipient area and above the scar, but as time has passed it's continued to fade. I will note for those considering FUT that while it was relatively painless for me and I was able to get back to work quickly, I wouldn't discount the fact that your head will feel very different for an extended period of time. I definitely don't regret going with FUT, but I do feel more tempted to go for FUE next time around because the healing process does take a while.
  10. Killer result. Looks like you have a pretty thick hair caliber too, which I'm sure was helpful
  11. Looks great. Pretty incredible how far you’ve come with around 2800 grafts total. And I’m sure the crown will continue to improve over the next several months
  12. The growth looks awesome so far. And only going to improve more over the next 6 months. Very natural looking, congrats!