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  1. Wow, it's really thickened up. Huge difference compared to earlier months
  2. Hairline looks awesome in those last few pics. I wouldn't sweat the thin spots, most people would never notice them. Congrats!
  3. It’s hard to say but I find that every now and then I’ll look in the mirror and think “damn, it’s gotten a little thicker”. There are lots of individual hairs that are still limp and wirey, and as they mature I’m guessing there will be subtle improvements for a few months to come. It’s really a subjective choice and you will probably find users on this forum split between the two clinics. I think Dr. K in general has more of a conservative approach — using the fewest grafts possible for the best cosmetic result. If you care more about maximizing density, you may prefer H&W. I think there are areas along my hairline that could have ended up feeling a little denser had I gone with H&W (as opposed to the “illusion” of density), but I really like Dr. K’s hands on approach and I would absolutely go with him again.
  4. Smart design and very natural looking. Bisanga's results have been really good lately.
  5. I like Hasson and Wong's long term surgical plan in this scenario (and I'd say they have an edge over Rahal in general), though the use of SMP is an interesting idea. You also look like you have just the right amount of hair in back for hair fibers to make a huge difference.
  6. Interesting, I hadn’t seen that thread before. That being said, H&W’s work particularly in the past year has been really good. They’re much more thoroughly documented than Dr. Bloxham, just by virtue of being around for a long time. There’s always some risk that you’ll have a bad result, and it’s likely that sooner or later we may see a lackluster result from Dr. Bloxham. I would probably still go with Hasson and Wong in your shoes, but either way you have a very high probability of walking away satisfied. It’s almost like going on Yelp and choosing between a place with a 4.8 score and 5,000 reviews, and another with a perfect score and a few hundred.
  7. Congratulations Abhinay! Your thread was a funny and informative read, and I'm sure the transformation is only just beginning 😄
  8. He said something to the effect of hair loss is progressive, those who lose hair will generally continue to lose hair. He will probably examine your scalp and discuss family history, meds, etc, to figure out how conservative you'd want to go. I was prepared to have additional procedures, so I encouraged him to design my hairline on the more aggressive side.
  9. I wouldn’t limit yourself to NY but the best in NYC in no particular order are Bloxham / Feller (if he still practices), True and Dorin, and Carlos Wesley. I haven’t seen results from Bernstein in a long time, though his site is a great resource.
  10. 9 Months Haven’t seen any new sprouts in a while but the transplanted hair has definitely thickened and matured. At this point it looks pretty natural even under harsh, direct lighting. Scar is extremely thin and difficult to find. Probably just going to try and maintain what I have for as many years as possible, though I’ll likely ask Dr. K to add a little more to the front if I decide to address the crown in 5-10 years.
  11. Looks really good, especially compared to the original hair pulled back shot. I’ve noticed considerable thickening since month 6 so hoping you experience the same!
  12. Do you regret getting FUT? Nope! I had mine done at 28 so it seemed like the smart way to conserve donor supply for the future. How's the scar? Very difficult to find even if you’re looking for it. At first I was nervous about the scar and couldn’t shave below a #5, but I found that it really becomes less visible as you approach the 6 month mark and beyond. I’m at 9 months now and thinking about going for a #3 guard...of course, your mileage may vary. How was the recovery? It was fine, but I will say that there was some degree of numbness and tightness for several months beyond the initial recovery period. It’s not a huge deal but it does make me think I’d prefer FUE for future procedures...you notice it for a while if you’re paying attention to it. I didn’t feel a whole lot of pain for the first few weeks because I remembered to take my painkillers, though sleeping on the stitches/staples got a little painful and uncomfortable at times. But it was pretty easy to get back to work. Do you feel good about the results? I feel great about the results. And the scar is thin enough that I wouldn’t really feel self conscious if I decided to shave it all some day. How is your laxity? (before and after) Good laxity both before and after.