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    Thinning on Top only (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 10 years
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    Maintain Existing Hair
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    Dr. Raymond Konior
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    Rogaine Extra Strength for Men
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  1. Is that an accurate statement- "all of your hairs"? As in, even the hair that's not affected by DHT?
  2. Really strange man. Did you do biopsy to make sure you don't have some dermatological issue? I don't remember who but someone recently posted that they have something along the lines of "frontal fibrosing scarring alopecia" and it was confirmed via a biopsy and that was the reason the hair transplant didn't last. But even in that case there was growth it just was destined to fall out eventually. That being said, 5 months is still early although you're getting closer to a point where it becomes a problem. FWIW I am personally at 3 months and I have 0 growth and lots of shock loss in b
  3. Did you have a consultation with Dr Zarev? He'd be able to tell you way more accurately than us
  4. Yeah the swelling is normal and common. Just gotta wait until it passes. Otherwise the work looks good, Dr. Hasson is a great doctor!
  5. Thanks for the pics. You can’t tell that something was done indeed. There seem to be some areas with fewer hairs so perhaps one can guess that’s where the hairs were taken from but no scars and that is really good. You probably have at least a thousand more beard hairs left?
  6. Man what amazing results! 8k grafts and more left?! That is nuts, I should have gone with the FUT Did you have above average donor density? I doubt I'll have more than 4-5k given how my donor looks after only 2k FUE grafts Also you said your front thinned a little after the first procedure - was that the transplanted hairs or native? I started paying more attention to the longevity of transplanted hairs as there are cases where it's not permanent.
  7. Why such polarizing stances and opinions? It's not that HTs are either perfect or botched - there's a lot of nuances. Jim explained the issues he has with the procedure and they are very legit. We have to exist before the 1-year mark so unless some of these params like cornrow placement or punch size are needed to guarantee the best possible outcome (which is not the case) patients should have the right to ask for better.
  8. Yes you're super early on but you can see the growth and the beard hairs seem to have mixed well with the scalp hair even now. +1 on the beard pic What's your subjective opinion on the beard after the procedure? Are the scars visible, can you not let the beard grow any more/do you need to have the beard to hide the scars? I never really understood how it works when beard is used as donor, probably depends on the person
  9. > Following a biopsy I was diagnosed with lichen planopilaris (LPP) Is this a condition where they can definitively say that you have it (by having more chemicals of a particular kind in your scalp for example) or is it more or a "syndrome" and pretty much it's up to the subjective opinion of the dermatologist? Also, can it be fixed? I am sorry you had it and you potentially wasted 1200 grafts (went through your post history - it doesn't look at all bad currently imo). I definitely have itching all over the scalp and I kinda feel that's an indication of where the hair loss is
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