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  1. Marketing... Pinto is a great doctor but un this forum isn't known. Serkan is only marketing , he is very famous and however you can see the true
  2. only in a side, indeed were removed 7 grafts to look natural A photo in other angle, my hair isn't large like looks, the length is more or less 2 fingers. In the center it has to born new inserted hair
  3. Winner!!! In fact I counted almost 1600 grafts and my mean was 2.00 hair/graft in my repair has been 2.40hair/graft These are the photo of the 3 month in my repair:
  4. In youtube too it is published https://www.youtube.com/user/jotaxbox Btw this clinic too is recommended(Medecap), 2€/graft , extraction and insertion by doctors https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbvEAvrlLFronVp5QB8bsNQ/videos
  5. well I had a cut in my hair yesterday Very curious my "low surviva" with Serkan Aygin Clinic when I had my repair 2 months and half ago and this is the result: btw, a moderator could change the title of the post to: Serkan Aygin Clinic: 3200 grafts, bad case. Repair of 1242 grafts with Dr Bruno Pinto.
  6. It was obvious the problem in the first HT, 3200 in only 4 hours... The average in first Ht was 2hair/graft -> 1600 x 2 = 3200 hair In my repair has been 2.40 hair/graft
  7. My shock loss is being very small, only afected new inserted hair, now it is starting to grow
  8. no way, I didn't want to return there, I were to top european doctor, Bruno Pinto
  9. Well, with 30 days from my HT repair, my shock loss it seems soft, I have lost the new inserted hair but native hair and old inserted hair (at least for the moment) haven't fallen These are the photos from the clinic:
  10. Thanks for your observation, indeed these are the information of the extraction: In my HT they didn't give me the file in person, it was by email HT Serkan: graft 1 hair: 850graft 2 hair: 1450grafts 3 hair: 900Very close to 2 hair/graft Very curious number, when in a photo i counted very close to 1600 grafts? In my repair:graft 1 hair: 146graft 2 hair: 561graft 3 hair: 483graft 4 hair: 52So the mean is 2.40 hair/graft It is amazing coming from a previous intervention and the average has been better and the post cirugy is being so different, the recovering is being faste
  11. Well due all the area in the before cirugy has been treated it is a repair, most of doctor called it repair, beside I had a fibrous tissue higher was seen in the trichoscope
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