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Hair Loss Overview

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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    Norwood II
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    Maintain Existing Hair

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    Dr. Raymond Konior
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
    Rogaine Foam

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  1. Spanker

    Your Results From Propecia/Finastaride

    Everyone is different. Seems like 9 years has been a common number on the forums where I see people complaining that they are losing ground. I'm at 8 years and holding strong and about to turn 40. I think you will always be better off in it and I think only very aggressive hairloss genetics will ever allow you to get to where you would be without it. I'm very lucky at this point but I do worry about genetics catching up. I know of people that are in the 20 year range of fin and with the Fin and transplants are doing way better than their baseline.
  2. Honestly, I think a lot of transplants are as mature of the celebrities you listed. It shouldn't be an issue.
  3. It does look like it's healed well since the last update. I dont know that it will ever 100 percent heal, but it might. That's not due to the electrolysis but from the scarring of the first surgery.
  4. Keep us posted. Any discussion on fraxal laser to help with further healing job the future?
  5. No one can really give any meaningful opinions without pics. Sometimes a patient will complain that a doc doesn't do something or wont do something, but when it is drawn out, the doc is right and it's completely ridiculous and unrealistic. Dr. Rahal does temple points, so there has to be a reason he doesn't want to do yours. They are definitely hard to do. A lot of how they look is dependent of donor characteristics. White skin and course dark donor are hard to pull off nice temple points.
  6. Only he and his main tech place grafts. Looking good. Keep updating.
  7. Looking good, please continue to update.
  8. Spanker

    Average Donor Yield

    I'd say 6k is a maxed out average.
  9. Spanker

    Community Reputations

    Did Bill get 14k likes? Did someone go and like over 2k of Spex posts? Not that it matters, I just didnt get how it works cause I couldn't imagine that happening.
  10. It may not be a challenge. Give it a shot and see what they say. It is unorthodox tho, I think it may be difficult. I would want to leave you the option to be naturally bald and they may too.
  11. You could move 1k grafts to your nose technically, so yes, this is achievable. Its finding a good doc that will do it that will be the challenge.
  12. Anyone understand how this works? There are people with over 14K 5K 2K, etc. Not sure how that is?
  13. I agree with Gasthoerer. I didn't say this is a bad result, I said it's a bad presentation. Having a straight on comb through and straight on pics only with a comb holding the hair back tells nothing of the result. Also, regarding the number of grafts used, that would be a fairly large area for 1200 grafts to make a significant impact on. So here is my issue with it. Some dude comes on here for the first time, looks at this "result" and thinks, "I can get a low, straight, full hairline for 1200 grafts! I'm in!" Then he goes to a consult with someone else and he gets quoted 2500, or the doc refuses the hairline he wants, and he is confused and doesn't understand why he is different. Or even worse, finds a doc to quote him 1200 grafts for a hairline like this and is bummed out with his result because it doesn't look as full as straight on pic with a brush holding the hair back looks. It's not something I want to argue about. If someone disagrees and that one angle taken like is a good presentation, there is nothing I can say to change their mind anyway.