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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Dr. Raymond Konior
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  1. I see no reason to remove grafts based on the pics.
  2. So, I noticed The Mountain from Game of Thrones got a hair transplant. Had a nice head, beautiful wife, great career, and the strongest man in the world, and still, hairloss made him insecure. Good for him though. Looks appropriate and natural.
  3. At a glance, I would guess that to be a 7cm hairline. The recessed corners look better and will age better too.
  4. Detailed write up. I do disagree with some of it. To say that there is less skill involved than a nose job or breast reduction is an opinion I am not sure i agree with, as this would assume that you know what it takes to do these three surgeries very well, and at 28 years old, there is a good chance you have not significant experience in all three to learn them well. Sure, a hair transplant can be done easily enough, and is tried by many, but to do it really well...there are just a handful of top tier surgeons IMO. I would not minimize the skill level that it takes the be a an elite HT doc. Transplantation is more that graft survival. A lot of it is art and I am sure that you can appreciate that. You are very right, lighting and angles in photos can be deceptive and create expectations that will not be lived up to. I feel like these sites are important for patients to see results from both the docs and the patients. That is why I would NOT go to doc that doesnt have an online presence from patients and his or her clinic. The doc, also, will find a LOT of benefit from marketing on a site like this. Assume that the doc averages 2500 grafts a case. He does surgery 4 days a week and takes 6 weeks vacation per year, and because of his excellent global reputation from a site like this he is able to charge $1 more per graft, this means that his practice will bring in $460,000 per year more. So, if they have no interest in internet marketing, IMO, they are either not an elite surgeon OR they are poor businessmen.
  5. Spanker

    Clarity of Photos Posted by Clinics

    If the pre op photos are in the same lighting, this would be a hard call to make. I think that resolution of your photo is good, and I would say that people with a full head of hair could look thin in that lighting on the left. I say that to say, I'm not wanting clinics to post photos that make their work look bad, I just want to be able see it Phil, they have a sticky thread on how to post photos in the Post by Clinics forum.
  6. I enjoy seeing clinic posts at the end of the month, which seems to be when a small wave of them usually come in. However, my patience for poor photography is waning and I believe very good photography should be required by physicians that are posting their results when they are recommended. I am not talking about patients. They can post poor photos if they want. We do not deserve anything from them and anything they provide is a generous bonus. I am talking about clinics. I know that the moderators give the clinics requirements for posting photos and I encourage them to hold the clinics to it. We have cell phones today that can take excellent photos in good lighting, yet a lot of the photos posted lately look like they were taken with potatoes. I caution the readers to not consider clinics who post poor photos, because if there is low attention to detail in documentation and marketing, there is a chance that there will be low attention to detail on the operating table. All the best, Spanker
  7. The number of grafts on this is certainly impressive. I dont recall seeing anything like it before. Because it is such a special case, I would expect much much better documentation. Most of the photos have the resolution, literally, of my cell phone (flip phone), back in 2005. I am glad the pt is happy tho. Congrats to him.
  8. Excellent case. He looks like an average 25 year old now.
  9. IMO: 1. Communication: Unrealistic expectations, hairline not where its expected, density not what expected, timeline not what expected, etc. Most unhappy patients I see that are unhappy are due to communication. 2. Bad protocol: the doc, techs, and/or cutters stuck. Hairline too low or high, artistry is bad, grafts extracted too low or high. Any one bad thing will kill a procedure. 3. Lack of medication: unstable hair loss and no medication can cause a pt to chase hair as fast as they can put it in. 4. The rest: Factor X, post op care, etc do happen, but I think they are generally follow these three IMO.