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  1. Melvin and Pra - The video, and your points, are well taken. I will keep all of this in mind. Konior is my doctor on the 7th so I am confident he will know exactly how to play my situation. Thank you both!
  2. Thank you both. I should have done a deeper dive. I'll check out the database here on HTN. For whatever reason I am skeptical of the Youtube before/after and the densities they mention. Always good to get more neutral perspective from actual client postings.
  3. Awesome result KJ! Density looks great. Especially for 2000 grafts. Did Farjo ever mention the size of your recipient area? 70 cm2?
  4. Good evening, Does anyone have examples of varying hair/hairline densities? I.E. 10 cm/sq2, 20 cm/sq2, 30 cm/sq2, 40-50 cm/sq2? I know there is a wide variation of appearance of density depending on hair characteristics. However just a general idea, or pictures, with the various densities will be helpful. I am trying to gauge how low of density I am comfortable with along the hairline and planning long term for future hair loss. Any help would be great. Thank you!
  5. @MagnificentAl The work looks phenomenal. I bet you are more than pleased. Quick question: I have a surgery scheduled with Dr. Konior next month. Do you have any idea the area by which your hair was transplanted? The cm2? I am only asking as I am trying to gauge the density per cm2 for your result. If I have anywhere near your density I will be elated. (My hair texture is similar to yours albeit let coarse.)
  6. @SadMan2021 For your second question. I scheduled in January 2021. His wait was until January 2022. However, a few days later, he reached out wondering if I wanted to take a July 2021 slot given someone had to reschedule. I jumped on that date!
  7. No work on my crown for this surgery. The pictures I had sent Konior I believe understated my thinning crown. (IE I didn't send him anything under harsh light) In his response he was quoted as saying I had "no significant thinning in the crown and he does not advocate preventive grafting, so no need to do anything at this time." Being a realist I know it will progressively get worst the next few years. That being said nobody can really tell the crown is thinning other than the bald spot from twirling my hair when I was younger. Being 6'2 myself it is not as much of a concern at this time. My next hair transplant (hopefully in 5 years ... however I have a feeling it will be less) I will see about addressing the crown with any additional work that is needed in front / middle scalp.
  8. Awesome. Thank you, you've made my day. If I can keep the tapered fade that would be above and beyond my expectations. Cheers, I plan to start another thread closer to my surgery date to have another first hand experience of Dr Konior's work.
  9. BDK - Thank you for the response! That is reassuring. My paperwork with Konior committing to the surgery indicates a 3000 FUT procedure. In my correspondence via email, however, he was mentioning approximately 2500 grafts being what he perceived. That being said, after further review, the pictures I sent him were not as harsh as the two above ... I can definitely see 3000 being a more satisfying choice. I will keep my expectations in check for 1st surgery density. I don't love my hairline (as my front is thinning along with deeper recession in the temples) but if my hair would stay at this level for life I would be perfectly fine. What gives me anxiety is the constant thought in the back of my mind that my hair is getting worst. I am the type of person that tries to make progress, daily, in every aspect in my life (gym, career, education, appearance, etc.) Balding is really damaging as I constantly have the feeling of going backwards with my physical attraction. I've uploaded two additional pictures with, hopefully, better lighting. The red shirt was in Jan 2021 ... I sent this to Dr Konior for his review prior to committing to the hair transplant. The other has a flash and was taken 10 minutes ago using my back camera on the iPhone. It focuses more on the back of my head from my left side. Cheers
  10. Good afternoon! I appreciate the resource that has been this forum over the last 6+ months of my browsing anonymously. I am 30 years old, 31 in July. My hair loss has, unfortunately, accelerated the last two years even while on finasteride (2.5 years) and minoxidal (6 years). I would consider myself a norwood 3 vertex at this stage. All of my uncles on my mother's side, and my grandfather, are bald. My grandfather on my mother's side was a norwood 5 or 6 when he passed in 2015 at 75 years old. I am fearful I am on the same trajectory. (My father and father's side have full heads of hair.) As such I have scheduled a hair transplant with Dr. Konior to take place in July 2021. I expect my hairline and frontal zone to be the recipient of 2000-3000 grafts FUT. I doubt I will lower the hairline much, if any, in order to preserve grafts and keep a natural look as I age. (I had chosen FUT as a means for conservatism in order to preserve as much future grafts as possible for future procedures. I am at peace with knowing I will need future hair transplants over the next 10+ years and, hopefully, we will have more preventative medication/procedures over that time to slow any loss.) The purpose for this post, however, is to gauge my donor hair quality. Would the experts on this forum consider my donor hair average or above average? Would my hair be considered coarse? Fine, medium, thick? My hair does have a natural wave and curl. If I had to guess I'd assume it medium to thick / coarse. However I could not find a good comparison in pictures online to gauge. The hair on my sides like to poof out when the hair becomes long which is unflattering. I plan to document my hair transplant journey with Dr. Konior via my own thread when the time comes with pictures and progress. (The pictures I've attached are under various light. The last two are under more harsh light. I have no product in my hair. The bald circle on the back of my head is a combination of natural balding and a bad habit I had as a kid of twisting my hair. I've had this spot on the back of my head for 10+ years. My crown has started to thin around and north of it the last 5+ years.) Thank you all for your input and expertise!
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