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Dr. Konior | FUE ~2250 grafts | 38M | May 2022

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Hi all,

I've been a lurker on this forum for a while and appreciate all those who have shared their experiences. It helped me come to the decision to have surgery with Dr. K. The costs and hour-by-hour breakdown of the day have been described in many great recent posts and I don't have anything new to add there. Overall, I concur with all previous assessments that this is a top notch operation.

Personal History: I knew from a young age that I didn't want to be bald. My father (NW6) was bald, like his father before him (NW7). My hair thinned a lot throughout my 20s and it really accelerated around my mid 30s. I had thought there was nothing that could be done, but then I found out about fin and other medical and surgical options. I'm currently taking:

Fin: 1mg M/W/F for two years. No sides.
Oral Min: 1.25mg daily for 4 months.

The medication has stabilized loss and resulted in some regrowth. Since I've tolerated fin well, and given my hair loss progression to NW3 at age 38, I decided to explore a HT.

Selecting Dr. Konior: I sent photos to many well known and respected surgeons on this forum (in USA, Canada and EU). Surprisingly, I got no responses except from Dr. K! Maybe lost in the COVID mailbox (I dunno). I was impressed that such an esteemed surgeon would respond personally and with great detail to my inquiry. I did follow up with an in-person consultation. I had been apprehensive about FUT due to the scar & recovery so I was quite relieved when he strongly suggested FUE would be the best for me.

Considering the progressive nature of hair loss, I saw particular value in being a patient of Dr. K who knows my personal history and takes the time to personally answer questions. My PCP won't even communicate personally by email! Some other particulars that contributed to my decision:

- The very clean recipient sites in his work.
- His ability to get high density in a single pass with a soft hairline.
- I was Dr. Ks only surgical patient that day and he performs/supervises all aspects of the procedure himself (hairline, extraction and placement). He was sitting beside me the whole day (7am-8pm).
- Minimally intrusive donor harvesting.

I also really like the results of Dr. Couto, but as of recently his clinic was not even accepting new consultations. Dr. Konior had an 18 month waitlist when I reserved a date, but I was fortunate to get a cancellation within 5 months.


Here are some pre-op photos:


I have some pretty bad photos from days 1&2 that I won't include. 

Day 3 Post-Op Photos:


I have a natural widow's peak and Dr K. very artistically incorporated my request to retain that in the new hairline. This resulted in a 'soft V' rather than the more common 'U' shaped profile - this is exactly what I wanted. Dr K. mentioned that beyond the stated graft numbers, he additionally took some nape hairs (ultra-fine singles at the bottom of the neck) to use along the hairline. Examining the variation in the angle of grafts and the distribution of singles and multis in the recipient area, his attention to detail is incredible.
My donor is quite heavily bruised unfortunately, even though the extraction sites are small and precise. It seems this is just particular to me as many other of Dr. Ks patients have almost completely clean donors by day 3. It was also interesting to see that Dr.K took grafts quite high up my lateral humps.
Now I've just got to baby these things for another week before the waiting starts. I hope this post is useful to someone out there and thanks again to those who posted their stories previously. Overall, I'm very happy with having made the decision to get this done and glad I chose Dr. Konior.




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Dr. Konior is revered by his patients for great reason. He’s one of the very best, and has trained some excellent surgeons as well. I’ll be following your journey closely happy growing 🙌🏼

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Thanks for the additional pics. There are three of us on here with similar hairlines and procedures by Dr. K, all within three months of each other. This will be a good observation on how individual HTs differ based on the individual. Of course I’m rooting for great success for all! 

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2 hours ago, BuellerBueller said:

Thanks for the additional pics. There are three of us on here with similar hairlines and procedures by Dr. K, all within three months of each other. This will be a good observation on how individual HTs differ based on the individual. Of course I’m rooting for great success for all! 

Rooting for yours too. So glad I finally got this done after so much deliberation. 

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On 6/23/2022 at 11:21 AM, aNewHairHope said:

At 5 weeks now and not much different, though redness hasn't improved much.

It looks like I'm not having shock loss where transplanted hair went in with native area.


No need to stress- that should resolve itself before 12 months. Most of the time sooner.

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