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  1. So, I'm curious, did you jump on meds? get a HT? or learn to accept it...?
  2. Interesting. So, upon seeing a specialist, (a really good specialist,) would they be able to predict future loss based on family history and characteristics..?
  3. Why more agressive in early 20s though..? Is that for all people suffering from hair loss?
  4. I should point out that my hair loss is thinning on top, (naturally very thin hair since forever,) and recession at the temples since i was around 21...
  5. Is there such a thing as hairloss stabilisation..? Is this a total myth? Or does it just apply to a select few...? For example, Im approaching 35 years of age and considering that year to be the right time for my first HT.. Thanks in advance!
  6. Sorry to hear about your case, but your bravery in letting us know is important. People like you coming fourth shines a light on this industry. We will remember this name
  7. 'Dogmatic statements'? i wouldn't say dogmatic, just saying what I've seen written by patients And yes you found some donor examples but Diep rarely shows donor area on the patients results videos. Compared to the thousands of videos he has uploaded relatively few of them have a close inspection of the donor area. That isn't my opinion it is a fact. As for 'cautions'... I thought this was a forum to share opinions of hair surgeons..?
  8. Many patients have spoken negatively of Diep's harvesting. I think this is one reason he never shows the FUE donor area on the videos.
  9. donor area seems uneven. any idea why he took more from the right side than the left...?
  10. Why don't more people get SMP on their FUE scars? I find it hard to understand why some don't cover up that over-harvested look...
  11. Interesting. I never saw any posts by 'dutchie'. I'm not sure what you mean by your second point though, 'not many cases because he's associated with Joe Tilman'? How do you mean exactly...? I know he is associated with JT but i don't see why that would affect reports on his surgeries
  12. Throughout my years of research on HT (I'm still a virgin in terms of going under the knife) I have read so many reviews and watched so many videos. We all know what a shit-show this industry is and how bad the deceptive marketing is out there. But as far as I know, H&W seem to be one of the best surgeries out there, in terms of ethicalness and honesty, not to mention their results. So I'm just wondering, has anybody out there had a bad experience with them...? I'd be interested to hear about it if so. Feel free to message me privately or reply on this thread. Thanks
  13. Obviously those hairs hairs closer to the receding part are likely to fall as well, so i guess he has replaced those with more DHT resistant grafts to help the transplant seem natural for a longer period of time
  14. @DazedGreat to hear you are in a good place, now! And quite enlightening that we will always care about our appearance regardless of age