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  1. Sorry to hear about your case, but your bravery in letting us know is important. People like you coming fourth shines a light on this industry. We will remember this name
  2. 'Dogmatic statements'? i wouldn't say dogmatic, just saying what I've seen written by patients And yes you found some donor examples but Diep rarely shows donor area on the patients results videos. Compared to the thousands of videos he has uploaded relatively few of them have a close inspection of the donor area. That isn't my opinion it is a fact. As for 'cautions'... I thought this was a forum to share opinions of hair surgeons..?
  3. Many patients have spoken negatively of Diep's harvesting. I think this is one reason he never shows the FUE donor area on the videos.
  4. donor area seems uneven. any idea why he took more from the right side than the left...?
  5. Why don't more people get SMP on their FUE scars? I find it hard to understand why some don't cover up that over-harvested look...
  6. Interesting. I never saw any posts by 'dutchie'. I'm not sure what you mean by your second point though, 'not many cases because he's associated with Joe Tilman'? How do you mean exactly...? I know he is associated with JT but i don't see why that would affect reports on his surgeries
  7. Throughout my years of research on HT (I'm still a virgin in terms of going under the knife) I have read so many reviews and watched so many videos. We all know what a shit-show this industry is and how bad the deceptive marketing is out there. But as far as I know, H&W seem to be one of the best surgeries out there, in terms of ethicalness and honesty, not to mention their results. So I'm just wondering, has anybody out there had a bad experience with them...? I'd be interested to hear about it if so. Feel free to message me privately or reply on this thread. Thanks
  8. Obviously those hairs hairs closer to the receding part are likely to fall as well, so i guess he has replaced those with more DHT resistant grafts to help the transplant seem natural for a longer period of time
  9. @DazedGreat to hear you are in a good place, now! And quite enlightening that we will always care about our appearance regardless of age
  10. Thanks for the reply. Yes, i understand what you mean. The main problems i have with your answer is the 'keep doing this'. While i understand that 'one and done' is unlikely, i am also well aware that good transplants 'aint cheap, haha. And yes the fine hair would give good naturalness, that is definitely one benefit. But as it would be a lowering of the hair line, i am somewhat worried of there being a noticeable difference in density compared with that behind it. FUE scars also concern me somewhat as they may be more visible with my already light, thin hair....
  11. Hi guys. Are there any fine-haired patients out there who have had surgery and now are happy/disappointed with the results? Most of the post-op videos out there are often of medium hair, or thick haired patients, leading me to believe it is much harder to get the required density for fine blonde hair. Of course more grafts would be needed, but I would be just hoping to lower the hairline, and maybe add some density to the top. Just wondering how likely it is to get a decent result with either FUE or FUT. Any advice or pics would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. I rarely see 5 year post-op result videos online. Of course most people want to see what it looks like after the 12 month mark, i understand. But I would also like to know what kind of long term results look like. Sure, everybody's situation is different, but i was wondering who out there, if anyone is truly happy 5 years on? Who, on the other hand, became disappointed soon after the 12 month mark? Pictures would be much appreciated. Thanks, guys
  13. 'Physiological' meaning what...? Luck of what type skin you have, and little to do with hair color/thickness? Any idea if psoriasis would play a part in heavy scarring?
  14. Thanks for the reply man. Both the top and the donor area is thin, yes. but i guess the donor area is slightly thicker. 3.5 sorry to hear that. Any particular traits that make the scars more unnoticeable? you think it's better for thin haired guys? And would it be ok to see some 12 month post op pics if you have any..?
  15. Thanks man. I've seen your results actually and follow your videos. It seems to be a great job and I'm sure you're pleased. My main concern is the thickness of my hair. You obviously have very thick black hair. Mine is the complete opposite, browny/blonde but incredibly fine. It seems hard to find someone to talk to that has had an operation with Diep that has the same kind of hair as mine... So i wonder if i would be a good candidate. i.e. would the density be achievable? And how would the FUE scars look at the donor region?