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  1. Just wondering if this is a thing or not. As far as I know, all people scar differently. I am well aware that there is no surgery without scars, but it is still a big concern for me as i have really light, fine hair. So I just wondered if any docs ever entertain the idea of doing a few extractions first to see how badly the scarring is due to each persons unique physiological reaction. Thanks!
  2. Amazing result! What size punch did they use for the donor extractions...?
  3. Beard transplants can at times seem very unnatural to me, so I'm just wondering which surgeons here have done great work, or are renowned for doing beard transplants...? Any recommendations / results are welcome. Thanks!
  4. Interesting. May I ask what his controversial views were...? And what part of his past exactly were the trolls going after..?
  5. Superb work. Really great result. Other surgeons please take note: this is how you document a patient's result - with clear photos of all areas. Honesty and transparency are severely lacking in this industry, but you guys seem to be achieving that. Bravo
  6. Not had experience but from what i have read and seen, you would be in good hands. Just meet with other clinics and do your research.
  7. Looks good. Definitely an improvement. I'm just not so sure about those stubborn looking grafts above the left temple point....those hairs seem stubborn enough that he had to trim them down to make them less visible / more manageable...?
  8. So....am i right in thinking Hasson didn't operate on you..? As you said the surgeon is from Zimbabwe.... I was always under the impression Hasson did the operation himself...
  9. Do you split them...? I'm still unsure as to when i start taking Fin if i will buy the bigger pills to split or just the daily size...there seems to be pros and cons to both...
  10. I absolutely love H&W donor areas. ....there's nothing to see.....but i love it
  11. Interesting. So, is it safe to say that if you go to a renowned, ethical surgeon, pits and scars will not be visible when if ever need to shave the head..?
  12. The slits the surgeon creates to hold the grafts... Do they create permanent scars on the recipient zone? Are they a thing..? Just wondering how noticeable they are if you shaved down to a zero, or if they even exist at all...? Thanks
  13. so i'm guessing a small scar only on one side wouldn't be enough for say....2000 grafts, right?
  14. Interesting. How many small FUT procedures of this kind did you have..? How are the scars? Did everything go OK?
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