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  1. Good job man. Good choice of clinic. But i do wonder, won't this donor area look asymmetrical if only taking grafts from the back and just one side?
  2. Yeah, density on top is important right. I feel that my midscalp, while it still has hair, may seem different to the transplanted frontal third... preventing me from having my hair forward...
  3. This is kind of my suspicion / fear, a fear that my mid scalp would seem thin / miniaturised in comparison to the freshly implanted and hopefully dense hairline.... being stuck with that hairstyle, a hairstyle which doesnt suit me would almost make a HT pointless in my case....
  4. After seeing so many results - the good, the bad and the ugly - i have noticed that the main hairstyle that is often sported in the results photos is that of hair slicked backwards... I can't imagine this hairstyle would suit me at all, i just don't have the face for it So am i right in thinking this hairstyle is most common as it creates an illusion of density while simply covering the midscalp..? Would a fringe simply be impossible after getting just a frontal third done?
  5. That makes sense. Nevertheless, with such a life-altering surgery, I personally, would need to prepare myself mentally for getting a FUE or FUT. I simply would not be able to just change at the last minute, regardless of if it being the best choice for me. No way my anxious brain could just accept a last minute alteration on that scale.
  6. Seems kinda crazy to me when i read about patients that they are told to change from FUT to FUE at the last minute.. Like, surely that's kind of unprofessional to set someone's mind on one particular method, to only then completely change the procedure at the last minute? Whether it's for the best or not, you would expect the best decision to be made when signing up for the operation in the first place...
  7. Absolutley. IMO i think the hairline looks great and you may be somewhat paranoid over the asymmetry. But follow-up care is almost as important as the procedure and result. So if he is slacking on the follow-up then at the very least he should have someone employed to address your concerns and put your mind at rest... quite shocking that this isn't already in place tbh as i figured they had all areas covered.... I guess not...
  8. Yep, not softened. I'd even say he has fibres in here. It kinda looks thickened...?
  9. Man....this hairline is looking amazing. TBH, this is my ideal hairline lol. I am waiting patiently for the day that Eugenix uploads a case like this, but instead of black hair, they work on blonde fine hair..... as soon as i see a good result from eugenix with a patient who has hair as fine as mine...then i will most likely book my ticket. Happy growing mate, keep us updated!
  10. Superb. Really liking that result! Didn't notice if you said you are on medication or not...?
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