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  1. I guess you will be expected to do 14 days quarantine when back in the UK, right..? long time but at least can heal during that time...
  2. Jesus of Nazareth. What a result. I suppose this is what 10k grafts plus Hasson's magic fingers can achieve...
  3. haha c'mon, it's most likely not the same guy, otherwise would have been shown in the video
  4. Superb result with clear and transparent photos. No hiding the donor area, and no BS. Just what we like to see. Excellent!
  5. When I see home-runs like this it definitely changes my stance towards FUT.... I now need to reconsider some things...😅
  6. Ah, so sorry to hear this. TBH. although the industry has improved in terms of technical ability, I feel there are some extremely shady practices still out there. Perhaps less so today as we have the internet, and can, and SHOULD, shame any practices with questionable ethics. I've heard of some surgeons that insist you sign documents forbidding you to speak critically of their work should you not like it...😶 But do you feel you are in a better place now in terms of mental health and results? Did things improve at all? I'd also be interested to see any pics if possible, but no problem if not
  7. Also looking for this. It's all good posting those thick-haired results, but i think it is likely more difficult to achieve similar levels of greatness with really fine hair. Let's see what results the community suggests...
  8. And how did it go...? How many surgeries did you have and how successful were they? Any pics to share would be great!
  9. Looking neat. Looks like a great job all round. I emailed BHR a few times these last couple of weeks but received no reply... so I've no idea what's going on there 🤷‍♂️ Anyway, keep us posted. Happy growing!
  10. Interesting. I guess they would know but perhaps not too important to write down... Do you have any pics of before and after?
  11. This is good to hear, and would be great if we could see what they look like today! Any pics?
  12. Hmm, im not so sure about this. He seems to waffle on a lot without giving any solid info. He recently did an entire vid about about Logan Paul NOT getting a transplant, then did a video saying oops i'm wrong about that, seems he got a transplant, THEN only a few days ago released another vid asking 'Logan Paul proves he didn't get a transplant?' Like first of all, if you're guna speculate on a celeb, maybe just do the one vid...? Second, just because Logan Paul recently uploaded an outdated pic to instagram of his receded hairline doesn't mean that he didn't get a transplant.... like d
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