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  1. 'Physiological' meaning what...? Luck of what type skin you have, and little to do with hair color/thickness? Any idea if psoriasis would play a part in heavy scarring?
  2. Thanks for the reply man. Both the top and the donor area is thin, yes. but i guess the donor area is slightly thicker. 3.5 sorry to hear that. Any particular traits that make the scars more unnoticeable? you think it's better for thin haired guys? And would it be ok to see some 12 month post op pics if you have any..?
  3. Thanks man. I've seen your results actually and follow your videos. It seems to be a great job and I'm sure you're pleased. My main concern is the thickness of my hair. You obviously have very thick black hair. Mine is the complete opposite, browny/blonde but incredibly fine. It seems hard to find someone to talk to that has had an operation with Diep that has the same kind of hair as mine... So i wonder if i would be a good candidate. i.e. would the density be achievable? And how would the FUE scars look at the donor region?
  4. hey guys, i'm new here, sorry if this is the wrong place to be posting this... i've seen all the great work of Diep, but i was wondering if there are any negative reviews out there, any bad experiences...? His videos are great, but he rarely shows the donor area or does a proper comb through. Thanks