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  1. So, perhaps i'm the 1 out of 10... Mid 30s. Very fine hair. ALWAYS had a very high natural hairline, which I have always disliked. It is something I consider lowering on a frequent basis, despite knowing the risks. Now, am i wanting to lower it to a crazy norwood -1? No. Would I be interested to lower it to make my face more in line with the proportional 3rds..? Yes. It is something I would like to do. The question is how stable my hair is, how willing i am to go on Fin for the rest of my life, and which doctor to use...
  2. That's great work and some luck too. You must be so pleased. Can you show us some before pics? I'm sure everyone would love to see what the situation was before...
  3. That donor looks untouched! did they say how much donor you have left for any further HTs down the line...?
  4. Wow. I had never seen this. Certainly makes one reconsider everything in spite of their usual high quality results. Poor guy
  5. Looks good. But it is disappointing to to know that even in the year 2020, in a community such as this, some companies are still putting out videos that do not even show a proper comb-through of the results. It just brings more questions than answers. A shame really
  6. Ah, I just looked into this. This brand of topical seems to contain Minoxidil as well..? That is not something I am into as it supposedly causes loss of collagen, and dark eye bags (which i actually experienced myself)
  7. Interesting. So, why would anybody use oral fin at all, if it comes with the possibility of side effects?
  8. How old are you and what are your hair characteristics?
  9. So, i've been toying with the idea of getting on fin for some time now, but I am still hesitant. Some people experience side effects, some don't, some just imagine that they do... i know all this, but I am reluctant to risk any effects IF i can help it. So I was wondering, have any of you bypassed the oral fin and gone straight to topical...? did it work? is this route recommended? I hear it is more expensive...like how much more? Just wondering if anybody could offer their two cents and help guide me through this. Thanks
  10. That is some of the best SMP i have seen. I wouldn't look twice if I saw you in the street. Glad that you have found a solution to that scar, you must be pleased. And the shaven look really suits you! Who did the SMP? Has it lasted, or do you need top ups every once in a while..?
  11. hmm, not quite sure if this is a serious question or not, but i'll reply anyway. If there is absolutely no hair on the back and sides, and just SMP (effectively 2D ink) do you not think that would look somewhat strange....?
  12. This exactly. It is a shame that youtube followers cannot always get the full picture as to things happening behind the scenes, ins and outs, complications, shortcomings etc... So a big thank you to this forum, its users, and the moderators for putting everything on the table and allowing full transparency
  13. Wow. Great result there. Some important questions, all in the name of science: Is the patient on fin...? Should a patient need to go on fin past the age of 50...? Is Wendy single...?
  14. Interesting. Thanks for the reply. And any idea on what H&W's policy is on this...?
  15. Im genuinely interested as to what Hasson and Wong, or other surgeons for that matter, would do for a 'failed transplant'. (By the way, I am not suggesting this is a failed transplant, but such a thing is one of my biggest fears) So I wonder what surgeons policies are: full refund seems doubtful. 50% refund..hmmm who knows. free top-up? possibly.. Can anybody shed any light on this? Thanks
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