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4045 Grafts @ Eugenix Hair Sciences with Dr Arika Bansal


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Hey Guys!

Quite excited to be here after having gotten my hair transplant done at Eugenix in India!

My name is Gary and I’m 39 years old , born and raised in Vancouver, Canada.

It was at the age of around 25-26 years when I first noticed a good amount of regression at the front and back of my scalp. Thankfully the progression was moderate, however, due to the family history on my maternal side w.r.t. baldness I knew where I was headed.

At 33 years I started to get really worried  about my look. To cover up the bald areas, I started using topical hair building fiber, I used to spike my hair at the back & do a comb-over in the front to cover the receding hairline & crown.

Soon I decided to consult Dr Hasan & Wong in Vancouver, who suggested an FUT procedure back then and also advised to start taking finasteride – thrice a week – which I had to stop after 6 months as I was not sure whether it was causing some side effects that I experienced.

Last year I finally decided to up my research a bit & started exploring the best options on YouTube & some forums. One lucky day, while watching hair transplant results on YouTube, Eugenix popped up & I started watching their patient results. Honestly, Eugenix had by far the best results, especially in terms of hairline, they also had the most natural results and I still continue to watch their videos till date.

Excited, I got in touch with Eugenix’s medical consultant who was really helpful, from explaining the DHT technique to helping me out with visa restrictions, it was all very professional.

So I hopped on to this 14.5 hour long flight as soon as I got my visa. Landed in Delhi at dawn, had some delicious dal makhni & masala chai at my hotel and was at the clinic by morning.

Coming to the procedure, the planning & designing session with Dr Arika was fabulous. Some of the hairlines suggested to me back in Vancouver were rather conservative and for that reason I was expecting something similar at Eugenix too, but to my delight, the hairline that Dr Arika drew was not conservative at all & I liked it instantly. The staff was so friendly and the technicians very professional. They work together in perfect harmony, know exactly what’s to be done and at the same time have a lot of patience.

I could feel that ease during the surgery and was totally comfortable. A total of 4045 grafts were done out of which 560 were taken from my beard. The procedure was done over 2 days & I came in on the third day for a cleaning session too.

Overall, a great experience. Waiting for my results now for which I’ll be posting regular updates.





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18 hours ago, GaryS said:

Thanks @JohnAC71 @Berba11 yes I have seen @Zoomster's results on YouTube as well, they're simply fantastic considering his original grade of baldness. That way I'm even more hopeful of getting the best results for myself 🤞

Fingers crossed for you!

Do you know how many grafts were implanted into the hairline/temple points and how many into the crown the crown area? Would be interesting to know what the split between the two areas was.

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On 9/30/2021 at 10:18 PM, GaryS said:

yes brother, Eugenix was very helpful in providing me the medical visa request letter at a very short notice, thereafter it was all very smooth! 

@GaryS Great work by Eugenix! I'm also headed there next month from Toronto via direct flight and was wondering how your overall medical visa application experience went? I've just requested the letter from them as well but am a bit nervous about the whole process as my surgery is in like 4 weeks and I'm not sure if the consulate will require more information? Appreciate the insights!

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Hello Everyone,

I had been gone for a while, but here is my two-month update. No doubt there's been some shedding due to shock loss, however, Eugenix's post-surgery team has been in regular touch and according to the doctors I'm still very much on track. What do you guys think? 

@Ronny4050 were you finally able to travel? My visa processing was quite smooth back in September, let me know if you still need any help?






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Looks horrible and by ' horrible', I mean great. 

I'm 7 weeks today post-op and I am in the same situation (also went to Eugenix in mid-October). My recipient area is still quite red (like yours) and so it's nice to compare timelines and outcomes at this point in the process.

This stage has definitely had me doubting the success of the surgery but seeing someone else coming from the same clinic within the same timeframe helps to provide some much needed perspective.

Good luck and keep us updated.

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I looked exactly like you 2 months in. I can say with confidence it is the ugliest you'll be during this whole process. By the 3 month mark, hairs are sprouting and starting to fill in. I was shaving my head at month 1 and 2 so the sparse growth factor was less distinguishable, but now I feel a lot better about growing it out.

You are right on track!

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Following closely 🙌🏼

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