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  1. @Doron Harati Cyprus is worth considering too! This guy is the man to speak too 🤛
  2. Before going any further please realise that Turkey is the Wild West when it comes to Hair Transplants. Do not be fooled by Instagram pics. Please research real patient reviews. This forum is a great start ! Look at the list of prescreened physicians. And maybe look at other places if your willing to travel.
  3. Just stay researching some good clinics and get a few consultations. And look in to using topical fin. They will be able to properly examine your hair. Looks like your heading for quite a advanced norwood to me. Which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get a transplant, but retaining what you have is important.
  4. Topical fin is worth a try! Doesn’t have the side effects. Have you checked out the prescreened physician list on this forum yet? Some excellent Drs. A proper consultation will help decide a good course of action.
  5. Have you considered using Finasteride? This would help retain what hair you have. Would you be able to post more pics with your hair grown out more? Difficult to assess when your donor area is that short.
  6. Have you thought about trying topical Fin? Less chance of sides
  7. Difficult to class... I can see the loss in the crown and the receding temples. I agree you should try a different dose of Fin.
  8. Very interesting 🧐 should all kick off from here on out! Must be one of the largest FUT cases done in this way.
  9. Yup it does sound crazy. And I can’t imagine why anyone would get it done. It would look very odd.
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