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  1. Eugenix (India) have some very good options depending on the Dr. But it’s all relevant, they are classed as one the most expensive in the country.
  2. Yes your already looking great at 5 months. And there are plenty of other decent results on the forum. Even a updated one from 2 years ago. I will say they can do good work. It’s just the risk involved people need to be aware of. And the lack of after care/support.
  3. You can pretty much ignore any Yelp, trustpilot, fb and insta reviews. They are not a reliable source. The best way to research a particular Dr is searching on this forum.
  4. Here is the forums recommended list: https://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/Consult-a-Physician/hair-transplant-surgeons.asp?sr=HRN-MOB
  5. As hair mills go Cinik is actually one of the better ones. Shame they don’t have consistent results and after care.
  6. Ok so here is the thing with Dr Cinik... yes it’s a hair mill and yes it’s possible to get a good result. But ! It’s no way assured and can really depend on whichever team of techs you have. You can pay more and have Dr Cinik involved In the procedure. But with multiple patients per day it’s obviously limited. And the chances are it will not be a refined hairline crafted with single grafts. We have seen some very recent cases where we can see doubles and triples in the front row. Do you really want to have any chance of a poorer result when you can choose a better clinic.? It’s
  7. @Dangrowthfactorhows it looking now ? I’m guessing your not far off the 12 months....
  8. Hi We have Dr Arsahd here in the Uk doing some amazing work, have you considered him ? He’s just been added to the forums recommended list. And is very reasonable at £3 per graft. There are a lot of his patient results on here too.
  9. Thanks for the update. Be another few months before the regrowth starts ! Hang in there buddy 🙏
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