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  1. Not looking good really. A hairline which doesn’t suit the level of baldness and yes that donor area isn’t great even now. Surely it will end up looking odd when the grafts grow in?
  2. Stellar work as always. Must send you some updated pics do I can arrange mine. My mind is made up having seen nothing but excellent results from this clinic and patients themselves.
  3. Like the others have mentioned it’s just not enough grafts for that area. But yes the grafts are growing and this should leave you with a lot in the bank for a second procedure. I would also agree to look for another clinic which would be able to reinforce the hairline and use a better amount of grafts for the area. who was the clinic you chose ? What kind of result did they say you should expect ?
  4. Heading says 29 year old. I do agree there should be no rush to get anything done. He’s good for now.
  5. Please could you start your own thread/post and ask the forum this question? This is the best way to get our advice. Thanks.
  6. Decent clinics don’t need telling which size punch to use from there patients. Choose someone reputable and let them do what they do best! Facts are FUT has a scar but FUE will leave teeny tiny scars too. It all depends on how short you wear your hair. A decent FUT scar is thin and quite undetectable. FUE done well is also quite undetectable even when a larger punch is used. Unless your buzzing really close.
  7. Hi personally I would not go ahead and instead consult with the other Drs I mentioned. What Melvin was explaining is very true. It takes years to became a expert in this field. To go with someone who has only recently started showing a interest is risky. The others I mentioned have a proven track record. With hundreds of reviews and results on this forum and elsewhere. I ruled out the clinic you are choosing in the past as I got the hard sell, along with just about all the other Uk clinics. Out of my 5 HTs I had the best results in Turkey. Please consider the other Drs I mentioned if you don’t want to travel. It takes a skilled Dr to deal with hairlines/temple points. I don’t believe yours has got any real experience yet. Being available in just 10 days time means alarm bells to me. Decent clinics have waiting lists.
  8. I would proceed with extreme caution, I see that your chosen Dr has only recently taken a interest in Hair Transplants. I could not find any results from him. Have you also consulted with the recommended Drs on here? Reddy and Farjo? Or even Dr Ball?