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  1. The redness is due to personal skin characteristics. If you are fair-skinned and prone to redness from other sources (say, taking a hot shower or working out and your skin gets visibly flush) then the redness will be more pronounced post-op HT. The redness is the erythema caused from the trauma of the HT - the blood vessels in the area have widened to allow for greater blood flow as an inflammatory response to the wound. You can buy tinted moisturizers which can reduce the contrast.
  2. I just had a 3500 graft HT at Eugenix. Came from Canada. My original schedule was 2 days of surgery (Monday and Tuesday) and then fly out Thursday morning. About 2 weeks out from surgery, British Airways cancelled my outbound flight on the Thursday and so I had to re-schedule it to leaving on Friday morning. I am grateful that I did because all both flying into India and leaving it, we were required to wear plastic face shields on top of our mandatory masks. That meant stretching the band that holds the shield round the back of the head and against the donor area. That extra day of healing in India was beneficial with that process since my donor area was in better shape to handle putting a plastic face shield on and off (FYI, when the plane took off from Delhi, the majority of people quickly took off the face shield and did not wear it again, as did I. There was no protest from the flight crew so obviously the mandate to wear the shield was one by India and not British Airways). I don't know if the face shield policy is being applied to all international travelers coming in and out of India - that was my experience. My point is that one extra day of healing in those early days of post-op was helpful. Washing the hair 7 days out is something you can do on your own - you don't need the clinic to do it for you. But I personally recommend that you stay at least 3 days post-op for additional healing and rest time if you are flying longer distances to India. Feel free to DM me if you have questions about hair wash care post-op.
  3. I think you should tell her but be confident about your own choice first. There's nothing wrong with wanting to improve your looks. But do it in tandem with always improving the whole 'you', and not just the appearances. If she can understand your goals when framed in this regard, she should be supportive.
  4. You are right - dosimetry parameters matter. It's not that LLLT is bad - just too much can be damaging to the tissue. My purpose for using LLLT so early in the post-HT treatment cycle is to reduce erythema. Since I had a moderate case of semi-permanent erythema (due to my SMP treatment in 2015) going into the surgery, I wanted to use LLLT for improved angiogenesis in the hopes that in the process of creating new blood vessels for the transplant, the existing abnormally dilated blood vessels would be repaired through improved fibroblast proliferation and growth factors. This study, though a small sample size (n=22 for both red light (633 nm) and infrared light 830 nm group which is generally the same wavelengths of the LED in the unit I am using), shows a statistically significant improvement in collagen and elastin formation with a daily dose of 20 minutes of both red and infrared light wavelength. It doesn't mention specifically any net benefits to neovascularization per se but suggests that LED light therapy may enhance intercellular communication. I am going to go back to my original schedule of 20 mins/day at a distance of 10 cm from light source. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/17566756/
  5. Yes - RU58841. The research lit on LLLT suggests a plateau on benefits with increased usage. When it works on tissue healing, only so much exposure has an effect before no further impact is observed. There are many studies on LLLT with different methodologies (power of LLLT, type of LLLT, length of exposure time, etc) so there is no standardization to follow per se. Doubt that my schedule of 2 times per day is twice as effective but I'll take whatever gains I can get. Let's put it this way - I'm confident that I'm not retarding tissue healing or neovascularization with this schedule.
  6. I'm also using LLLT twice a day, 20 minutes per session. The plan is to keep on this schedule for a full year. Plus back on dut (0.5 mg @ 3 times per week, 2.5 mg oral minox daily and have just started daily RU for crown.
  7. 9 days out from surgery. Most of the scalp is clean now. Donor area is healing nicely. Itchy af. Density has really exceeded my expectations. It could be one and done for me.
  8. I think this question of "How Much Should you Pay for your First Hair Transplant" can be asked in general about how much one is willing to pay for a cosmetic surgery in the age of medical tourism. My wife has done a number of 'vampire facials' in South Korea because she used to go there regularly and the costs of this type of surgery is much lower than in Canada, probably due to competition in the plastic surgery market in Korea. India and Turkey are no different when it comes to hair transplants. There is lots of competition and market pressures to keep costs within a certain range. Those lower prices encourage unethical standards to maximize profits for the hair mills but they also constrain prices on the top end clinics in these countries as well. If you are willing to do the research and you are willing to travel, there is great value out there and no need to spend 2x, 3x, 4x or more for the same surgery in the N. America and Europe with similar outcomes.
  9. Here's an example of someone recently with 2000 grafts in roughly the same circumstances as you with roughly the same area to cover. Would have to wait for the results to see how it turned out but their surgeon determined that 2000 grafts, not 1000 grafts, was necessary for the required density.
  10. A few things going on here: first, as others have mentioned, you still need some more time to assess the final results; second, it's possible that some of the hairs taken in the FUT strip were miniaturized and so they are not coming in thick in the hairline; third, if it is still not to your satisfaction by month 12, a few hundred healthy grafts taken by FUE can easily fill in this hairline more and you should probably consider going to a more experienced FUE surgeon. Consult with at least 2 doctors who are recommended HT surgeons through this site.
  11. Can we assume that this was the area that was transplanted?
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