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Hair Loss Overview

  • Describe Your Hair Loss Pattern
    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
  • How long have you been losing your hair?
    10 years +
  • Norwood Level if Known
    Norwood VI
  • What Best Describes Your Goals?
    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

Hair Loss Treatments

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  • Current Non-Surgical Treatment Regime
    Rogaine Extra Strength for Men

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  1. I haven't watched the video but, yeah, I think this is irresponsible of the doctor to do any part of the procedure without a local anesthetic.
  2. Haha. We should start doing a 'Rate my hairloss' section in this forum.
  3. Hairloss patterns follow some general rules but determining where your type of hairloss fits on the Norwood scale is not always clear. When I have had consultations with hair transplant surgeons (or their reps), I have been told that I am anywhere between a Norwood 4 and 7. Clearly I am not at either end of those parameters. A Norwood 5A, 5V or 6 seem a better reflection of my hairloss degree. But do you think that the classification system is not a sufficient measure of hairloss?
  4. Good luck @ravitHope everything goes well for you. Keep us posted with lots and lots of pics if possible.
  5. I like the style of your hair just sticking straight up. Similar to the style I want. I was under the impression that Dr. Jones had retired and had a younger surgeon take over his practice. Good to see that he is still in the game. Also good to see that he is doing mega session FUE's as he has traditionally had a more conservative approach in the number of grafts he would transplant in a single session. Good luck over the next few months.
  6. I've been redeemed! Seriously, I am glad that you had this convo with these docs because, for some of us, doing FUE and then FUT is the more optimal choice. FYI, Dr. Suneet Soni, who is a recommended surgeon on this site, does both FUE and FUT in a single session. Perhaps you could interview him in the future about the success of this combined technique.
  7. If I were a doctor practicing plastic surgery, I would have to really think about changing my name from Dr. Slaughter.
  8. It's understandable to be skeptical about Tsuji/Riken and hair cloning in general, given the failures of the past. But science does progress, and there have been significant hurdles overcome since the days of Intercytex. For one, the development of 3D scaffolds for hair follicle stem cell culturing has improved the multiplication process. I have no doubt that we will have rudimentary hair growth on human scalps from stem cells in the near future - hair that cycles properly, hair that grows at the right angles, hair that mimics the same characteristics as donor hair. As Dr. Khokhar has eluded t
  9. It will be interesting to see if they were able to get past the biggest hurdle of mass multiplication of epithelial cells. Certainly promising but realistically unavailable for most of us for a few years.
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