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  1. I'm being told by my Eugenix contact that a medical visa may be a way to work around the lockdown for international travelers.
  2. I have surgery booked with Eugenix at the end of October. My current plan is to still go ahead with the surgery but India is closed to international travellers until the end of September and I am coming from Canada. Now I am being asked if I can arrange a medical visa from my consulate. I don't know what this means. Can anyone provide some help?
  3. There are still international flight restrictions until the end of September. And, yes, I could use your help about finding the best way from the airport to Eugenix. Should I take a taxi, public transportation?
  4. Well congrats in getting into Eugenix - excellent choice! Can I assume you are a domestic client? I have my appointment booked at the end of October but India's lockdown until at least the end of this month may frustrate these plans as I will be coming from Canada. It's natural to be nervous going into surgery but I wish you Godspeed in your recovery.
  5. Interesting. Wonder if they are signalling molecules which is necessary for the various cells to communicate and grow hair. Maybe they are overexpressed in skin anomalies like moles.
  6. I did some basic research into S Korean HT docs about 2 years ago since my wife is Korean (Canadian). Dr. Jino Kim, in Seoul, runs the New Hair Institute, named after the same one out of Los Angeles by Dr. Rassman. Dr. Kim was trained by Dr. Rassman. Prices are, indeed, in the range between the better clinics in Turkey and North American clinics.
  7. You're as likely to care about your appearance at 40, 50, even 60 in this looks- obsessed culture.
  8. I think this is a good thread topic. I'm interested in hearing from forum members if their HT boosted their confidence. When I did SMP over 5 years ago, I was certain that it would turn a corner for my confidence but it didn't. It looked unnatural and made me hide my scalp more than before.
  9. You're correct in saying that he has a fine hair caliber. He might also have lesser numbers of multiple hair grafts than average which could account for the thinner look. However, it is difficult to say how much improvement is demonstrated from the before and after pics given that his hair is quite short in the before pics compared to his 2-year pics. Also, his hairline is still poorly designed, if designed at all. Ultimately, if the client is happy, it doesn't matter my opinion. I just think that it's an odd choice by Dr. Wesley's clinic to showcase this particular outcome.
  10. Is there a mistake here? Did the clinic send the wrong 'after' photos? Personally, I would be disappointed with these results. The hairline is ill-defined, the density does not seem to reflect the high number of grafts. This result would not entice me to consider this clinic.
  11. OP, do you have pics from the initial treatment (Cosmedica) just prior to the second treatment with Cinik? How many grafts in total across the 3 surgeries?
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