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  1. I don't think it's accidental. All clinics seem to have the same problem.
  2. That's a good point. Thanks for letting me know.
  3. Pretty much every clinic uses slightly different shades of the same color for their before and afters. Why is that? What is the illusion they are trying to create?
  4. I'm actually considering doing a large FUE session first then another large FUT session second. Here's my reasoning: as a NW6, I will need at least two surgeries to get to my happy place. The first FUE surgery will give me (I hope!) a decent hairline and a thin mid-scalp and vertex. For the period between the first and second surgeries, I want to wear the sides and back short as the top grows in over those first 6-8 months, getting past the ugly duckling phase. With FUT as the second surgery, I can let the hair grow out longer on both back/sides and top as the second transplantation takes root. The hair should be thicker on top to match with growing the hair out on the sides and back. I just hope that there will still be some docs who will still be doing FUT because it seems like it is becoming a dying method.
  5. For higher Norwoods (5 and above), FUT makes the most sense, Then you see FUE results at Eugenix and with Dr. Zarev and it makes you feel that it is now possible to get great results with this method. I can see why it is hard to make this decision.
  6. If Tsuji is successful, we should know within a year or two. Initial costs would be prohibitive for most but hen over the next few years, competitors will definitely enter the market and drive costs down. I'm not saying an affordable cure is available in a decade, just that there should be a treatment on the market that most of us would consider to be our best option even if we couldn't afford it.
  7. I'm trending towards a more optimistic view that a cure using one's own cells will be available in less than 10 years but most likely in Asia. However, it won't be a proper cure, as in a one-and-done treatment but rather a series of treatments like getting botox.
  8. Yes - I would like to see that link as well.
  9. Did you experience redness from the SMP itself or only after having the FUE? I had SMP done in 2015 and it damaged my skin. After having lasered it off in 2018, I still have a distinctive red 'blush' that is in the exact shape of the tattooed area. I am wondering if the FUE procedure caused too much trauma on top of the SMP, leading to broken capillaries. Can you share non-identifying pics?
  10. Well it seems that we have the same goals. Keep me updated on your progress through DM. I will do the same.
  11. I had no idea that your first HT was such poor quality. Now it makes more sense why you are so dedicated to advocacy work in hairloss. You turned a negative experience into a positive one. Congrats on turning that situation around and thanks for all the great work you do on this forum.
  12. I have to be honest and say that I am not yet certain about which clinic to choose. As a NW5a, I estimate I have about 160 square cm to cover. At 30 FU's per square cm, that's about 5000 grafts. I have been quoted 3500 grafts by Eugenix, 4000 grafts by Medispa and 3000-3200 by Darling Buds (Dr. Bhatti). Medispa and Dr. Soni made the most sense initially because they are offering the higher yield with the combination of FUT/FUE. Since I will definitely want a second procedure in the future, it seems that most of the people I consider to be trusted advocates in hairloss (Joe TIllman, Spex, Melvin on this site plus doctors like Dr. Rassman) recommend FUT for high Norwoods in order to maximize the yield and set-up the donor area for future surgeries. Yet, I see great FUE results from Dr. Bhatti and Eugenix for patients like me, some of them with 7000 grafts or more (not all in a single session). Obviously the use of beard/chest grafts are used to supplement the donor area capacity. This has been making my decision harder since I would prefer to keep my hair shorter in the back. SMP is a great option for linear scars from FUT but it just adds another procedure I have to consider. So, to answer your question, I haven't yet made my final decision. If I choose Medispa, I will be going in December since I will have four weeks vacation, which gives the FUT surgery more time to heal before returning to work. If I get FUE done with either Dr. Bhatti or Eugenix, I can go earlier in the year, perhaps as soon as July, depending on the coronavirus situation. I really need the first surgery done so I can start getting past my obsession with my hairloss. It has simply dominated my life in the last few years, leading me to make poor decisions which have had a negative impact for me emotionally, financially and with my relationships. It's time to get the problem fixed once and for all! I wish I could say that cost isn't a factor, but it honestly is the biggest factor. However, all 3 of these clinics make me feel that I can't go wrong with them as my clinic of choice. How about you? What has made you consider Medispa? The FUT/FUE combo? I am starting to feel more confident that FUT is not the only option anymore for higher Norwoods, given the use of beard grafts and the experience of both Darling Buds and Eugenix in this area. It has really transformed the HT landscape having this option now. Before, FUT was the only option if you were a NW 5 and above. The donor area was simply too valuable to leave to the higher transection rates from FUE and lower number of hairs available. When I hear Dr. Bhatti talk of transection rates around 2% for FUE, that just boosts my belief that FUE, when combining scalp and beard grafts, is just as viable an option for extensive hairloss sufferers.
  13. Hi @mitts Here is the reply from Dr. Soni's office re: HT: "According to your scalp pictures around 4000 Grafts can be extracted from safe donor zone in order to get the best results by Combine technique (FUT+FUE) **FUT (Strip) procedure with TRICHOPHYTIC Closure (Trichophytic closure is a technique which leaves almost negligible or minimal scar at donor site). Cost $ 1 USD/Graft For 4000 Grafts = 4000 USD /- (Coverage will be Front and Top) Other Expenses: - 500 USD/- 1. OT Charges 2. Nursing Charges 3. Investigation Fee 4. Food Charges on the day of procedure 5. All Medicine expenses on the day of procedure Expense 4500 USD +18% TAX(GST)Extra."
  14. @TrixGlendevon Thanks for your input. That's why I love this forum! I would love to choose H&W - I have even done a consultation with them. Unfortunately, even their FUT is beyond my financial resources at this moment. Years ago, an SMP treatment that went wrong left me feeling embarrassed and having to wear a hat all the time so I have taken on a labour job that is below my skillset but which allows me to wear a hat. Sad but true! Now I have to consider my finances when choosing my surgeon for the first HT.
  15. He is also a pre-screened/recommended surgeon on this site. https://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/Consult-a-Physician/surgeon-list/IND/India I have been reading your responses to other threads and you have pointed out that finding an FUT surgeon seems harder these days. That's true! In Canada, we have H&W and Rahal but it seems that even Rahal is promoting FUE over FUT much more. I also like the combination of FUE and FUT in a single session as it seems it can yield more grafts without overharvesting.