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Hair Loss Overview

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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
    Thinning or Bald Spot in the Crown/Vertex
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    10 years +
  • Norwood Level if Known
    Norwood VI
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    Considering Surgical Hair Restoration

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    Rogaine Extra Strength for Men

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  1. I did an initial consult with Dr. Rahal (or at least his advisor) and found the process to be off-putting. He may do good work but his customer service has not been satisfactory, IMO.
  2. Well, mate, we have similar hairloss patterns. Depending on the hairline you want, you would be north of 5000 grafts. Minimal scarring = FUE but if you want to maximize your donor area, you would be wise to choose FUT. Unfortunately, that comes with a scar. SMP can work wonders for covering it, though. I don't know anything about graft limits imposed on docs in the US but there does seem to be upper limits on the number of grafts moved in a single session. Lots of great value outside of North America. Don't discount India, South Korea as potential locations.
  3. Thanks Melvin. You are a great mod and I appreciate the assistance you provide.
  4. Thank you for the input. I have watched your Youtube vids charting your progression. Keep them coming!
  5. Yes, laxity is fine. I have been doing scalp stretches to help loosen the area.
  6. The discoloration is what stands out for me. I'd like to see pics of your hair longrer on the back
  7. Started fin over 1 year ago and switched to dut 7 months ago. Thank you all for your input. Would it be better to do FUT or will I get enough from FUE?
  8. Based on my level of hairloss, how many grafts would I realistically need to restore my hairline and mid-scalp to around 40 grafts per cm sq? My vertex is still decent so I don't want to put grafts there. The redness is from SMP treatment a few years ago. I had it removed by laser almost 2 years ago but the pinkness is still there. My HT is going to cover it finally!
  9. Man, this coronavirus could really screw up my HT plans this year with Eugenix.
  10. You are right, Melvin. Eugenix has 3 levels, or packages, of services. The most expensive is with Dr. Sethi or Dr. Bansal doing the planning and design of hairline and doing the slits themselves. The next level has Dr. Bansal doing the above only. The least expensive package has one of Eugenix associate doctors providing this service.
  11. I can say that as a prospective patient of Eugeniz, with the hope that they can do wonders with my Norwood 6 in a single FUE megasession, I hope that they are admitted into the Coalition!
  12. I'm interested in knowing what the upper limits are in terms of FUE extraction and implantation in a single session without compromising overall quality. Eugenix seems to have refined the FUE process such that donor hair is kept outside of the body in a shorter time period.
  13. I can understand very much how overwhelming the feeling can be for you. I had an SMP treatment go wrong and now I have a permanent red 'tattoo' on my scalp. Won't take my hat off in public, feeling embarassed even around your family, refusing to go out at all if not necessary. I have been going through it all like you. But there is hope! You have options! It might be just shock loss and over time it will recover. So take some time to see what happens in the donor and then recipient. If it does not come back in donor, get some SMP. It will blend in those patches nicely. You might want to consider an FUT treatment if you don't have good growth. Between FUT and a BHT, you can rock a good head of hair again and not feel ashamed to go outside!