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Leaning towards FUT - Worried about visibility of scar

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Hello all.

This is my first post. This forum has been invaluable to learning about hair transplants. 

Based on hours of research I am leaning heavily towards an FUT procedure at one of two New York clinics (True and Dorin or Feller & Bloxham). My biggest fear around FUT procedure is the linear scar. I wear my hair short and keep the sides trimmed at a #2 to #3. I am willing to go a few month with my hair longer to conceal a scar when it's still immature and fresh. But at the 8 to 12 month mark I would like to have a scar that is canceled by at least a #3 cut on the sides and back.

Attached is an image of me with a #3.5 cut. Ideally I would like to keep my hair this length. 

Has anyone here had an FUT and kept their hair short and tight on the sides? Are these kinds of hair styles off the table? Any opinions and experiences would be helpful.


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Any particular reason your leaning toward FUT ? Those Drs are great but I don’t see why you wouldn’t be considering FUE more ? You don’t seem to have that much hair loss from what I can see. 
Never any guarantees with FUT, you can have good laxity and still not end up with a pencil thin scar. Although your choice of Drs is obviously very skilled at FUT.




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The way you keep your hair short .. n if u don’t bald too bad later .. I would do FUE in ur case .. it’s almost like u didn’t even have a HT after a year when u do FUE.. but that linear scar will always be there .. I was in same boat as u .. kept going back n with the two ,, pros n cons .. but if u have the extra money .. u do the FUE.. 10 years from now .. u don’t want to be stuck with last decades technology ? 

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Fut is the way to go if your expecting multiple surgeries in the future because your hair loss keeps progressing and to maximize your grafts.

How many grafts was recommended in your consultation and your age are two important factors to consider that you didn't mention.

As for your question you should be ok cutting your hair at a 3.5 guard and the Scar not being visible after your first surgery.

If you require multiple surgeries in the future your donor will get further depleted and a 3.5 may not conceal the scar at that point.

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Whilst other individuals may have been able to conceal a thin linear strip scar at a short length, this in itself may not be the most appropriate "comparison approach".

As you have concerns, I would certainly encourage an in person consultation with your preferred doctor so that they can check your scalp laxity, donor density and characteristics. 

Things to consider would be scar healing and closure quality and technique of your doctor. The surface area of the excised strip will influence how much tension may be on the closure and this will also be influenced by your scalp laxity. This is why understanding your graft demands (amount of loss) and donor density will reflect how much tissue would need to be removed in your strip.

Donor density and follicular makeup of your donor that would assist to "conceal" strip scars at shorter length. For patients with naturally higher donor density, concealment would normally be easier than those with average density that presents a more "transparent" visual where scalp can be normally be seen.

Physiology and how your body may respond and heal can impact the final dimensions of a strip scar and if any stretching may occur post surgery, as can the all important post surgery healing stage.

There are many variables and please just be conscious of these and careful when comparing side by side with other patients.

As has already been mentioned, age, medication, family history of loss, levels of miniaturisation etc would all be influential factors in your decision making process. 

Take your time, don´t rush into anything and I wish you the best of luck.

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I've had six strip surgeries and my scar(s) are a non-issue, and I do wear my hair reasonably short and they are not particularly pencil thin scars.  I don't do a fade - that's out of the question, but probably around a 3/4 guard on the sides and back.  Of course, I don't use clippers at all.  Part of making the most out of a transplant is finding someone who knows what they are doing cutting your hair.  I go to a stylist who knows about my scars and finds a way to obscure them with a scissor cut.  

If you're destined to become a NW5 or worse then definitely consider FUT first, then FUE second to maximize lifetime grafts.  If HT docs don't foresee your pattern getting that bad then FUE is probably the best option for you.  

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Given the appearance of your donor, I would agree FUT is a better option. The density doesn’t look too strong. An FUE could deplete the donor without getting the maximum grafts. 

Depending on how well you scar you may be about to get away with that hair length. Perhaps slightly longer.

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I have seen lots of FUT work done by @Dr Blake Bloxhamand his FUT scars are virtually nonexistent. He's EXTREMELY skilled. You can definitely wear your hair short and not have the FUT scar showing based on the density of your donor area. 

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I also would like to see pics showing your frontal zone and also would like to know your family history of hair loss, the most advanced Norwood class…also, I agree that your donor zone appears dense enough to hide a strip scar at a number 3 providing you heal well.


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