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  1. I have been on Proscar 5 years and also have watery clear semen so I would say yes it is a side.
  2. My surgery with DR Hasson was for June12 but was rescheduled for Aug14. I could have got in a little earlier but that date worked best for me.
  3. I have my surgery scheduled for June12 . The clinic will let me know before end of May if it will be postponed. The clinic is in my hometown so no worry about flights.
  4. My transplant is booked for June12 and the clinic I'm scheduled with is presently closed. My pre surgury consultation was scheduled for May25 has been cancelled. The clinic advised me that if they postpone my date I will be informed about 3weeks prior to June12. The clinic is in my hometown so I dont have to worry about travel just rescheduling the time off from work which should be no issue. I feel bad for the guys that have had it booked prior to Covid and who cant travel even if their clinic decides to open. I wish all the best to you if you have your surgery booked in the coming months.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I did get SMP on my FUT scar last year. I'm not over harvested but would like to fill in some gaps on the crown and mid scalp for added density.
  6. I was thinking about getting SMP to provide that illusion of increased density. Is it possible that the SMP needle can penetrate deep enough to damage existing hair follicles. I'm just little concerned because the SMP Tech will be working very close to existing hair follicles. Thanks for any input.
  7. I had both fut '2015 and fue '2019 with Dr Hasson. Why are you paying US$ for the surgery when H&W are in Canada? Based on 3000 grafts and price per graft for both surgeries your figures seem correct but I believe it is Canadian$ you would pay. For me the fut was definitely a longer recovery for my donor because I lost sensation in my scalp in the donor area where they took out the strip. This lasted for a few months and slowly came back. In 2015 H&W wasnt doing fue so I only had the fut option. For me personally I was hoping I could have done another fut instead of fue but I didnt have the scalp laxity to do it. I was planning eventually if I needed a third surgery then do fue. If you already have the scar and definitely don't plan to wear your hair short then I think going fue would be ok.
  8. Excellent result for the patient and Eugenix. The hairline looks so dense and natural. I'm very interested in learning more about the beard grafts and how they compare to a persons donor scalp hair. Abhinay, where were the 2000 beard grafts placed? Thanks Brian
  9. Thanks everyone for your input and pics. I think this post will be of great benefit for those people contemplating using beard grafts as donor. Hopefully we can get more examples and further updates in the future.
  10. Paddy, thank you for a very detailed informative account of your surgery. It sounds like Eugenix was excellent in every way and I appreciate your feedback about their Doctors, Staff and your overall experience. I also have been thinking about using beard grafts for a future surgery so it's good to know that Eugenix offers this option. I'm looking forward to following your updates and I'm curious to know about the growth of the beard grafts. It looks like your going to get great results from looking at your pictures and I wish you all the best. Take care Brian, Vancouver Canada
  11. I'm new to the forum so hoping I could get some advice I've already had a fut'2015 and a Fue 3 months ago. I want to possibly use beard grafts as donor for my crown area for my next surgery. Can anyone recommend which doctors would be willing to transplant beard grafts to scalp crown area. Also, any other information on using beard grafts as donor. Thanks, much appreciated.
  12. Does Dr. Arocha transplant Beard grafts to the scalp. I have already had a fut and fue and want to keep the rest of my donor scalp. Thanks for your help.