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  1. Looking solid even under harsh lighting. Also looks like the transplanted hair is maturing and settling. 💯
  2. Things are looking good, hairline very natural. Love the vid of the donor area and strip scar. Happy you did FUT? Looks like you have more strips in the bank.
  3. The ISHRS is a crapshoot. Some great and not-so-great surgeons there. Be patient, do some research on this site. There are definitely some good surgeons out there.
  4. You'd be able to see miniaturization in the donor region (a sign that donor hair is DHT receptive) that might not otherwise be apparent to the naked eye.
  5. No growth and your donor area looks over harvested. If you're thinking about round 2 make sure you go to an elite surgeon. It certainly seems like a bad FUE surgery leaves a patient worse off than a bad FUT.
  6. Also Dr. Bisanga, "If you can keep your hair transplant good for 10 years you should be happy". And Dr. Wong, "Hair transplants absolutely do thin." I think thinning transplanted hair can happen even if the patient's donor region is healthy or if the patient is on fin, though it may be less likely. Long term planning should account for this possibility.
  7. Do what works for you. If I skip a day of shampooing my scalp gets extremely irritated and itchy. Others can go days without shampooing and they are fine. Experiment with different regimes and see what works best for you. Edit* If you are going to shower twice a day, maybe shampoo in the mornings and conditioner at night (?). Just an idea.
  8. Shock loss in the donor region almost always comes back. Shock loss in the recipient area is less certain since these hairs were more vulnerable in the first place.
  9. I think it looks great! Give it a couple days and you might change your mind on it.
  10. That's the assumption I had going into my first HT, and after a year post-op it was mostly gone and I had to transplant the same area over again. Not saying fin doesn't help, but it doesn't hold onto everything. @kapiper Go ahead a get a transplant but don't be surprised if you need another one very soon after. Be ready for that likely scenario.
  11. Good for you for getting on fin, stay on it! I can see why Hattingen turned you down for FUT; because you already have a good head of hair and you are relatively young. The risk of a transplant for you is shock loss, which might leave you worse off than where you are now. Focus on keeping what you have at the moment and in the meantime keep researching surgeons for a surgery sometime in your 30's. Native hair is better than transplanted hair.
  12. Please share pics of your frontal third. How old are you?
  13. This is an interesting question. I don't think I've ever seen a double whirl crown restoration before. I imagine getting the angles right would be extra challenging for the surgeon.
  14. Interesting you still have a hairline but everything behind has thinned out. But gillenator is exactly right, save some for the front later on. I'd have Dr. K focus everything on the midscalp and crown for your first round.
  15. Standing the test of time and it'll be fascinating to witness your transition into silver fox mode, but I ain't rushing ya. 😁
  16. Definitely start your own thread with pics so the experienced members on this forum can give you more specific advice for your case. We're happy to help. It's hard to know what to expect until you get a HT yourself.
  17. I noticed you haven't looked at either @1978matt first two rounds or @Spanker, both have very dense hairline results. I've seen Spanker in person a number of times and his hairline is nothing short of Hollywood. Keep in mind the hairline density of each individual varies because we all bring unique hair characteristics and NW levels to the table. As a NW5-6 I will not achieve the same hairline density as the aforementioned cases. Adjust your expectations accordingly.
  18. I mean, checking out downtown Chicago is great and all, but the day after your surgery you are just going to want to relax in the hotel. If you do go out be prepared to have a loose fitting hat. How long are you staying in town? I know Dr. K's office will do morning cleanings for patients a few days post-op. I always appreciated that because I never had issues with scar formation after surgeries. Just half a mile south of the clinic is Butterfield's Pancake House. I recommend calling in an order and bringing it back to the hotel.
  19. By the far the most effective solution to tangled hair is becoming a NW7.
  20. Your six month pictures indeed look better, but take into consideration that the photos were taken in dimmer lighting then and your hair is dry/styled. In the 8th month pictures your hair is wet - greasy from applying minoxidil or you're just out of the shower - and it is not combed. Wet/messy hair clumps together and tends to reveal the thin areas more starkly than dry/styled hair. Also, the more recent pictures were taken under bight lights. So it's not a fair comparison at the moment.
  21. I understand why some are wondering if you're even a HT candidate at this point, but since you just got a scar reduction a few weeks ago we could very well be seeing some shock loss in your donor right now. My answer to your question is the same as Melvin's - yes, shorter hair styles are more exposed so an elite doc would be just as necessary, if not more so. Here's a case that comes to mind, albeit his donor is extraordinary.
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