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  1. The first presidential election in American history featuring two transplant repair patients! Breaking the glass ceiling! USA! USA! 🇺🇸
  2. Haha, nope! Even with my 3rd strip procedure there wasn't an inadvertent face lift. The strip is too far away from the face to make any noticeable difference. Definitely go FUT with your hair being long and please, please, please don't go to a crappy surgeon.
  3. I had pitting from my first procedure. It did lessen with time, though some of the pitted grafts in my hairline had to be punched out since there was no way to camouflage them.
  4. You need a mega session, and I also see a few 2 hair grafts in the hairline. I'd be going to H&W if I were in your shoes. FUE would be a mistake imo.
  5. Looks like you're right on track with everything. The only thing you can do about the rows is wait and see. It might or might not be noticeable once it's all grown out. If it is noticeable then at least it's an easy fix with another doc who is more meticulous (e.g. Konior, Shapiro, H&W, etc.).
  6. @pre-screened Those numbers look closely to what I'll end up with, maybe a little bit more than 9,000 grafts when all is said and done. Of course, everybody is different. @anon707 Looks like you have great donor characteristics and virtually no crown thinning. How old are you?
  7. I'm late to this party but looked like a wild one. 🥳 A simply beautiful, natural result, congrats @BOW32!
  8. 💯 I tapped out on FUT after about 6,800 grafts. On to FUE now. @anon707 It all depends on the individual really. A picture would help, but we'd still just be ball parking it.
  9. Time flies, Dr. K is worth the wait, trust us! Also, you could ask him to put you on the list if someone cancels. Definitely set up a consult with him, you'll learn a lot.
  10. That's a good question. Usually men will have their norwood pattern become evident by their mid/late 20's, especially if they have aggressive hair loss (this is why ethical docs don't like operating on men in their early 20's). But this is a generalization as other men start losing their hair later in life without any indications of MPB in their 20's/30's.
  11. Of course, not every man with MPB will end up NW7. And thank goodness! Take a look around at men in their 70's, 80's, etc. My grandpa is in his 90's and he's a NW3.
  12. Good advice from @ciaus. Crazy how just a slight tilt of the camera and flash can change your perspective. You're in your 30's so you're probably not going to become a NW6. Just keep an eye on things, maybe get a miniaturization analysis to see if Fin is worth starting.
  13. This! Wear it like you normally do so the surgeon gets an idea of your style. This will inform the way he makes the recipient incisions. They will take care of shaving the donor for the strip removal.
  14. Honestly, the risk with a transplant for you outweighs the reward at this time. Especially being a diffuse thinner, you'll risk shocking the hair you currently have, potentially leaving you with less coverage than before the HT. Stay on fin and wait it out.
  15. Simply a stunning result! Really, you should thank Dr. Rahal for saying you weren't a HT candidate years ago. Dr. Wong did a fantastic job on you! Regarding the curls, I think they are rockin'! 😎 Maybe you didn't realize you had them since you kept your hair in the back short?
  16. If you're in Chicago go to Dr. Konior. You won't regret it.
  17. Better late than never... but the risk of shocking your native hairs go down if you are on fin before the HT.
  18. Sure, I'll name some reasons.... 1) You still have a lot of native hair left. If you transplant around that it is very possible they will be shocked and your hair will look worse. 2) You're 22 - so you will lose more hair! Even if the transplant has a nice result, it'll eventually look thinner when the native hair inevitably falls out and you'll want another transplant. I guarantee it. It's in your longterm best interest to wait. 3) Your hair is not bad! In the pictures you wet your hair, so it looks thinner. Blow dry it and apply some dermmatch and no one will be able to tell that you are thinning. Get on finasteride, keep an eye on things, and enjoy life.
  19. Ah, this is a good point! 1) It's remarkable how FUE has become the recommended route for a stand alone procedure, presumably by docs known for their FUT results. It shows how much it has evolved over the past decade. @Forelock 2) Even if you might get a better density from FUE in your first procedure, you have to consider the long term disadvantages of doing FUE before FUT. Especially if you think you may need more than one procedure. So consider your longterm plan. If you're not bothered by a strip scar then I would recommend FUT first.
  20. Ummm, that's a new one to me. How the grafts are harvested has nothing to do with how they are implanted.
  21. Risk damaging or shocking out the native hairs in the transplanted area. You have good hair, I wouldn't risk it.
  22. Well, not if they are like 3 days post-op with a shaved head and FUE scabs. But I would venture to guess that almost half of Hollywood has gotten an HT. I spot 'em regularly. And if they aren't HT's, they are wearing systems.
  23. That's the spirit! You wouldn't need to "strip" your beard and neck. Just get FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). It's all the rage these days, the kidz dig it. If you're shaving your head then you should definitely look into SMP (Scalp Micro Pigmentation). There's an entire section on this forum dedicated to it, check it out. But only consider the temporary ink (e.g.ahead ink) - the permanent stuff turns blue or green.
  24. Yeah, your scar definitely stretched. Tough call if you should do a scar revision via strip or fue. Definitely get multiple opinions from reputable docs.
  25. Dr. Paul told me to avoid dermmatch on the recipient region for six months!