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FUE hair transplant restoration surgery result by Dr. Diep 5 years after surgery of 1,562 hair grafts.

total FUE hair grafts= 1,562 grafts

1's=211 grafts

2's=846 grafts

3's=358 grafts

4's= 147 graft

total= 1,562 hair grafts

to view this client in more detail, please click on the following Youtube link at 



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Looks very natural and incredibly dense!  🙌 Could you also share the immediate post-op pics? 

Dr. G: 1,000 grafts (FUT) 2008

Dr. Paul Shapiro: 2,348 grafts (FUT) 2009 ~ 1,999 grafts (FUT) 2011 ~ 300 grafts (Scar Reduction) 2013

Dr. Konior: 771 grafts (FUT) 2015 ~ 558 grafts (FUT) 2017 ~ 1,124 grafts (FUE) 2020

My Hair Transplant Journey with Shapiro Medical Group

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Wow looks amazing, he must be thrilled 👏🏼

Check out my final hair transplant journey

My Final Hair Transplant Journey (Over 9K Total FUE Grafts) 

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