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  1. I’ll be honest. I’ve fallowed a lot of people with black hair on YouTube. This is probably the best hair line I’ve seen. Temporal points frame the face perfectly. It’s only going to get thicker month 2 month
  2. Bro you look fantastic for just 2 months. I’m actually quit impress to be honest. Are you using black ice? Based on what I see your results will be 10/10 easy
  3. Dr Diep is insanely good. Once you swallow his cocktail of pills and lay in the chair. You soon will be playing the game of life in God Mode...
  4. Bro you’re going to look incredible when that crown fills in. I’m on my 3rd month of my fut with Dr Diep total of 8 thousand grafts! Surprisingly my scar looks thinner and the recovery is smooth. Can’t wait to see your results come in
  5. Donor area looks untouched and that hairline place looks great. Damn you already can till this is gonna be a home run.
  6. Awesome! Make sure you watch the 4 year fallow up. That’s the specific one he addresses those questions
  7. Your donor area looked just like mine. Typical for the area to look thin with all the bacteria ointment. Dr Diep has a video where he explains all this in great detail. I would just focus on keeping the area clean with the specific shampoo the office gives you. You can transition to baby shampoo. Once the grafts are secure on the 8th day it becomes a much smother ride.
  8. I did a mega session (over 5k) grafts a few years ago. Had a incredible result. Me being a freak I just wanted to do a second pass just to refine mid scalp and crown. Second procedure was 3k grafts. To answer your question I believe they just slice a strip below the original taking out the old scar. Takes a full year for the scar to heel so I’m going to just play it safe and avoid anything that can stretch the scar. I just looked in the mirror and even with wet hair with bright light it is hard to see. You will have a great outcome. Your hair line placement looks fantastic and you can tell he
  9. Hey Mate! I also did fut with Dr Diep 2 procedures. My second being performed Jan 19. Just for reinsurance I just buzzed my hair down to a 2 guard and i can barely see the scar. I have a little shock loss but that always recovers after few months.
  10. I’m on my 6 week with my produce. You can still get back to dating just need to be good at BSing for a few months. I told a girl that I saw that I had a horrible mountain biking accident and that I needed to wear a beanie to hide the stitches. Once spring hits we will all be rocking baseball caps anyways. 😂
  11. Shucity sorry for the banter on your thread. Just know your in good hands and be prepared for some reason insane hair growth in the next coming months
  12. It’s a must you invite Dr Diep to the wedding. Tell your girl that he is a distant cousin 😂
  13. That’s some funny shit! As long as they don’t start pulling your hair in the bedroom you will be good 😆
  14. Bro Ca Hustlers what did I tell you! You went MIA for a while. I figure you got kidnap from a crazy tinder swipe. Your hair looks fantastic btw. It’s crazy how much a full head of hair changes your life. Makes you want to go out more and live your best life. Dr Diep is the real deal. That one guy that was freaking out and tarnishing Dieps name after a few months needs to come out and admit he was a little dramatic with all the negativity. Melvin should use Cahustler as another home run. This is incredible!
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