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  1. Incredible bro! The back of your head looks untouched. You heal faster than Wolverine!!
  2. I hoped on Fin and my test levels went through the roof. I think blocking DHT has an effect of allowing more free flowing T to stay in the body. Minoxidil has not really done much for me but I’m afraid to stop it after all these years. I remember Joe Tillman of the bald truth tell a caller you should only start one medication at a time ( Fin being the first) to monitor any side effects or knowing what’s working. Either way you look good my man!
  3. I’m not a doctor but I think it’s to soon to start using topical minoxidil. Your recipient sight is still recovering. Your probably absorbing to much through the scalp. You look fantastic btw. Dr Diep did a wonderful job!
  4. Thanks for sharing! I see another Dr Diep Home Run result. Can’t wait to see progress month 2 month. Good luck!
  5. Totally identical. Crazy looking back at the photo bro! Seems like it was just yesterday. I can relate to these people in the early stages of their progress. Thank God I was not aware of this forum during my recovery phase. I would have been an emotional wreck from all the Diep Haters. What I did instead was binge watched Dr Dieps YouTube channel and Dallas D and HT Soon content. Real people who went through the process and got fantastic results. Not these internet Karen’s crying about corn rows and shit.
  6. Sir this is exactly how I looked during the same time and I had a great out come. Just stay patient and try not to stress. I remember I was in the same situation and I’d literally stared at my head in the mirror every day. Dr Diep has a incredible track record and I would not be concerned about anything my friend. I can’t wait to see you on your progress. Just by looking at the picks I can tell you will have that thick dense look in the hair line. As far as multiple patients that’s standard in most practices. That’s why he has patients show up at 5:30 am. Having two patients over 16 hour
  7. Ok brah..now I’m starting to catch on to you Jim. You are another one of those loser forum trolls that I see on reddit. I’m just trying to provide a positive feedback while your playing Cuck to all these people. It’s a beautiful day shut the laptop off. Lol
  8. Melvin the moderator asked if I could dig up some early pics of my progression with from 3 -6 month mark from my surgery. I did an FUT session a few years ago and I can assure you that at 3-4 months my results at that time were unpleasant. I had done my research and I knew that was the “ugly duckling phase” all these concerns that people are having I experienced first hand. But let me tell you something on the 6-7 month the transplanted hair exploded with great density. My shock loss had recovered and all my natural hair grew In to match the rest of my hair. My hair line soften up and every im
  9. I will be clear and upfront I have no affiliation with anyone in the HT industry or this forum. I discovered the you tube channel and decided to join the forums so I could share my experience and my results with Dr Diep. I figured it could be away to give back since I had such a great experience. I only post on here now to Give my personal opinion about Dr Diep. I feel his reputation is being tarnished by people who jump to conclusions before the results play out. Everyone who gets a hair transplant is going to be scared and by the third month feel like they made a horrible mistake or got “b
  10. I just had a consultation literally yesterday with Dr Diep and he is by far the nicest and most professional physician I’ve ever Spoke with. I have first hand experience with him and his staff and like Melvin states “ he changed my life” I also know plenty of patients who had excellent results recently. How many examples does he have showing his work on a weekly basis. Patients need to understand that you can’t base your results after just a few months. Dr Diep is considered world class in my opinion
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