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  1. Before going to Dr Diep I would watch Chris’s month by month updates while doing cardio at the gym. What a fucking yield!!! Diep is my guy who I stand by. Look at all his clients! Melvin you are also a big inspiration. I remember watching you on YouTube (HT Soon) and thinking how great your hair looks.
  2. Check this you tube video out. You guys have similar features
  3. Bro you look good! Holly shit you can be a model. Go see Dr Diep and go get tatted. We are just a few months away from Hot Dude Summer. Jk
  4. If you want the conservative Joe Tillman hair line that took a decade to accomplish go to H&W. If you want the sexy “one and done” then holler at Dr Diep. Trust me Diep is the guy that uploads results of patients every Friday. I think H&W just started doing fue few years ago where as Dr Diep is in my opinion the Fue Jedi Master
  5. Fuck Genetics and Fuck DHT! You want your hair back Dr Diep will rebuild you. We have the technology. He will rebuild you Thicker, Longer and more Dense. It’s time to stop wasting money on material items like cars and house. Gentlemen it’s time we take our youth back that was stolen from us. The stock market has crashed take your funds out while you can and get a hair transplant. They can take our guns and our money but they will not take our DHT resistant hair!!! Life is to short Gents.. this will be the best money ever spent.
  6. Andy I think the sutures are self dissolving. I remember going in the day after and had one of the techs was my hair. Honestly that was a wasted trip. I live in SF so it took 1.5 hrs to get there. Even my 2 week fallow up was kinda pointless. I think your good bro.
  7. I can’t wait to see the results! You’re gonna be a sexy beast when the hair grows in. Take it easy on the Bumble Swips when you start to look 15 years younger 😂
  8. Congrats my man! I already know you’re in for a great result! The first 3 months suck but it’s all smooth sailing after that. Like Melvin states be careful lifting heavy things you don’t want to stretch the strip
  9. I kick myself for not getting a fresh cut at the barber before going in. Hair was messed up because I tried to cut It myself and didn’t use any hair products to style it lol
  10. Melvin yes that’s me at the follow up. I’m to shy to show whole face ! Lol
  11. When my hair is wet and spiked up I can see see some scalp under the light. That being said it looks 100% more dense and I can play with diff hairstyle. I will deff go in for a second pass in 2021. Dr Diep said my scalp is “loosey Goosey” so I’m going in for a second strip boys!!! My goal is to look like Elvis
  12. Melvin your hair looks tight! You got the G Easy hairstyle. That’s a perfect head of hair!