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6-months mark Dr.Alan Feller very happy!!!!!


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Outstanding...the "spiky" look (I don't have a more accurate word for it) is 120% natural, and definitely shows off the added density. I think you'll be psyched in another 6 months -- I was surprised at the change myself.





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You look like a different dude.... congratulations. One of the most impressive 6 month updates I've seen so far. I'll look forward to your subsequent updates.

Dr. Rahal - 4069 Grafts - December 11, 2008


1's - 720, 2's - 2197, 3's - 1152 = Total Hair - 8570


Proscar 1 mg - Rogaine 5% - Nizoral 1% (3 times a week)


My Hair Loss WebLog


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