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  1. I'm sure Bill has my old blog saved if he'd like to chime in.
  2. Unfortunately not...over 19 years ago. it was general thinning in the front when I turned 21. My front was thick, but the sides and behind forelock had noticeable thinning. Latham's in Alabama has photos when I went to them for TP 2 after first doc messed up.
  3. I think the first doc in 1994 stated I was a norwood 5A.
  4. Yea, it was at the sides of the front and went back...general thinning going back half way. I also take Avodart.
  5. Hey all, I know I haven't been on the site in years. Basically, I moved from Alabama to Los Angeles in 2009 and had work done in January 2009 from Dr. Hasson and just thought I should check back in and let you know not one person has ever detected I had a transplant and have a full head of hair. Just thought I should give HW a shout. Feel guilty not checkin in with my bretherens on this site after I went through 8 former TP's with other docs. Thanks Dr. Hasson. Leeson
  6. John, Your hair is fine, the flash can do weird things. It can make a thinning man appear to have a full head of hair and vice versa. Your at an age where you worry about lose and can have hypervilgilence. The most extreme move I'd take is what the others suggested and take FDA meds, but do not entertain the idea of a HT. Your not losing your hair! L
  7. Nice result, nice transformation, I have to say. Sparky: Every time I try to post on the bald truth about a certain doc (not Armani) it never gets posted, but then again, none of my post are approved. Maybe I filled out something wrong, IDK.
  8. Joe told me (after Customs seized my shampoo) that any shampoo is fine, but don't use conditioner.
  9. I've done that before. sometimes a grouping will be in the hairline, so you have to pluck it out. Definitely post some pics and we'll do our best to advise you. Leeson
  10. Very, very, very nice! Did I mention it was very nice?
  11. I do agree with the yield being FAR less than expected. you still look totally natural, but I do agree with the sub-par yield.