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  1. Just to offer additional clarification regarding free speech, the First Amendment, which is the source of the right to speak freely in the United States, only applies to the government, not private actors.
  2. Spex, Dr. Konior is one of the doctors that I've had the pleasure of consulting with in person. I was able to see a patient of his during that visit and I was blown away by how natural it looked. And, while we all know that pictures can be deceiving, for what it's worth, the hundreds of photographs he had on his computer were as great as the ones that he posts on this forum.
  3. I like FUE. I think FUE is the better choice for almost every hair transplant patient. I believe that the someday soon we will see large FUE sessions with very good yield. However, I do not believe there should ever be a 5,000 FUE session. There is simply no way a doctor can tell how the donor area will look with so many grafts removed in one sitting. I hope your donor area looks fine when all is said and done, but I wouldn't be surprised if it looks moth eaten.
  4. For a number of reasons I put no stock in the Norwood classification system. I would find the ratio of bald or balding area to donor hair far more valuable.
  5. Dr. Konior's work is amazing. You will be in the best of hands.
  6. Nice result. It's great to see that doctors are performing FUE on men with advanced balding patterns.
  7. It looks nice and clean, but that is a lot of grafts for a very small area on a very young patient.
  8. Because quite simply, you are too bald and too young to be a suitable candidate for a surgery. Hair transplantation isn't for everyone, and it would be a damn shame if you invested money, emotion, and time in a procedure that ultimately will leave you dissatisfied. I have never seen a person with your degree of loss have anything close to a satisfactory result for a person in his 20's. The only time a person with your degree of hair loss should even consider a surgery is if that person is willing to rock an ultra conservative frontal forelock pattern. Sadly, that would look ridiculous on anyone under the age of 50, at the absolute youngest. If you decide to proceed with Dr. Umar I wish you nothing but the best, but I would see if Dr. Umar is willing to guarantee survival and growth of the body hair.