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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    I'm here for support

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  1. Dr. Lindsey, I've been away from this forum for a while...I just read your news about your daughter; that's great! I hope that she continues healing with great speed. Benjamin
  2. Fantastic! A huge change, and totally natural. Acrobaz -- great quality photos. Taking a variety (wet + slicked back vs. unstyled) is helpful. Benjamin
  3. Thana, For what it's worth, your hair looks great and very full...the style you've chosen definitely works to your advantage. The color is cool...looks like flames shooting from y=tour forehead...! Benjamin
  4. I've had two procedures with Dr. Feller; I'm highly pleased with both of them. \ Benjamin
  5. I'd agree that "pinch" is a euphemism...those needles make their presence known! One pain-management technique that many find helpful is a form of meditation, or mantra. Mine, for example, was "MOTHER@#$%$ #$#ING #$#$!!!!!!" Benjamin
  6. notsosure, I believe so...but Propecia, as far as I know, works on the crown only. Bottom line, of course, is whatever your (or any) physician tells you... Good luck! Benjamin
  7. notsosure, Based on both conversations with Dr. Feller and what I've researched on this forum, my understanding is that transplanted hair doesn't require medication for the same reasons that allow transplantation in the first place -- the transplanted hair is inherently non-balding. Benjamin
  8. notsosure, I can't speak about medications, never having taken them. Regarding scalp tightness: having had two somewhat large procedures (4200 and 3100 grafts, respectively), I've found that in each case, the feeling of tightness all but vanished within a couple of months after staple removal. I think it's safe to say that a skilled surgeon will be as focused on donor area healing as on the overall appearance of the transplant. Benjamin
  9. That's an unfortunate story. I generally think that those working for TSA are professionals who care about doing their jobs...but once in a while there's the occasional power-tripping asshat with more authority than brains. My marginally related story involves, not me, but a colleague of my wife's who was flying back to the States after a somewhat serious injury sustained in a bombing in Iraq. The asshat in question demanded that said colleague remove the bandage she had been wearing on her head, which as you can imagine was extremely painful. Insult to injury of the lowest order, considering that she was on the plane in the first place because she had been injured while working for her country. All turned out well, and as far as I know the matter was taken care of...which I personally hope included the TSA officer spending the rest of his career cleaning up after the bomb sniffing dogs. Benjamin
  10. I would definitely wait until the techs have finished placing the grafts...
  11. JoelH, Congratulations; you and your scalp will be in highly skilled hands. I've had two procedures with Dr. Feller, and am highly pleased with the results. Have a safe journey across the pond... Benjamin
  12. Dr. Lindsey, That's a thoughtful show of support for your daughter...I wish her the fastest of complete recoveries. Benjamin
  13. Janis -- your hair looks fantastic. Props to you for sharing your photos on this site. Dr. Feller -- once again, a home run. Benjamin