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  1. Thanks for the comments, he is in his 50's and i will ask about the additional pictures. Mick
  2. Dr B Farjo 5000g FUT in two procedures. This patient presented a very challenging situation with both extensive loss as well as very fine hair quality, so much so this was under 2 hairs per follicular unit. The aim was for a reasonable front and thin crown, which was achieved. He is very happy with his transformation. Mick
  3. This patient is in his 30’s, using Minoxidil and had an FUE procedure of 1740 grafts (2.4 Hairs per graft) 8 months ago. The pics were taken showing his new lockdown hairstyle
  4. This patient has improved his hair with a combination of Surgery and Finasteride. In his words a winning combination. Mick
  5. I cant believe the number of times that we advise people that badly designed hairlines can lead to a lifetime of regret. In situations like this, i personally would question why surgery would even be considered.Sometimes things are just better left as they are and this would seem to exemplify this comment. Mick
  6. Hi Bill, I will add a few links below from recent to the last few years. Not sure about not posting regularly as we do it once a month, which seems enough for us as we are not in the business of doing multiple surgeries per day , so we don't need that level of through traffic. One thing though that this has made me realise is that I need to ask Pete to get the mix better between FUT and FUE when posting. Mick http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/180610-dr-b-farjo-3074-fut.html http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/177576-dr-b-farjo-3350-fut.html http://www.hairr
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b09wcdn3/holding-back-the-years-series-2-episode-2 We were asked to participate on the above programme which features our patient Brian Beacom. We would also like to thank the excellent Mr Male Grooming Based in Spinningfields Manchester for their assistance with the location. Mick
  8. JeanLuc, With all due respect, Unlike our doctor's ; I do not see on your profile any relevant qualifications to give advice without seeing the actual person concerned. The internet has been fantastic to educate people on what’s available and an opportunity for them to share experiences. I assume this is how you gained all your ‘insight’, rather than like us spent 25 years helping thousands of people with their hair loss.You also seem to have an extraordinary amount of time to spend on hair forums, including this and the others that you post on. Maybe you work for a hair clinic?
  9. PMA don't worry about him, he is just busy getting on with his life and enjoying his football! I will ask him to add some updates and we will be meeting up soon enough for a follow up and will have a full set of pics. Mick
  10. Things are coming in nicely, I had a chat on Skype last night with one of Dr Lorenzo's other patients from Australia who had treatment in September,I found it hard to recognise him.He has had excellent early stage growth and i have asked him to send over some pictures. Mick
  11. Stinger, No it was a mistake. I cant even remember how I did it which in itself was odd. I will put them back up again. Thanks for pointing it out. Mick
  12. Stinger, I understand and appreciate your comments. The good news for J was that his hair count and hair quality were above average. He will have further treatment but for now the idea is for him to sit back and enjoy the journey. Mick
  13. Stinger, Thanks for the comments J has agreed to keep us updated on a regular basis. I have seen a lot of work now from Dr Lorenzo with patients with advanced alopecia. This is certainly one of his greatest strengths. Mick
  14. Here are the stats FU's: 3003 1st day: 1911. 2nd day: 1092 Hairs: 7520 Singles: 11% Hairs per graft: 2.50 h/g Singles: 326 Doubles: 1081 3 hairs FU: 1352 4 hairs FU: 244 Punch: 0.8 mm Mick
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