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Dr. Hasson/5234 Grafts/One Session/Five Years, 9 Months Post-op

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This is only the second procedure performed at Hasson & Wong to break the 5000 graft barrier and it was nearly six years ago. Time flies!


This patient came to Hasson & Wong after extensive research and decided that Dr. Hasson would be the surgeon for him. This is a perfect example of "one and done" as one pass in one area was enough to finish the patient with no need for any additional work in the same area. This patient receive 5234 grafts in the frontal half of his scalp. The placement extended into his existing hair for proper blending. The result shown is nearly six years post-op.


966108046_28FF19896D761CC65C739AC394CF3DAF.JPG.thumb 956108046_7C89DF32BFD57BEEA3D23D403AFE676B.JPG.thumb 866108046_7C4340C7BA9FB1E6CCCA04A603312CEF.JPG.thumb 856108046_D224062E2CB51FFFBACBCBCB5D73734F.JPG.thumb 766108046_62E4654CC0690EEA91A08E8F157D76A7.JPG.thumb 756108046_7CA4D4939947DB77627224E3D097DFAB.JPG.thumb 666108046_B21F0FD942CB7B657FFA0B742FD917A9.jpg.thumb 656108046_A7AD590432E26CF0B685DEA98EBD5CE6.JPG.thumb 566108046_EBD7754CC61D9C360DE0557AC5BAD815.JPG.thumb 466108046_14D0DC41F05C13780342305676ED7F0F.JPG.thumb 366108046_82BD28EA01A72603C65AD2073DD5DA72.JPG.thumb 276108046_1FCF65F8896499D9DBE45FA406B44113.JPG.thumb 266108046_0823592B7648590F4C352CD1808229C7.JPG.thumb 176108046_0F9BB59DD69D856F739CDFACC619F249.JPG.thumb 166108046_5B27098D63E96D34E387717DCBACECBB.JPG.thumb



The Truth is in The Results


Dr. Victor Hasson and Dr. Jerry Wong are members of the Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians

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Unbelievable, love the hairline!

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