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  1. This patient has female pattern hair loss characterized by diffuse thinning over the frontal and mid-scalp areas, she was a Ludwig II in the pre-surgery photos. We performed a FUT of 2515. As usual she was advised that the procedure was going to move more hair to increase the amount of hair growing in the transplanted area. Since her hair was very fine because of the overall miniaturization process she was recommended to start treatment with Rogaine 5% bid. The after surgery photos are taken at 9 months post-TP. These results confirm what we preach that the most efficacious treatment of male and female pattern hair loss is through combination therapy.
  2. This post features a patient with severe hair line loss, thinning bridge, residual forelock, and large crown loss. He was a NW 5/6 on the Norwood scale. He desired to restore as much as possible from the hair line to crown area. Dr. Arocha performed a session of 4010 FUT. The after photos are showing early growth at 6 months post-procedure. 4010 FU: 843 1 hair 1739 2 hair 1428 3 hair
  3. This patient came in recently after having his hair restoration procedure done by Dr. Arocha a few years ago. We remember him first coming to AHR wearing a hair piece because he hated his hair loss so much. He had initially undergone a procedure with another clinic and was less than satisfied with the results. He continued to hide under his toupee which gave him a lot of hair on the top of his head but of course couldn't provide a natural result or the framing of his temples. For his second procedure, he did a lot more research and chose Dr. Arocha. In December of 2007, Dr. Arocha performed a 3356 FUT procedure on him. The patient is very happy with his results after his procedure. It's also interesting to note the further improvements in his physique, as is often observed once the benefits of having hair restoration are experienced. Patients often go on to seek further improvements that lead to very positive health benefits and further rejuvenation. Not to mention increased self-esteem and confidence.
  4. TakingThePlunge, Thanks so much for the kudos. We are looking forward to his next follow up visit and photos.
  5. This set of photos features a 39 yo gentleman with MPB and diffuse thinning wanting to restore his hair to as full as possible. He has medium/fine hair. A 5000+ FUT procedure was performed on him by Dr. Arocha. The after photos are taken at an early 5 months post procedure. The patient is already very happy with the outcome. He will surely continue to improve. We will keep you posted.
  6. Here we have another corrective case also included in Dr. Arocha's Corrective Hair blog entry. His results photos are over one year post-transplant.
  7. Nice video. You can tell he's extremely pleased with his hair restoration experience with Dr. Mohebi. Thanks for sharing with us, Robin.
  8. Mick, Spanker, & Robin, Thank you for your feedback. We will definitely keep you posted on his next follow up visit.
  9. I am and have always been a huge fan of Patrick Swayze. He will be very missed!
  10. TakingThePlunge, Thanks for your feedback and checking out our post. Much appreciated. Hope you're having a nice weekend.
  11. Hi Cant decide, Thanks for taking the time to post and for the kind comments. After asking Dr. Arocha I found out the hairline was placed with a density of about 65 fu/cm2. The patient is on maximal medical therapy to prevent progression of hairless, including Propecia, Rogaine 5%, and Nizoral 2%. He is showing a good response to the medical therapy in the crown area.