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  1. Mick, Spanker, & Robin, Thank you for your feedback. We will definitely keep you posted on his next follow up visit.
  2. I am and have always been a huge fan of Patrick Swayze. He will be very missed!
  3. TakingThePlunge, Thanks for your feedback and checking out our post. Much appreciated. Hope you're having a nice weekend.
  4. Hi Cant decide, Thanks for taking the time to post and for the kind comments. After asking Dr. Arocha I found out the hairline was placed with a density of about 65 fu/cm2. The patient is on maximal medical therapy to prevent progression of hairless, including Propecia, Rogaine 5%, and Nizoral 2%. He is showing a good response to the medical therapy in the crown area.
  5. This post features a 31 year old gentleman with MPB Norwood 4v/5 who came to Arocha Hair Restoration wanting to start the hair restoration process with a procedure of 3000 FU. He has medium/fine hair caliber and average density of 80 FU/cm2. The after photos were taken during an impromptu visit 10 months post transplant. He stopped by after he had worked out and perspired a great deal. He stated that he would be back in a few months for his one year follow up visit.
  6. Jeffro777, sabby, maxhair: Thank you for your kudos and taking the time to post your experiences with Dr. Arocha. We appreciate it.
  7. Sparky, It is a Norwood 5 because there is erosion of the bridge. In NW 4 and less there's a preservation of the bridge. If you look at the picture of the top view (photo 5), you can see that the bridge is crumbling. There is really a diffuse thinning pattern but he's resulting in a NW5. He has no bridge.
  8. Hahaha that's funny! I'm sorry things didn't work out for you, Jay.. although there are plenty of fish in the sea!
  9. Future_HT_Doc, Thanks for your great feedback and kudos. Mick, Yes. This patient is on Propecia. Thank you for your comment.
  10. 31 year old with significant diffuse thinning resulting in a NW 5 pattern, desiring to do a small session to start his hair restoration. He had a 2000 FU sesssion with Dr. Arocha. The after photos are taken at 8 months post-transplant.
  11. Dr. P, you're looking awesome! Great results for only 1800 grafts. Thanks for posting.
  12. I have to say congrats to you, TakingThePlunge! Sounds like your hard work is paying off tremendously. I'm also interested in trying the Insanity work out.. I've heard good things and it's great to hear of your results. Good luck with those ab works! You're right, "The Situation" won't have anything on you! Ha! I lost 30 lbs by counting calories and working out. Cardio is key! Personally, I'm a big fan of the Arc Trainers at the gym. Elliptical and treadmills get the job done, as well.