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This young man was wearing a hairpiece (which is why the hair is shaved in the before photos. A surgery consisting of 2,853 grafts (4938 hairs) was performed. The immediate post op picture is followed by one taken at suture removal. We ask hairpiece users to keep it off for one week after surgery, then to only wear it loosely during the day thereafter until the hair grows in.









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Hot damn. Extremely natural and seems pretty dense, too. Looks like any viable native hair that remained in the area wasn't compromised during surgery either, possibly giving him that extra thickness. Thanks for including post-op pictures. This ginger wound up with a great result.



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He seems to have a baby face. He could be in his 30's. Looks good. We need more red-head patient photos.

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Excellent result. It shows you the lack of integrity of some of these hair piece outfits. They did their best to keep this guy locked into a wig. They probably shaved down a bunch of decent native hair in the front to make him feel balder than he really was. All it took was one decent surgery to fix the front of his head and restore a forelock. Kudos to him for doing some research and getting fixed by Dr. Cooley.


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Dr. Cooley,


Nicely done. It looks like he's got excellent hair characteristics too which help portray an even greater illusion of density.


I know that some patients have a difficult time adjusting psychologically from going from a hairpiece to a less density hair transplant. But given the results you've been able to achieve on him, I suspect he's very happy.


All the Best,



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