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  1. PRP does not create new hairs, but thickens miniaturizing hairs. The degree of thickening will vary from person to person. In my opinion, the degree of improvement and duration of effect is better when the patient is on meds (e.g. finasteride, spironolactone, minoxidil, etc). If you have a significant proportion of miniaturized hair in the front of your scalp, you may benefit from PRP. Attached is an example of a young women started on spironolactone who had PRP/ACell treatment (result at 6 months).
  2. A spectacular result! Must be a life changer for the patient. Congrats to the Farjo team!
  3. OnTop The duration of benefit from PRP depends on many factors: 1) how the procedure is performed 2) the patient's underlying genetic rate of balding and 3) what maintenance medications they are on. So a young guy balding fairly quickly who is not on meds may need PRP at least every year to maintain thickness. But someone is who has milder genetics and is taking finasteride may only need to do PRP every three years or so. Attached is an example of an older guy who was on finasteride for years, did one PRP/ACell, and then returned four years later. You can still see some of the benefit
  4. Spanker, this topic is actually very complex and I can't really do it justice with a short post. Dr. Greco taught me PRP eight years ago and I added ACell to it about 6 years ago. I've treated hundreds of patients over this time and consider it a useful option in our armamentarium. I don't consider it a miracle treatment by any means. Some people are good candidates while others are not. The best candidates are those with extensive miniaturization. I'll list some of the key points about PRP: 1. It is like a surgical procedure but with results that resemble medical treatments. If yo
  5. ACell does not create new hair follicles. It is placed below the skin surface as the edges are sutured together. It reduces thick scar tissue from forming between the two edges and promotes natural tissue regeneration between the two sides. It doesn't really change the 'look' of the scar but it does improve the 'feel' of the scar. Usually patients tell me they cannot feel any scar even if a 1mm line is visible.
  6. I agree with Dr Rassman that most men who end up type VII will demonstrate some signs of this by age 30 (e.g. curly hairs around the ears, faint thinning low in the crown, etc). But obviously there are exceptions to the rule. Fortunately, type VII loss is uncommon.
  7. I understand this case may frighten a lot of guys. But remember it is very unlikely that someone will progress to type VII loss as seen in this case. He did not take finasteride and we can see what happens as the underlying genetics manifests over time. A more likely 'worst case scenario' for most people is to imagine what one will look like as a type V/VI. In this case, about 2,000 grafts were used to rebuild the lateral humps, with the remainder used to fill in the front and 'shrink' the crown. I agree he could use an FUE to further refine his appearance. But he is so happy that h
  8. Thanks for the comments. It is extra work to transplant around long hair but this is the way I've always done it (>20 years) so we are use to it. In my opinion, shaving is nice but the patients who come to see me don't want to do it because they expect to be back at work in a week or so without it being obvious they've had a transplant. Also, in my opinion, shaving does not reduce the chance of shock loss but it does make the surgery go quicker. Every once in a while, a patient tells me they don't care if I shave, so I do. It doesn't change the final results.
  9. This patient is in his mid-40’s and had hair transplant surgeries over 20 years ago. Fortunately, the original transplant was entirely competent mini-graft procedures that were well planned and state of the art for that time. The hairline fortunately had not been placed too low. His hair loss progressed over the years, leaving the transplanted hair as an isolated island. He was most likely a type IV or V when he had his original surgeries and he progressed to type VII. Despite the number of previous surgeries, I judged he had one good strip left. We performed one FUT of 3,582 grafts to f
  10. Hair counts: 1-838, 2-1655, 3-634, 4-37 About PRP, that's a great question. Actually, there a lot of different ways to 'do' PRP. Adding ACell is just one variable. Some of these other variables are: the device used to centrifuge the blood, the concentration of platelets achieved, the total volume injected, the size of the syringe and needle used to do the injecting, the level in the scalp it is injected, whether the PRP is 'activated', the use of microneedling, etc. All of these can affect the result in my opinion.
  11. This patient is in his late 40’s and has the “A” pattern of frontal loss. We started him on finasteride and performed FUT of 3,164 grafts. We also performed my variation on PRP/ACell therapy which I believe helps to induce early growth and a thicker overall result for many of my patients. The patient is quite a character and when he asked me during the pre op photos whether he should smile, I told him that he was supposed to look sad in the before photos and happy in the after photos. He really had fun playing along with that! If there are any questions about this result don't hesitat
  12. That's really interesting Dr Parsley. If that result is only at 3 months, I would expect much more improvement over the next 6-9 months. I have had many patients tell me that they really saw it kick in at the 9 month point.
  13. This patient is in his mid 30's, has a youthful appearance except his hair loss makes him look much older than his age. We started him on finasteride and performed FUT of 3,637 grafts ((1-768, 2-1,330, 3-972, 4-96). He is shown one year post op. He told me this had completely changed his life!
  14. This patient is in his 30's and has the vertex pattern of hair loss. With this pattern, the hairline is relatively preserved, while the hairloss progresses from the top outwards. He did not want to take meds, despite my recommendation. The goal with the restoration was to create a conservative result that would frame his face, and continue to look natural with the passage of time. We performed FUE of 2,117 grafts (1-209, 2-898, 3-1110) along with PRP/ACell. The results are shown 17 months post op.
  15. No, he is not on medication. He had tried it in the past. He did not have any problem with libido or other issues, but he did have a decrease in his sperm count, which was picked up because he and his wife were going through fertility treatments. The sperm count increased significantly after quitting the finasteride. This is very rare but it can happen. Thanks for all the comments.