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Female, 37 approx 8 mo post op, Dr. Feller


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I normally don't care about female transplantation because I'm male, but I must say that yours looks great Jan. Congratulations! Where were the grafts placed and how many were used?

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Dr. Feller did the surgery- 1685 (strip). My father (age 72) actually had his done 2 months after me...Dr. Feller did close to 4000 grafts for him. His looks fantastic. We'll get some pics of him, too. He says he gets carded for the senior discount now..... maybe spex can confirm this, but we may be the only father/daughter transplant patients

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I appreciate you coming back and updating us on your progress. Your hair is looking great so far and should thicken up a little bit over the next couple of months also.


Personally, I'm grateful for the females who do go the distance and post their results on this forum because female hair loss is much more common than females want to admit. It's members like you Jan who give these females hope.


Best wishes,



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