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  1. Hi Kruchie, I don't think I've treated any true redheads. That being said I have worked on clients with red highlights to their hair as well as blonde and gray. I wouldn't get too caught up in the hair color as it appears when it's grown out, though. SMP is designed to look like shaved hair stubble and you might notice that hair--when shaved, no matter what color--has a grayish tone. This gray tone is from keratin. Hope this helps....
  2. Thank you! Here are some recent "model" shots we took:
  3. This client decided to ditch his hair system in favor of a Shaved Look. We addressed his hairline to crown with 3 sessions.
  4. Sam, Thank you. FUE and Strip scars both present unique challenges. Any scarring is difficult though and can be unpredictable as it's not normal, healthy, vascular tissue. Ciaus, The client did not want to treat the frontal zone. I agree though that they best way to fix would be remove and redistribute the grafts or fill in-between with SMP or single hair follicular units to make it irregular and to soften it.
  5. This client had a FUE surgery done overseas and was understandably unhappy with the results. Unfortunately they used a large punch for donor extractions and packed them too close together which prevented him from wearing the short hairstyle he prefers. We treated the scars in two sessions (he may require a third).
  6. Hope everyone is doing well and getting through these tough times. Here's one of our first clients since reopening. Thanks for looking!
  7. I think he's actually headed for a NW6/7. Look at how deep the pattern sinks in the back, and it looks like the sides are dropping, too. Acura, Have you tried just shaving your head first? You're going to require a few surgeries to get decent density and coverage and in doing so will create a good bit of scarring. And even with a few surgeries you're still going to have areas like the crown that won't get coverage. Another issue to be wary of: without being on FIN/Minox you'll get the HT, it will look great for a while and then you'll lose more native hair and appear thinner. Just
  8. Firstly, I hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy during this crazy time..... Sean, Thanks for the nice words. Yes I agree Fousey's first treatment looked good then he got botched. I'll be sure to start a grey hair thread of examples this week for you. Thisisnotatest, Thanks for the comment. I usually recommend clients go with either a zero guard on a clipper (the Wahl peanut or And is T Outliner for example), or use a Foil Shaver (The Babyliss FX is incredible), because when the surrounding native hair has some length it does give away the illusion of SMP. That bein
  9. Yes I’ve got a bunch. I’ll create another thread for them.
  10. This client requested a high, receded-looking hairline design. We also added in a scar. Thanks for looking!
  11. TBcruz, no the FUE grafts were still fresh so we didn’t address them. I have been treating many FUE scar cases as well though.
  12. These are off my phone. He also had just done a FUE surgery but none were placed into the scar:
  13. I have a client whose strip scar we did shaved down and it looked great after 1st session. When he returned for a second session he wanted to keep his hair longer. IMO the scar was bit more obvious but still much less discernible than pre-SMP and he was thrilled with the result. I'll post pictures of it this week.
  14. tripleg, The fade process for both SMP and Tricopigmentation varies greatly from person to person. I have seen clients who went to "permanent" SMP places and they have barely a trace of pigment left (some after just one year). On the flip side I have Trico clients who have their result last for 2 plus years. The difference is that the Trico system is made to specifically break down and disappear from your scalp over time. This is due to the composition of the pigments as well as the consistent depth (.5mm) we inject at.
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