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  1. Here are some recent samples of dark-skinned clients. Thanks for looking!
  2. Here are some samples of how SMP can help conceal the horseshoe pattern that becomes obvious with crown hair loss. Thanks for looking!
  3. Thank you! Yes I'll post some examples of scar repairs next.
  4. We often see clients who were let down by a hair transplant due to lack of grafts. Thanks to SMP we are able to give them a more aggressive and aesthetic hairline as well as the appearance of full density. Thanks for looking!
  5. The grafts were all placed in his hairline. As you can tell from those strip scars though this client unfortunately did not go to a top surgeon like those carefully vetted by this web site.
  6. This client had very rough double strip scars. Not easy to treat due to the scars being stretched and red, but thankfully we were able to get a great outcome for him.
  7. If your goal is to go for a shaved head look then I definitely do not recommend going for a HT. And I can show you countless pictures of clients with obvious dot scars to illustrate why. Yes, the SMP can help disguise the scars, but why create an unnecessary problem that you then have to fix? Also I do often see transplanted clients with a "ridging of the scalp" in the hairline that is noticeable even with the SMP in front of it. I'm not trying to poo-poo HTs either (I've had several of them myself and it looks great). But I believe they are best suited for people who want longer hair styles.
  8. It's actually tougher to pull SMP off when there is more native hair in my opinion. You have to be very meticulous about matching the SMP with existing hair and know how to deliver proper density so it all blends seamlessly. Regarding your last statement, the one caveat is that transplants always have a downside and that's the creation of scar tissue. Recipient scar tissue can sometimes be problematic when performing SMP, especially when the work is not modern and highly refined (i.e. performed by a top surgeon). And then there's the donor zone. I cannot tell you how many clients I see who were given the impression that FUE is a "scar-free" or "scar-less" procedure. While the dot scarring may be less obvious than a linear strip scar it can still be noticeable on a shaved head. And if over harvested it can be a total disaster. Regarding the shine issue; certain lighting situations cause shine off a person's scalp whether they have hair or not. I often hear this complaint and it's usually when clients see themselves in pictures. But I often tell clients, you don't live your life in pictures, so don't sweat it! I also notice that clients with oily skin types tend to have more issues with shine. There are products (matte lotions, etc.) that help mitigate shine if it is a real problem.
  9. Pretty basic as you can see. I also can provide clients with the lab tests/analysis Beauty Medical sends me with each and every batch of product I get.
  10. When SMP is done properly, no one should be asking what you had done to your head. Many of our clients actually report that their close family members (yes, even their own mothers) either have no idea they had the procedure done, or ask why they don't grow their hair out. Well, guess what mom.... It's not hair.....it's Ahead Ink!
  11. Hi Atown, I can only speak about the product I use which is Beauty Medical brand. The reason their ink is temporary is twofold: the depth it's intended to be injected at (.5mm) and the composition of the pigment. So the injection depth places the pigment in the upper dermis. This means that over time as your skin exfoliates and peels, so does some of the pigment. From my personal experience (I had the procedure done 7 years ago-- before I was trained) the pigment did as advertised and is completely gone. If you inject the pigment deeper than .5mm I'm sure it would last longer but you would run the risk of the dots blowing out. So to answer your question, if done properly using Beauty Med pigments, it should always disappear eventually. And just to quell another rumor I've seen started on the Internet, you can remove temporary pigment with a laser problem.
  12. Hi All, Just wanted to post some recent SMP results. Thanks for looking!
  13. Dr Alexander does amazing work. His hairlines show incredible artistry and appear very natural and the post-op pictures he puts up always look immaculate.
  14. I inject at a depth of approximately .5mm. This will place it in the upper dermis keeping the dots nice and compressed so they appear like shaved hair stubble.