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  1. Thanks Lenney! It is amazing what a simple hairline can do to change a guy's appearance.
  2. Hi Alll! Here are recent samples of our work. Please feel free to contact us via phone/text 201-482-4529 or email info@aheadink.com to schedule a FREE consultation.
  3. Here's a recent client I worked on who had what he considered a failed transplant. I work on several clients like this a month, both strip and FUE, who did not get appropriate density due to lack of grafts. I've also seen several clients who try putting grafts into the scar. Some get excellent yield, others not so much. It's a bit of a crap shoot and I think most surgeons will be up front about this. I agree that there's nothing like actual hair, though and definitely worth considering it for scar repair before doing SMP. Regarding
  4. This client had a poor result from a hair transplant that left him with a thin donor zone and a strip scar on half of his head. He came to Ahead Ink for scalp micropigmentation to give proper density and conceal the scar. We also gave him a more natural looking hairline and a more pronounced forelock. He is pictured after 2 sessions and will return in 4 weeks for a final session. Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays!!!!
  5. I see tons of cases like yours at my clinic. I think a buzz all around at 1 guard could possibly work but I would recommend starting out shaving it down with a zero guard for the procedure and then playing around with the length and seeing what looks best.
  6. Thanks Farsan! There is no issue working between existing hairs-- I do it all the time. The needle I use is only set to go .5mm or the upper dermis so there's no risk of damaging the follicles. If you'd life a specific quote please send me pictures to info@aheadink.com Good growing to you!
  7. Hey Sean, Thanks for the nice words! To answer your question, we do 2 sessions on consecutive days and the third between 3-6 weeks later.
  8. Hi Markee, The cost for this Shaved Look client was $2,500 USD. That includes three sessions and an aftercare kit. We're seeing most clients go on average 1.5 to 2 years before coming in for a touchup. Some can certainly go longer. I would say it takes about 3-4 years before the pigment fades to being completely gone. Touchups average about $500.
  9. Hi transhair, I now own a web site called SMP Clinics. It is a hub for all Beauty Medical clinics and technicians and clients. We will soon be updating the list of all Beauty Medical-trained clinics worldwide. You can also contact Beauty Med and see if they've trained anyone new in Australia in the meantime.
  10. Thanks so much True! It is amazing what a huge transformation these clients go through simply by shaving their heads and having some SMP done. It's subtle but very impactful.
  11. It could also be a lipoma (benign fatty tissue/tumor). I would go to your MD and have it checked asap.
  12. I would dissuade you from using a blade on the SMP. The pigment is deposited in the upper dermis which is a superficial injection so constantly dragging a razor across it can increase exfoliation and accelerate fading. If you want that super-close, skin-tight shave, look into a foil razor (not the 3 headed type). Andis makes a good one Andis 17150 Profoil Lithium you can get for about $50 on Amazon.
  13. Looking good Bill! That's about how I've been wearing my hair actually. I also had my first HT around 2005. Man time does fly!