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  1. Presenting a Middle Eastern male client with NW6 pattern. He is pictured immediately after 2 passes and will return in 4 weeks for a third pass. Thanks for looking! Email us at info@aheadink.com or call 201-482-4529 for a FREE consultation
  2. Very promising to see this type of result using Beard hair!
  3. hairthere

    Nick Cave?

    It's definitely a hair fiber product like Toppik. I've seen guys pull off some amazing feats with that stuff. Like, create a full head of hair on a slick baldie. The dusty/matte appearance gives it away. Jon Tapper on the show Bar Rescue does something similar, as did Jon Cryer (who looks 100% better now that he shaved it all off).
  4. My guess is that he already had a strip procedure and wasn't pleased with the growth so he opted for FUE/BHT. I also believe that since it was FUE--and especially BHT--he will continue to grow some, and the hair can take up to 18 months to finish maturing. Since being in the SMP business I've seen lots of clients come in who used this approach. I think it works well for guys who are doing a shaved or buzz look. And the SMP allows them to have an even fuller, denser look.
  5. hairthere

    SMP and US Military

    If your SMP was done properly you should be fine as it's designed to look like a shaved head/stubble. We treat plenty of military men (already in the service) as well as police officers and they have no issue.
  6. This 20-something client was concerned his coworkers would be able to tell he had a Scalp Micropigmentation procedure done. Following 3 sessions of true temporary SMP, the client tells us people asked, "How are you growing your hair back?" and/or "Why don't you grow your hair out?" Check out the high-def close-up picture to see the real deal....Thanks for looking!
  7. Thanks Mark! As a long-time hair transplant consumer and patient advocate, I learned that transparency is key to a long, successful career in this industry/field. This came from, among other things, watching how the top doctors conduct themselves. So, the Beauty Medical product is designed to not just fade, but disappear 100% from your system. It usually takes about 3 years for it to be completely gone (not a trace left) unless it is injected deeper than the recommended .5mm (upper dermis). Therefore , touchups are replacing pigment that is gone, not faded. From your experience do you find that the 5-7 year products disappear completely or simply fade? As far as training, I agree there are too many clinics offering this and not doing it properly. There are also clinics who have no business performing SMP and they are training others. And from what I hear we are about to be flooded with new technicians by a certain PMU company that is entering the SMP market. Sadly, I'm sure we will all see a lot of botch jobs.
  8. Client of the Week #3 Before coming to Ahead Ink this client had 2 sessions with a permanent SMP clinic but the pigment did not hold well and was virtually gone after a few months (likely due to improper technique/application). The client requested we keep the same hairline design but go a bit more aggressive. The pictured result is immediately following 3 passes. This client remarked he felt he had stepped into a time machine and looked 10 years younger! Thanks for looking!
  9. This client had an unsatisfactory result from a transplant many years ago. Unfortunately he was not just left with poor yield but also a keloid scar. Thanks for looking!
  10. hairthere

    Ahead Ink: Client of the Week #2

    Thanks Irishsailor! Good to see you on the forum!
  11. This local client (a musician in a popular band) was so pleased with his new hairline that he asked to be a model for Ahead Ink. More pictures and video testimonial coming soon!
  12. Thanks Bill and JJ! I don't think there is any perfect solution to hairloss. That's why it is important, as JJ pointed out, for those of us in the industry to continue to try and improve the products that currently exist and invent new ones. Thankfully there are smart, innovative, ethical people out there doing so every day, and there are forums like this to help showcase them.
  13. hairthere

    Ahead Ink Thickening/Shave Hybrid

    Thanks home1212! More thickening examples coming soon....
  14. Hey Shampoo, Correct, the pigments in Beauty Medical Brand Tricopigmentation are designed to not just fade but disappear completely from the system. This happens for two reasons: 1) The pigments are only injected at .5mm (upper dermis). This is a superficial injection and some of the pigment will simply exfoliate out with layers of skin. 2) The way the pigments are composed contributes to the other half of the disappearing equation. If you were to take Beauty medical pigment and put it under a microscope you'd see that the particles which comprise it are all perfectly round in shape and 15 microns in size. This is due to the pigment going through a stringent filtration process. These particles are small enough to be expelled by the body's cell defense system through natural processes. In contrast, if you look at tattoo pigments under a microscope you'll see all different shapes and sizes of 20+ microns. The tattoo pigment is designed to sit in the dermis because the particles cannot be expelled.