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  1. Hi Atown, I can only speak about the product I use which is Beauty Medical brand. The reason their ink is temporary is twofold: the depth it's intended to be injected at (.5mm) and the composition of the pigment. So the injection depth places the pigment in the upper dermis. This means that over time as your skin exfoliates and peels, so does some of the pigment. From my personal experience (I had the procedure done 7 years ago-- before I was trained) the pigment did as advertised and is completely gone. If you inject the pigment deeper than .5mm I'm sure it would last longer but you would run the risk of the dots blowing out. So to answer your question, if done properly using Beauty Med pigments, it should always disappear eventually. And just to quell another rumor I've seen started on the Internet, you can remove temporary pigment with a laser problem.
  2. Hi All, Just wanted to post some recent SMP results. Thanks for looking!
  3. Dr Alexander does amazing work. His hairlines show incredible artistry and appear very natural and the post-op pictures he puts up always look immaculate.
  4. I inject at a depth of approximately .5mm. This will place it in the upper dermis keeping the dots nice and compressed so they appear like shaved hair stubble.
  5. SMP is a superficial injection (upper dermis) so there should be no scarring and it should not impede you from having a hair transplant.
  6. When hair is shaved down no matter the color it usually takes on a grayish tone. This is from the keratin surrounding the follicle. This is what Smp techs are usually trying to replicate. If you're asking if you're a good candidate for SMP, I'd say yes with the caveat that you maintain the shaved look (meaning buzzing down with a zero guard or foil shaver every 2 days or so.
  7. Hi JJ, I'm not really versed in lasers, but I suppose there's a chance they can damage existing hairs as they are the same type of laser used for hair removal. I'd ask a laser specialist or dermatologist if this is a concern.
  8. And here's a recent client who had hair transplants done. We were able to give him the hairline he wanted where the transplant could not deliver due to lack of donor supply.
  9. "Imo even the BEST SMP doesn't look natural or that good." Really? I'd argue it looks very natural if done properly and far more natural than a shaved HT. SMP makes a massive difference in the way a person looks. I've seen it shave years off of someone's appearance. Having a hairline to frame the face is the reason why. I also think it looks far more natural than most hair transplants when they are shaved down. Here are some examples:
  10. I highly recommend looking into the PicoSure laser. It is designed to remove black/dark pigments and supposedly can do so in 1/2 the sessions the NDYag can. Like I said, I witnessed it in action.
  11. I don't see why a qualified laser tech can't remove this. Light skin and dark pigment is usually the best case scenario for a successful treatment. There's a place called Clean Slate Laser (they have 3 locations in New York area) and I've watched them remove SMP. The laser (a Picosure I believe) looked like a vacuum sucking up the diffuse pigmentation and leaving just a few of the darker deposits behind (probably because they were deeper in the dermis). The laser works by breaking the pigments particles up so they are small enough to be expelled by your body. Sorry to see you are going through this and I hope you can get it remedied.
  12. Thanks Lenney! It is amazing what a simple hairline can do to change a guy's appearance.
  13. Hi Alll! Here are recent samples of our work. Please feel free to contact us via phone/text 201-482-4529 or email info@aheadink.com to schedule a FREE consultation.