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  1. Pilot, Mind sharing some pics w/ us ? Im gonna go out on a limb here and assume you dont work for SHR. I dont have experience w/ SHR, so my opinions are based soley on what I've read about them. From what I've read they are not a world class hair restoration clinic, But if you can show us some pics 1st before any HT's, 2nd after your 1st HT w/ Dr. Griffen, and then after your 2nd procedure it would be helpful to any one considering a procedure w/ SHR. THANKS!!!
  2. Congrats!!! I will say though that just because they call doesnt mean they arent a hair mill. The Bosley doc called me the night of my surgery
  3. All i will say now is ask the guys "especially the 1 you know from highscool" to meet w/ them in person. After that if your still satisfied im on board w/ you! Also MIXED GRAFTS!!!! What???? That should throw up a big red flag. I wish you the best of luck!!
  4. I just want to re-iterate what meblindmelon is saying. I never filed a complaint w/ bosley either. Mainly because from what i understand there is'nt much i can do about it. I did however do a follow up appt w/ the doc and he became very offensive. As to say "how dare you not be happy w/ your results" which were clearly not satisfactory to me.
  5. Fishman35, I know this inst exactly what you want to hear, but you've got alot of experience speaking to you right now. There is no one on here trying to push a certain doc, just lots of people who have had both good and bad experiences. Please if you decide to go thru with the HT w/ this company, remember what is said to you here, and furthermore IF it turns out great DEFINATLY come back and rub it our face. We'd like to think that everyone has your best interest in mind, but in fact thats not always true.
  6. Ya, and so is Bosley and MHR. Just ask anyone on here what they think about these 2 companies. The real BBB's are the HT patients themselves. Just wait for replies to this thread. Im sure i wont be the only negative nancy. I made the mistake of going to Bosley and regret it everyday. Just trying to look out for you bro.
  7. Looks like a late night infomercial. Do your research. I've never heard of them and it's safe to say that if the guys on this network havent heard of them or had any experiences w/ them they propably arent any good. Did you put a deposit down?
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