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  1. Honestly I don't think it's that big of a deal, it's basically salt water. Most clinics will give you saline to take home, just use that. If you want to buy some, I think some guys have said they like a product called "H20cean" but just ask your Doc what they recommend.
  2. Saline is generally used to by clinics to help with healing, lessen the chance for infection and to keep the grafts moist in the first few days after your transplant. You probably won't need to buy any as most clinics will give you some if they want you to use it. And I wouldn't buy that wound wash anyway. It looks like it has heavy spray nozzle to blast dirt from a wound. Grafts would just need to be misted.
  3. Hi Bill, good luck with you're HT. I think the reason Melvin prefers you start you're own thread is so your result with Dr. Nader can be found separately from Guy73's result. This makes it easier for the community to follow your progress and support you.
  4. If you think your grafts are drying too soon at an hour, then spray every 15-30 minutes. You're right, it is important to keep the grafts moist in the beginning. You can buy more saline wound spray at the drug store if you run out.
  5. If you've read terrible things about any clinic from multiple sources it goes without saying you should cross them off your list. As for the WAW , it's not a technic, it's an implanter pen invented by Dr. Jean Devroye. It's a good pen but all implanter pens can extract multiple follicle grafts by changing the tip, so yeah that's complete BS. Anyway, if price is your brick wall, you probably can't stay in England. Bisanga has a clinic in Athens that I think that may match your price point. Or you can look in Belgium which I believe is generally less expensive then England.
  6. I think you had ok growth for the amount of graphs you got. Not great as others have said, but it could have been much worse. Also, in your next HT, ask the Doctor about restoring your temple points as well as adding density . I think it will make a big difference. If your in Boston, you could could probably fly Spirit down to Myrtle beach for under $100, rent a car and drive to Dr. Vories in Charleston in about 4 hours. He's probably the most affordable recommended Doctor on the East coast.
  7. Yeah, I understand what you're saying, maybe the evidence is mostly anecdotal. But based on what "research" I have done, I think it has benefit. Some well regarded Doctors and clinics on here use and speak highly of it too. There's a good thread on it here from a few years back. Anyway, there's always a bit of "educated guessing" when it comes to hair transplants, I'm just guessing that L-ATP does give you a little edge post op.
  8. Vitalise is a spray that's produced by "Energy Delivery Solutions" and sold to HT Doctors for patient after care. It contains Liposomal ATP which is believed to promote healing / graft survival post transplant. My question is, does anyone know if "Vitalese" is the same Liposomal ATP Used by Doctors like Cooley And Shapiro for their patients post op?
  9. Hi London, If the pain persists much longer, maybe your GP can refer you to a physician or clinic that specializes in chronic pain. Also, you may be interested in this article about a hair transplant patient who was treated for Occipital Neuralgia. Occipital Neuralgia after Hair Transplantation and Its Treatment Hope you feel better soon
  10. It could be ingrown hairs. When a hair doesn't break the surface for some reason (graft planted too deep?) it curls back into the skin causing irritation. Having said that, it's important to make an appointment with your surgeon or a local dermatologist. They're the pros, not some guy on the internet
  11. rsn, I think he's saying to go to ANY competent doctor to have this looked at, and he's right! I'm not trying to alarm you, but you really need to be proactive about this, especially if there's even a remote possibility that it can turn necrotic.
  12. bricvic,


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