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  1. I’m about 3 weeks today and shaved my donor area to a #1. I would say under most lighting conditions, it looks good. Can definitely tell a difference under my bathroom lighting. I know it’s still early. Also the shedding is no joke!
  2. I think you guys are right, nothing to worry about. I took a closer look at these type of hair grafts last night. I noticed some of these grafts gets bent after showering and it just lays flat on the recipient area, especially when wet. So when these grafts shed, you get the j-shaped grafts.
  3. I am about 3 weeks post-op and started noticing these type of grafts shedding. I came across this picture through my google search and wanted to know if anyone was familiar with this type of graft? Were they implanted upside down and do they end up growing?
  4. 2 weeks post op - Not much has changed, except hair is a bit longer. Donor area looks good in certain lighting. It’s really weird to me, because when I look at it in the mirror and I use a handheld mirror to look at the back of my head, I see thin spots and some scaring. Then I ask my wife to take a picture of it and it shows up good on the photos. I then ask her if what shows up on the picture is what she really sees in reality and she says yes. I’ll see if I can get it under a different lighting to show everyone what I mean.
  5. Just wanted to check in with the community today. Today marks my 10 day post op. I managed to remove majority of the scabs and dried blood today. Hairline does look a little weird to me. Lol. I’m not sure if it’s because of the fact that I never had a strong defined hairline and I am just not used to it, but I do see a few doubles on the hairline. Let me know what y’all think. Thanks.
  6. Tomorrow will mark my one week. I’ve noticed some of the scabs that is still on the scalp do not have a hair follicle in it. Does that mean the hair graft is absent from this implantation site?
  7. Those online SML density fill to the crown pictures look amazing. Almost too good to be true. There’s no way that’s possible with just SML alone. im not too familiar with how to use concealers. Can it be used with gel or hair spray?
  8. Does biotin help with post op recovery in terms of making the hair grow faster?
  9. I think I wouldn’t mind going lower 1/4-1/2 inch on the hairline. See how this turns out.
  10. This forum has been invaluable since I joined (Fall 2020). I always knew about hair transplant, but I never know about FUE. I first learned FUE through a Instagram add. The ad had a doctor designing the patient’s hairline with a laser. I thought this was some hi-tech stuff and it looked cool. Started to read up on this clinic and FUE. Made a appointment with them as well for consultation (this was August 2020). I thought this can be a one and done deal for me, because I did not want to take pills and apply any topical for the rest of my life. I never did before and didn’t plan on it. I was pr
  11. Awesome. Thanks for all the feedback.
  12. Yeah I’ve been doing it every hour, but as I mentioned the solution drys up really quick. Lol I even tasted it, tastes like water.
  13. Hey All, just did 1500 FUE procedure yesterday and was given saline spray. I’ve been reading the saline spray is suppose to keep the grafts moist, but the solution drys up really quick after spraying (probably within a minute). Never used saline spray before, so just figuring out what the right technique is to keeping the grafts moist.
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