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  1. Yea the topical formulas are mostly under the radar. I remember checking out the minoxdilmax website a while back when it was first posted on, had some sections that looks suspect, less than professional. And the one you posted doesn't exactly inspire confidence either, even though it has a big HIPPA compliant seal at the bottom. lol Wouldn't surprise me if these were basement home chemistry operations. I've seen @mustang post about getting topical, think he's doing the dutasteride one currently from his HT Dr. Mwamba. He has offices in Brussels and Atlanta according to his site link belo
  2. @Dr. Glenn Charles mentioned he doesn't tell his patients to stop finasteride, but the original poster @rj. doesn't mention finasteride. He only has three posts, seeing in one his older ones just now where he says he refuses to take finasteride. So to the OP disregard my previous recommendation about the finasteride, but you'd be smart to regard my recommendation on that Eucapil nonsense.
  3. Never heard of "Eucapil," looked online a little and sounds like a waste of money. Their website looks suspicious, especially the 'how it works' hair loss tab. Save yourself some money, this looks like an overpriced formulation that probably sneaks in some minoxidil so that the people taking it will see enough results to keep buying it. Your time between stopping and restarting the minoxidil was un-necessarily too long, that's the most likely reason you are shedding. Drop the eucapil and look into getting on finasteride, its the only other approved studied drug than minoxidil that is prov
  4. Come on now, if we're talking 90s its gotta be the VIPer Vanilla Ice. Look at all these FUT scars on the sides to get that top so thick! The man's scalp laxity is legendary! For anybody that remembers In Living Color from the early 90s, Jim Carey did a great spoof on him. Other versions on youtube have pretty bad video quality, this was the best one I could find, starts about 5 seconds in.
  5. Steps 1, 2 -Get on the finasteride and minoxidil ASAP, you want to strengthen all your hairs as much as possible to minimize the chances and severity of shockloss. Initial results for those medications can be seen as early as a few months and take up to a year for full results. And if you start these shortly after the transplant its going to be harder to accurately evaluate how successful your hair transplant was. Around the 3-5 month period when your transplanted hair starts coming is also when you'll start to see any hairs re-growing from the minoxidil and finasteride - if you do get some re
  6. Yes, maybe he did try the rug for a little bit and then got the HT. If you look at this screencap, its more visible on the right, that looks like the shadow from hair under the skin. The only other process that could produce that effect would be SMP.
  7. This is also an example of how looking at yourself and styling your hair in the mirror, thinking it looks ok or even good, VS. how you actually look to other people/cameras! I've had occasions looking at pictures of myself and thinking, hey I didn't think I was having a bad hair day that day. Agree he is an inspiration to head shavers everywhere, should have done it from the start.
  8. I agree, most of us are fine most of the time doing that. Its just that I've already overthought this in case something like a crazy shed the OP is having were to start out of nowhere on me!
  9. Those are some nice results, resizing and comparing side by side, especially for the front. Stick with it. There's a link below with a little more about telegon effluvium, like if this is just a shock from covid, and how it progresses and is usually temporary. Stay positive! https://donovanmedical.com/hair-blog/te-resolution
  10. First and foremost, cost. Merck did lower the prices a bit after their patent expired, but Propecia is still alot more expensive than the equivelant 1mg generic brands. The other major factor is the quality and specialization of their manufacturing facilities, standards, etc. Merck is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world so they can afford the best. A lot of the facilities that are used to make generic versions of medications operate on lower profit margins, so they are going to be cutting corners where they can, using the same equipment to make different kinds of medicines
  11. Ok, so for the 5mg pills the standard practice is to cut them into quarters, so that you have four 1.25mg pieces, and then you take a piece a day. Thats what I do. I wouldn't go higher dosage than that to keep side effect chances low. So a 90 pill supply will last you about a year. I do that instead of the 1mg generics and it ends up saving alot of $$ Look at these price comparisons for the 90 5mg pills at pharmacies around me with goodrx, even the more expensive places are still alot cheaper. And you can print out as many of those free coupons as you want down the road, or get one of the
  12. No, that's just a stock picture of the cutter with some big generic pill. I just added an annotation to the picture to clarify that.
  13. This may seem to some like we've hijacked the thread a bit, but I believe making sure that the finasteride has been manufactured/transported/stored correctly is also crucial when unusual shedding like this occurs. After medical causes have been ruled out, or even while they are being ruled out, switching brands to another generic or even to the Propecia brand for 6-12 months can help to verify its not a finasteride sourcing issue too. Merck's patent on finasteride was still active back when I started, wasn't aware of pill cutting so I did use the Propecia brand for a few years. They were
  14. Also about your dosage, cutting a 5mg pill 8 ways. You are getting about half the recommended dosage. This can also effect when you see results and how much, if any. Are you doing this because you initially had side effects? do you plan on increasing your dose at some point? Some guys on here start with a lower dose to minimize the chances of getting side effects by giving the body time to adjust, then gradually increase up to the recommended dose over a period of weeks. I can't say whether there's any actual science behind that thinking, but there are some guys that swear by it based on
  15. Hold on, this is putting the horse before the carriage, you get the girlfriend so SHE hangs the towels properly for you!
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