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  1. Sorry to hear about finasteride not working out for you, that puts a big question mark on the long term battle for you. You've got an awesome front hairline to frame your face now, but you've used up a pretty healthy amount of your donor on a relatively small amount of the area you're gonna lose. I'd try to be more conservative with how many grafts you use in future hair transplants for the middle and crown areas of your head. Keep on the lookup for safe DHT blockers to help slow down or halt your loss, Breezula/Clascoterone is on the horizon with a weaker dosage already approved for treating acne, and they are working on getting FDA approval for the hair loss dosage. Hopefully that all comes to pass, its just topically applied and doesn't effect the body systemically like finasteride. And try to put off dealing with future transplants as much as you can with concealers like hair fibers and Dermmatch. That way you can better see how your loss will play out and have fewer more effective hair transplants to address it. The forum moderator @Melvin- Moderator has a great video on the thread below showing how much it has helped him conceal the loss further back on his head.
  2. You're not even at 6 months yet. Looks well done to me, take it out of the oven already!
  3. I would imagine a healthy percentage, myself included. Its not possible to replicate your original natural hair density on top by moving hairs from the sides and back of your head. By the time you can visibly notice your hair is starting to thin about half of its already gone. What we're all trying to do is approximate the illusion of the original density. And its not just to enhance the current result, if you're going to run to the hair transplant doctor every time a little spot thins out too much, those smaller procedures are going to be alot more expensive in the long run, and riskier in terms of potentially permanently losing surrounding nearby hairs from surgery traumas. Concealers like hair fibers have gotten a bad rap over the years from of all the gimmicky infomercials and late night commercials. But the quality ones like Toppik and Dermmatch can help you achieve remarkable enhancements, whether you are still working your way up to the first transplant or the next one. The smartest guys leverage these concealers to maximize their current look and minimize and better plan their hair transplants over the years.
  4. With only 5 days away, I'd say apply a flat tire or engine block explosion story. Or some other version of 'sorry I can't make it.' ;D
  5. You have a few more months for any remaining hairs to sprout, up to a year for individual hair characteristics like thickness to finish maturing. Too many unique factors like your physiology, post procedure care, and details about your procedure and doctor skill we don't know. Best way forward is to be patient and play around with concealers like hair fibers and/or dermmatch if you haven't already. You've got enough now to give yourself the look of a full head of hair using them. Then at the 12 or 18 month mark take a hard look in the mirror without any of that and decide if you're satisfied, or you want to move more hair up top, or just keep sprinkling on a little concealer. Also, for DHT inhibition, may want to try finasteride if you haven't already instead saw palmetto. You're thinning alot farther back in the crown. And Minoxidil could help thicken up what you're holding on to if you have the discipline to apply it 2x daily forever.
  6. I notice you have the little trademark TM next to 'Nice Guy.' Which trademarked brand of nice guy are you living by? that could be your problem. lol
  7. Yea any breaks in the drugs, particularly finasteride, is going to permanently set you back that much further. Its helping to protect your remaining hairs as much as possible by lowering your DHT. But then some people that are really sensitive to DHT keep on losing in the long run, but at least at a slower rate. Looks like you have good facial features, head shape, and facial hair. Have you thought about shaving it all off and growing out your beard? Its an easy good look to maintain. Once you start down the hair transplant road you're going to be always worrying and fighting to maintain enough density to look like you have enough hair. Some guys that get hair transplants still need to also use concealers like hair fibers to achieve a full look. It can be quite the daily time investment and hassle to do that everyday. And its going to limit your hair length/styling options because you'll also need to conceal the hair transplant scarring on the back of your head. I speak from experience. Also, you have a good skin tone for scalp micropigmentation. You should look into that as an option too Some top clinics in the USA with before/after results: https://scalpmicrousa.com/results/hairline/ https://www.aheadink.com/gallery And this is a good general place to learn about SMP https://www.teammicro.com/
  8. Yikes indeed, the news article says it happened before the hair transplant but the whole situation looks shady. Ibrahim Gul, 28, was found by a friend wrapped in a blood socked shroud in an Istanbul morgue after his wife received a call saying he had died before a routine hair transplant surgery on Saturday. Doctors told Gul's wife he suffered a heart attack before the operation, forcing medics to perform an angiography and put in a stent. Police are treating the death as suspicious as both procedures are considered minimally invasive and have arrested the doctor in charge of the operation.
  9. Yea, comes down to the more dark something is the more light it absorbs, and the more light/white it is the more light it will reflect. Because most of what makes the scar visible is that its lighter in tone than the surrounding skin, as your head tilts towards more light the scar will reflect more light and be more visible. Starting with a decent scar that wasn't botched, implanting hair into the scar or getting SMP on the scar, or both, can help camouflage it well enough that people won't notice unless you ask them to try to find it. Try to remember to make and keep that your standard or you'll always be disappointed. Because its almost always going to be possible to tilt your head this or that way and focus in on the area and make it out to some degree when you're looking in the mirror. But again that's because you know what you're looking for, and nobody is trying to see it as much as you. Adding this, I'm not affiliated with them, but there are some screens at this page of concealed FUT scars from one of the top SMP clinics, screenshotting the overview below the link. https://scalpmicrousa.com/results/scar-camouflage/
  10. I just use the oral pill with no issues, so no personal experience with the topical. But its women handling the finasteride when they're pregnant that can potentially cause birth defects during the baby's development in the womb. You're baby's been born, so you're past that point. The formulations for topical finasteride from what I've read are usually about 0.25% of the total solution you are putting on your head. Meaning 99.75% of what you are putting on your head is not finasteride. If you're applying it hours before you put your head on the pillow that's plenty of time for the whole solution to be absorbed. But if you want to be extra careful, you can apply it in the morning and shower at night, or keep applying it at night and make sure your wife is on birth control/using contraception so she doesn't accidently become pregnant and put your pillow up in the closet when you're not using it.
  11. You're fine. The grafts that were going to survive connected into their blood supplies securely within 10 days. You'd need a head injury or another surgery to get them back out and destroy them after that. You're shampooing too gently and maybe not frequently enough. Give yourself a few shampoo sessions where you leave it in for about 5 minutes to help soften and loosen any more remaining dead skin/hairs, and then follow with a fairly vigorous rubbing on your scalp before rinsing out the shampoo.
  12. If you are referring to this little part circled, I wouldn't do anything permanent in terms of restoring your front until or if you lose more. A little bit of concealer, like Dermmatch or some hair fibers, would cover that up easily in a matter of seconds each day until you wash it out. Just to give you some 3rd party input, looking at your head I wouldn't give that spot a second thought as far as thinking you're well on your way to ending up bald or looking older. The rest of your hairline where male pattern baldness commonly retreats is still strong. It just looks like one of those spots nature decided not to fill in all the way.
  13. Its ok but its not optimal. Optimal is starting finasteride and minoxidil at least a year before you get a transplant to see how much the meds are going to help you regain and retain so you don't waste your donor hair. This can potentially save you alot of money and hair down the road that you may end up needing. You never need to stop taking finasteride before during or after the hair transplant. Minoxidil can potentially cause increased bleeding during the actual hair transplant procedure, so doctors will ask you to temporarily stop taking it 1-2 weeks before and after the transplant.
  14. Depends, you always want to be in one of the 'stable' periods of your hair loss. It sounds like that's not currently. As has been said, the finasteride just slows down the cause of your loss. Based on your family history and finasteride history it sounds like you need to proceed very carefully. Especially if you are still a younger guy. Keep doing the annual checks and start a photo record so that you can share those with a reputable HT doctor to help you know when or if to pull the trigger on a transplant. Worse case there are other options, like shaving it off, SMP, hair systems.
  15. There's a great video on temple restoration from Eugenix at the top of this thread from earlier this year.
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