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  1. How old are you and have you tried to stabilize your crown loss with finasteride? Like @makehairgreatagain said its a potential blackhole, using up alot of your grafts in the long run if you keep losing.
  2. Like Melvin said stuff like this is not going to help your hairloss, that you are forming the impression that it does means you should step back and try to relax as best you can, start keeping a photo record in the coming months and try topical finasteride. See if you can stabilize your loss over the next year and research some doctors on here while you wait.
  3. So true. @jimcraig152 does a good job showing how the bold and determined can take the risk and reap the rewards, but there are alot of people out there with levels of genetic vulnerability to hair loss that would be devastated if they tried the same.
  4. Weird, I'm not a doc etc, but i'm thinking you may be just overthinking, that's where the mysterious placebo effect gets its juice.
  5. Science tells us the brain takes about 25 years to fully develop -observation suggests probably a good bit longer than that. I'd say 28+, with mental maturity being as important a factor as your emerging MPB pattern. Yea our 20s are great in terms of physical energy/looks, but its also the time when we are the most stupid and prone to get into problems, having just taken the mommy/daddy training wheels off and being out on our own. Don't waste your 30s,40s,50s,60s...living with and trying to fix the mistakes in your 20s.
  6. Woah had to google JJackson, based on search results seems like that is supposed to be some kind of PAINT. What people will think of, actually makes Trump seem pretty tame. ------- I am a stylist, and I am confused by Jermaine Jackson's hair. There is a technique called "the Blackout" where color is painted into place and allowed to dry into the hair (usually for thin edges), but Jermaine looks like he has spray painted his entire head. Note to Jermaine: Try a lace hair system. His stylist should be fired.
  7. Yea can't say for sure, but hairs that are already thinning/miniaturizing are more vulnerable to shockloss, your day of pic here shows those areas were thinning a bit already. Hopefully its just the temporary kind and its back in a few months. Have you been taking finasteride and/or minoxidil for a while before the transplant? those help strengthen your vulnerable hairs and reduce the chances of shockloss.
  8. Starting or resuming minoxidil after the transplant may increase the likelihood of no shed. There was a study below with some results and suggesting further study. The study has them starting the therapy within days of the transplant though, which is risky in terms of potentially damaging the grafts by touching, etc during the applications if you are doing it yourself. Maybe if you live or are nearby your clinic where you have the procedure done they can apply it the first 5 days when the grafts are most vulnerable. **But then if you have used minoxidil and know that it makes your skin itch so
  9. Shifty, if you put your regimen in your posting signature, every time you would make a comment on somebody's topic it would increase the topic posts page count by 1! How about adding these instructions to your last testament and will for your tombstone: Hair lies Shifty with his hair thanks to... <insert regimen as of last day>
  10. Maybe its just the lighting/angle, but your scalp looks pretty red. Do you feel any pain or itchyness there? May want to get that checked out by a dermatologist, hair thinning can be caused by inflammation too.
  11. Thanks for sharing, your 16 month pics showing nice face framing, definitely makes you look younger and yet still middle-aged appropriate. I see in your story that you haven't taken any meds (finasteride and minoxidil) and only became aware of them about 10yrs ago. How concerned are you about further loss, like in the crown area? Do the doctors think you have enough remaining donor and a loss pattern that you can probably just do additional procedures? Or are you not that concerned about loss in the crown? -Personally I'm in that camp, while I'm holding on to my crown with fin/minox, if I were
  12. I would say its not advisable, unless you are already the rebel type in terms of appearance (exotic piercings, inks, hair dyes, handfuls of hair gel, clothing adorned with feathers, rhinstones, random holes) mental picturing a dennis rodman-like figure
  13. Thanks for sharing, man sorry about how things have turned out so far, stay positive. And we get a pretty steady stream of young guys coming on here asking if they are starting to lose, wanting to run off and get a transplant etc, its good to have stories like yours to try to help steer them onto the best path. And about that pain and numbness -numbness is more common and some guys have it for some months after the procedure worse case, but the strong pain sounds off -were you awake during the procedure? do you remember how well they numbed you while they were working? If
  14. You need to see a doctor to get a prescription for Finasteride -I'm in the USA and over the years I've gotten prescriptions from my primary care doctor, dermatologist, even from my hair transplant doctor. Since Clasceterone is not FDA approved yet there are no ways to get it through a doctor currently that I'm aware of.
  15. This guy did and posted his results, looked pretty impressive
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