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  1. If you don't want friends, family, work to know at all you got to start addressing the hair loss as soon as it starts -getting on finasteride, getting smaller transplants, utilizing concealers like toppik and dermmatch help too. That's what I did and no one was the wiser. If you're far enough down the road that's no longer an option, you have to grow up faster and rise above your situation. See it for how small and normal it is. You're just moving hair around your head to optimize your appearance to help stay vital in your romantic and social circles. Or I can tell them for you for a
  2. I agree, if anything move some hair from your head to your beard. Otherwise you have a good head shape, normal ear size and they don't stick out excessively from the sides of the head. Then you'll only have to invest in a good electric palm head shaver so you can easily give yourself haircuts the rest of your life. No need to worry about researching for a good doc, trying to take finasteride to slow down and stabilize your hair loss rate, crossing your fingers everything goes right, trying to hide surgery scars, trying to hide that you had something done for months until the results grow
  3. That is really impressive, thanks for sharing all the pics and video. SMP gets a bad rap because of all the scammers and tattoo artists that try to crossover without additional training. But there are reputable operations out there if you put in the effort like you would for a HT doctor. While its more on topic to put your story here, I think it should be over in the main Q &A section so that the most eyeballs will see it. Particularly for the guys that will end up as NW6 and 7s. This is an important tool in the 'long term toolbox' for maximizing donors.
  4. Depends on how much work you are getting done, and are you doing FUT or FUE? With FUT you only have to buzz the strip area in your donor and where the hair is going to go. If the procedure is small enough some guys can just comb their existing hair over the transplanted area, maybe sprinkle on some hair fibers to get an acceptable level of concealment, then hair spray it to keep in place. That's what I did, my first procedure was relatively small along the frontal hairline, FUT so I let my hair in the back grow out long enough to easily cover the stripped area where they took the hair. Proced
  5. You're right that it works with all hair, but not all hair has the same sensitivity to DHT. The front is usually the first to go because its the most sensitive. And alot of guys wait until a good part of their front is past the point of no return before they start trying to address their hair loss.
  6. People like yourself and that other guy are at an increased risk for psychologically manufacturing side effect-like symptoms because of your pre-existing condition. Try not to let your mind play tricks on you and obsess about it if you do end up starting. Maybe have your girlfriend/wife/family/friend pick a random start date and secretly put a crushed pill into your food each day for a while to help minimize that effect.
  7. I agree this is interesting, surprised it took so many grafts. Always been struck by how little eyebrow hair alot of women have. Same with eyelashes. And while they use makeup to draw some on, when you get close enough to talk it becomes pretty easy to see and distracting at times. Us men often have more eyebrows and eyelashes than we need, and don't even pay attention to them. While women often take their full heads of hair for granted while obsessively trimming and adorning what little eye hair they do have. Aint life cruel. I think most guys would trade their eyebrows and
  8. "For all we know.." is not a worthy standard for My Precious. My precious hair, that is.
  9. There are alot of 'resellers' of the Kirkland brand out there, can never be sure they are storing it correctly or if someone is trying to do any dilution to maximize their profits. The only place I'd feel secure getting Kirkland Minox is directly from Costco. If you don't have any Costcos in your area Amazon has their own brand you can get through the mail. 6 pack for $30 here: https://www.amazon.com/Basic-Care-Minoxidil-Solution-Treatment/dp/B074M6JNML/ref=sr_1_9?dchild=1&keywords=minoxidil&qid=1620150307&sr=8-9
  10. I never got a warm-n-fuzzy from the website. Looks like a warehouse/basement operation with a polished webpage front. Wouldn't surprise me if there was some shady sourcing from China. Even if your initial orders gets pulled from some 'good batches,' I'd have quality control concerns over the long term. And then there's giving them your information to place the order, wouldn't be comfortable with how they are storing your credit card information and how easily they could be hacked. This is their About Page, pretty vague and short. And no phone numbe
  11. After 10 days the grafts are securely anchored under the skin. You're at 3 weeks.So feel free to wear headbands, hats, beer helmets etc to entertain yourself while you wait for your growth to start in a few months.
  12. Finasteride slows down your hair loss more or less, depending on your genetics. If you stop taking it your DHT will rebound back up to the normal level and your hair loss will accelerate. The meds are management tools to delay hair transplants as much as possible. Sometimes that's indefinitely for a rare lucky few that respond very well and have good genetics. For the rest of us, when the slower hair loss rate reaches a point where our hair looks unacceptable its time for the next hair transplant. There's no certainty until there's a cure. If you are likely to be a NW7 and you've nev
  13. Dermmatch actually applies better dry. And not just a dry hair/scalp, don't even wet the Dermmatch applicator. Back when I used it I started with my hair wet and wetting the applicator. Then I started drying my hair first because it helped me blend it better with my natural hair color on the sides. Finally I noticed by accident one day running the dry applicator across my hand. It still had some residue on it from the previous day and I was surprised at how much came off on my hand. You'll want to experiment with applying the dermmatch before or after the mousse, not sure how one will ef
  14. Not taking @Melvin-Moderator calls anymore. Sticking your nose up at all your former friends and family here on the Hair Restoration Social Network Forum....
  15. Not trying to take shots at your clinic, but if they are still telling you to avoid minoxidil after over two months since your procedure, that's bizarre. There's no medical basis for them to ask you to do that. Go ahead and start.
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