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  1. I don't know, looks like he has one of those go-big or go-home skull caps, these guys can afford the creme de la creme. Agree about Reagan though, I don't think he lost his first hair until a few months after they put him in the ground. The man should have donated it to science!
  2. DHT is not localized or stationary, its a hormone that circulates in your blood throughout the body. Finasteride can lower DHT by up to around 70%, Dutasteride can lower it even more by up into the 90s%, but there's no way to completely eliminate or escape it. Since the donor hair is the most genetically resistant to DHT, that's why it keeps hanging around while the rest of those wimps drop out.
  3. I take oral minoxidil now due to skin sensitivity, but when I used foam I would shake the can before I dispensed it. Its not on the instructions, but I always did that for hair styling foam mousse bottles because when I didn't they would dispense liquidly, even more so when the bottles were approaching empty. Doesn't sound like you have a temperature issue, but I've heard of guys living in hotter climates putting the bottles in the fridge before they jump into the shower and by the time they are done and ready to apply, its cool enough to dispense in foam form again.
  4. Yea but that case at the link is what I would expect most of them to be, tragedies that occur much more frequently because of other factors, but the survivor/victim is grasping for a simpler, easier target to assign blame, and they happened to have taken finasteride at some point. Depression, suicide are very complex issues and the guy was in the midlife crisis age range. <Questionable correlation at best doesn't equal causation. Not to me, surprised its not more when you consider how many millions of lawsuits are filed each year. https://www.onelegal.com/b
  5. The first post looks more realistic, the second one here is more difficult to swallow, but either could always be the story in reverse, switching around before/after with after/before. In the 'recovery' pic on the right you can see the thinning a bit like the guy may have took the pic when he first started to notice some thinning. I'd be very suspicious of posts like this especially if they are dropping the names of specific brands of topical finasterde/minoxidil formulations or other magic potions you can't get from pharmacies. Could be anything from run-of-the-mill trolling, to people just t
  6. Be careful with cheap, assuming something will actually work, you often get what you pay for. I've had two tea-tree-free procedures I'm happy with. AND I have Chuck Norris on my side! In the words from his immortal Right Guard deodorant commercials, 'The best defense is not to offend."
  7. I never said they did. As far as not being costly, that means its still not free, so your wallet will be at least a little lighter. I would expect to have heard more about pre-op tea tree shampoo from other doctors/patients here on the forum if there was actually anything substantial to it. Based on that 'recommendation,' and the potentially socially offensive act of not washing your hair the day before surgery, I'd be looking elsewhere for a doctor. I like to encourage all my fellow human beings to take daily showers for the sake of your fellow man. Or maybe this is one of thos
  8. Drinking beer and taking over the counter Tylenol, aka acetaminophen, for a cold can put the liver at risk too. Millions of guys have been taking finasteride for decades. The class action lawsuits would be piling up by now if there was any statistically significant risks.
  9. Don't know anything about HRBR Dublin. Do they recommend that for all patients, or just because you told them about your skin conditions? It won't hurt anything, but your wallet, like you've noticed. While tea tree oil does have some anti-inflammatory properties, since you know about your skin conditions I assume you already have a regimen you are following to manage them. I'd stick with those and leave the tea tree shampoo for people with money to burn.
  10. Doctor instructions vary of course, after my procedures 'normal' shampoo could be resumed after 5 days, wait 2 weeks to resume medicated shampoos like nizoral, H&S. Studies show the grafts are securely anchored by 9-10 days at the most, under the skin and connected into their new blood supplies. So I suspect even my doctor's instructions on the medicated shampoo were being a bit overly cautious. Again 9-10 days, make it an even two weeks to be 'extra' safe, then go back to what you were doing before with shampoo, especially if you have skin conditions that the medicated shampoo i
  11. The grafts are secure by day 9, even when trying to pull them out https://www.bernsteinmedical.com/research/graft-anchoring-in-hair-transplantation/
  12. Doesn't look bad from the picture. Try to get some in-person 3rd party opinion. We tend to look at ourselves much harsher and closely, especially since you know exactly where to look. If you're trying to keep your friends/family from knowing that you've had work done, ask a stranger.
  13. If you have one of those baseball caps with the adjustable back, open up the adjuster so the hat is as wide as possible and gently put the hat on your head, then snap the adjuster to the loosest setting that doesn't put any pressure around your head. I used one with velcro instead of the snap-able ones so I got a perfect gentle fit that doesn't move around on my head.
  14. About additional SMP to conceal the scar, not an expert or ever had it done, but since you've already had some done and its still pretty visible, maybe its more about the SMP artist's skill instead of your hair characteristics. I think you should consider researching for some better SMP artists instead of going back to the same one. I've seen some pretty good results, some pics and links below: One of our members @Gatsby had some great concealment with SMP And @hairthere is an SMP artist, his website has some before/afters at this link: https://www.ahea
  15. Politics and disagreements in general aside, seeing other guys unsuccessfully trying to conceal their hair deficiencies is always a bit painful to watch for me. We are all biologically wired to care about how we look, but of course even in our equality obsessed society of today its still a lot less culturally acceptable for men to act on those instincts. I've used hair fibers and dermmatch in the past to manage my hair loss, and fortunately never had any episodes like Rudy did today. Does anybody know what he was using? Looks like it was more than just hair coloring, maybe something like
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