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  1. Do we know of anybody with one of these lowrider foreheads that also have a balding crown? Life is not just unfair, its also cruel. lol
  2. Most of the best results I've seen are of people that have darker skin on the olive/brown/black color end of the spectrum. For the fair skinned folks its probably best to get your front/side hairline areas done with a FUE hair transplant so that the donor scarring is minimal and it looks the most natural. And then use SMP for the areas behind your front, were it will more easily blend out. People's eyes tend to focus more on your face and the hair line edges in everyday life. But the areas of the rest of your head are rarely a point where people will focus their eyes unless you specifically ask them to look at the top or back of your head, etc.
  3. I'm wondering if you're somehow in business competition with products like Dermmatch. But maybe you are just a normal guy overthinking and obsessing about this. Either way, you're not providing any picture evidence and you haven't seen a medical professional for an actual diagnosis. And any 'trichologist' that thinks lightly patting your head with a sponge applicator each morning is going to accelerate hair loss needs a psychologist. LOL To the other people reading this topic, Dermmatch has been around for years used by many people without any issues, myself included. And the forum moderator. It can be a very useful tool for managing your hair loss by giving you that temporary appearance of having a fuller head of hair now. That way you can delay and plan your hair transplants better. And expect the areas that you are applying it to will continue thinning because its only meant to help conceal the hair loss while its still happening. Only DHT blockers like Finasteride that have been medically proven to slow down loss are going to help stem that tide. Ultimately hair loss is a lifelong battle after it starts and products like Dermmatch and Finasteride can help you get through it with the minimum number of hair transplants. That's good news for you, not so much good news for people that make money off hair transplants and the thousands of fake products out there that don't actually work.
  4. The big change that matters is you are always getting older. Hair loss doesn't just start in your 30s and settle down or stop after a few years. You can't just measure hair loss progression by how much visible hair you see in the mirror. It can take years of DHT damage to your hair follicles under the skin before you notice a corresponding reduction in your visible hair. That's why its important once you start finasteride to keep taking it.
  5. Sounds like you have the kind of hair loss most guys have, the normal kind. Always progressing until the whole top of your head is silky smooth. If shaving it all off or accepting your baldness is unacceptable, you need to be doing more (finasteride, minoxidil, hair transplants) than just trying to cover your head up with Dermmatch.
  6. Yes and its up to the patient to read and sign. But your list doesn't have any complications.
  7. There's no legitimate body of medical studies that show finasteride effects fertility or even birth defects, as long as the mother doesn't handle the pills. You're over 50, that's the elephant in the room when it comes to you being not up to snuff. When our reproductive systems were evolving into what they are today we were lucky to live 20 or 30 years. They weren't made to last like everything else. You're already pushing it trying at this age, both in terms of successfully fertilizing an egg and with the increased chances of birth defects, even if you never took any medication ever. If I were you at this age I'd be trying to go the invitro route anyway, let them analyze and verify your best sperm and then use one of them to fertilize the egg in the lab.
  8. Other than the one about density, and even there 'natural' density is a moving target as loss progresses, your list is more or less worse case scenarios and probability outcomes. It would be like legally requiring used car salesmen to go over all the different ways their car might cause you do be stuck on the side of the road in freezing temps out in the middle of nowhere, or to seriously disfigure or even kill you. Maybe that would work in a communist economy for a while on its way to inevitable collapse. But otherwise its never going to happen, unless the salesman happens to be your mom or dad. And even then maybe. And if you try to legislate it you're only clogging up the world with more govt regulation and making adults even less responsible for their actions and decisions. Its up to the consumer/patient to do some research, or like the saying goes " A fool and his money are lucky enough to meet up in the first place."
  9. I'd say Tucker Carlson probably has some loss up front and blends in a parital hair piece to help conceal that. If he actually had that much hair on top he'd part or at least comb it more directionally clean. The top/side sloppiness on his left is deliberate to help blend into his real hair.
  10. As long as its not pink from being itchy/sore/stinging go ahead and start back up the minoxidil. The pinkness can take anywhere from weeks to months to completely fade, normal part of the healing process.
  11. This has been asked before. Check directly with Milena and if she provides something get second opinions as needed until you feel comfortable, or not. My impression is everybody's physiology is different enough in terms of breaking down the inks, and how long that takes, that its not possible or productive to give time estimate research. Its not hard to imagine loud vocal minorities complaining everywhere online because it took a few months or year longer than the research. And the subsequent lawsuits. I'd say if you aren't prepared to get it lasered off in the worse case scenario, don't bother. As an aside, its funny how this occasionally pops up asking for the research in a similar way. Goes on to a weird degree for a while and then another account comes up asking. Like Atown, True, maybe this is also you. Wondering if its more than an obsessive guy(s) looking for unattainable certainty, and maybe more competitors trying to steer customer traffic. Milena used to post here, can't blame her or hairthere for not posting more.
  12. That's a pretty small area your pointing to, could just be some growth cycling in/out. The resting and shedding phases can last about 6 months. Its happening all over our heads with random hairs. That's why even healthy non-balding people shed about 100 hairs a day. https://www.healthline.com/health/stages-of-hair-growth Are you on any meds currently? Because there are other places showing loss too. The front edges on the top and sides are usually very sensitive to DHT and the first to start showing recession and thinning. Finasteride may help you hold to them longer by lowering your DHT. Minoxidil would thicken the hairs and lengthen their growth cycles so you have more growing at the same time. Its important not to delay too long on whether you want to just let nature take its course. Try shaving it all off and let your beard grow out, see if you like it. If you do that's a much easier and cheaper solution.
  13. There's some guys here that use them and haven't reported any problems yet. There's some suspicious things about their website, its been discussed in the topic below recently. Read and make up your mind as best you can.
  14. I'd get a new doctor. You're going to be shedding any hairs the medications are helping you hold on to. Which will give the doctor an inaccurate picture of how much hair you actually need to have transplanted. He's probably not that bothered about that because it means he'll see the need to transplant more, which also means making more money off you. And some of your normal hairs could have a temporary shed too as their growth cycles reset because you're stopping the minoxidil for so long. There's no reason to stop the finasteride at all. For the minoxidil a week before and after, two at the most. And with shockloss, the most important reason to take finasteride is to help reduce the chances the shockloss will be permanent.
  15. Maybe if you start by pouring them on your head to drink the runoff? No it won't have an impact on your HT results.
  16. Yea it will, and you should consider minoxidil as well to increase blood flow and nutrients to the follicles. Your doc will have you stop the minox about a week before and after the procedure to limit the chances of excessive bleeding during the procedure and in the immediate healing days after. Don't listen to anybody telling you to stop the minox for weeks or months around this time, it will just increase the chances of a temporary shed. Since minoxidil doesn't address the underlying cause of baldness, just enhances the hairs/follicles, its up to you whether its worth the effort it keep using it long term.
  17. No need to be sheepish, its not like you're asking them how much they make a year. Just how much they want to make off you. But its best to work backwards to pricing after you have narrowed to a list of doctors based on the more important factors like patient results, established reputation, experience, techniques. @Portugal25 has this chart, latest version I found in one of the topics below.
  18. Was this pic immediate post-op? The swelling on your forehead looks pretty dramatic. How long did it stay like this? And did it seem to respond well to your attempts to reduce the swelling? My frontal procedures were smaller so that was probably why it wasn't as bad. Maybe some others that have had comparable numbers of grafts in one sitting can chime in.
  19. If you don't want friends, family, work to know at all you got to start addressing the hair loss as soon as it starts -getting on finasteride, getting smaller transplants, utilizing concealers like toppik and dermmatch help too. That's what I did and no one was the wiser. If you're far enough down the road that's no longer an option, you have to grow up faster and rise above your situation. See it for how small and normal it is. You're just moving hair around your head to optimize your appearance to help stay vital in your romantic and social circles. Or I can tell them for you for a small fee.
  20. I agree, if anything move some hair from your head to your beard. Otherwise you have a good head shape, normal ear size and they don't stick out excessively from the sides of the head. Then you'll only have to invest in a good electric palm head shaver so you can easily give yourself haircuts the rest of your life. No need to worry about researching for a good doc, trying to take finasteride to slow down and stabilize your hair loss rate, crossing your fingers everything goes right, trying to hide surgery scars, trying to hide that you had something done for months until the results grow in, and alot of cash. Because even best case scenario you're going to need more than one surgery over your lifetime.
  21. That is really impressive, thanks for sharing all the pics and video. SMP gets a bad rap because of all the scammers and tattoo artists that try to crossover without additional training. But there are reputable operations out there if you put in the effort like you would for a HT doctor. While its more on topic to put your story here, I think it should be over in the main Q &A section so that the most eyeballs will see it. Particularly for the guys that will end up as NW6 and 7s. This is an important tool in the 'long term toolbox' for maximizing donors.
  22. Depends on how much work you are getting done, and are you doing FUT or FUE? With FUT you only have to buzz the strip area in your donor and where the hair is going to go. If the procedure is small enough some guys can just comb their existing hair over the transplanted area, maybe sprinkle on some hair fibers to get an acceptable level of concealment, then hair spray it to keep in place. That's what I did, my first procedure was relatively small along the frontal hairline, FUT so I let my hair in the back grow out long enough to easily cover the stripped area where they took the hair. Procedure was on a Wednesday and I was back in the office on Monday, none the wiser. Don't know much about hair systems, toupees, but they do need to be attached to your head with something that could disrupt your donor/recipient areas. And then there's how realistic is it going to look, could draw more attention than the buzz. And the time in finding a quality one, a barber that can cut your hair good to blend with it. I've read a little on here about guys that were deciding to a hair system for life and struggling with that getting that all sorted out. Probably not worth it. If you are having FUE over a large area and your procedure is still out in the future, go ahead and bite the bullet and shave it now while you have nothing from the surgery to hide. Then everyone will be used to seeing you. As for why, just say you tried a new barber and they jacked your hair up so they had to buzz the mess off.
  23. You're right that it works with all hair, but not all hair has the same sensitivity to DHT. The front is usually the first to go because its the most sensitive. And alot of guys wait until a good part of their front is past the point of no return before they start trying to address their hair loss.
  24. People like yourself and that other guy are at an increased risk for psychologically manufacturing side effect-like symptoms because of your pre-existing condition. Try not to let your mind play tricks on you and obsess about it if you do end up starting. Maybe have your girlfriend/wife/family/friend pick a random start date and secretly put a crushed pill into your food each day for a while to help minimize that effect.
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