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Hi Everyone -

I am a patient of Dr. Panine and this is my review of my 2,600 graft FUE procedure.  Right now I am just about 18 months post op and could not be more thrilled with the results.

Initial Consultation

For about a year I combed through what seemed like hundreds of pages of internet research on hair loss and hair transplant doctors in the Chicago-land area.  I settled on three possible options for my procedure and decided to make an initial consultation with each of them.

What I felt set Dr. Panine and his team apart was their commitment to me.  Starting with Stuart and all the way through the whole team I always felt like they had my best interests at heart -- and most importantly they listened to me.  Dr. Panine and Stuart addressed my questions and concerns and then we got out to building a plan of attack.  What also stood out to me was that Dr. Panine never over promised anything.  Looking back 18 months later I can honestly say he delivered exactly what he said he would deliver on. 

The team was very upfront that no one can accurately predict hair loss and gave me some guidance and best practices for after my operation.  I really liked this because I felt like I was creating a partnership with them for the long haul, as opposed to just having my procedure and then they'd be done with me.  This really helped make my decision to go with Dr. Panine much easier.

Pre Op

Over communication became a theme throughout this process -- and I was very grateful for that.  Stuart and I chatted a few times a week leading up to my procedure and he made sure I had everything I needed and that if I had any questions he was right there to answer them.

Day of Op

In total my procedure lasted about 12 hours -- but honestly the day flew by.  My comfort was paramount to the team that day, they really made me feel welcome.

Dr. Panine made sure he explained everything upfront as well as he went along.  He allowed me to ask questions, get up and stretch and make sure I always had enough food and water.  Having the big screen TV at my disposal was an excellent touch as well!

At the end of the day Stuart was nice enough to drive me home -- what a stand up guy he is.

Post Op

The next day I came back into the office and Stuart took off my bandages, cleaned up me and took some photos.  The recovery from there was all exactly as Dr. Panine and Stuart said it would be.  The team communicated with me very well and helped me get everything moving in the right direction for a speedy recovery.  The swelling lasted a few days and after that we were off and running.

I met with Dr. Panine & Stuart every few months just to do a status check and what always amazed me about these meetings was how on top of everything they were.  They helped me understand how things were progressing and what to expect next.

Overall the recovery was very smooth and I was one of the lucky ones who progressed a bit faster than normal.  It was such a great feeling to wake up every morning and see what new progress I had made.  I kept my own journal of pictures that I took each month -- going back and looking at them is nothing short of amazing.


The decision to have this procedure done absolutely changed my life.  I know this sounds super cheesy but I honestly feel like a new person.

Choosing Dr. Panine really came down to his personal touch, commitment to me and the ability of his team to go above and beyond my expectations.  I would be remiss if I didn't give a huge shout out to Stuart as well.  His kindness, understanding and ability to communicate makes him one of the best in the business -- he is truly a difference maker.  I would recommend Dr. Panine not only for artistry, care and execution -- but also because Stuart is there to make you feel confident about the process the whole way through.

Before 02.JPG

Before 01.JPG

Before 03.JPG

1 week post-op 01.JPG

1 week post-op 02.JPG

6 months post-op 05.JPG

6 months post-op 01.JPG

6 months post-op 02.JPG

6 months post-op 03.JPG

6 months post-op 04.JPG

15 months post-op 01.JPG

15 months post-op 02.JPG

15 months post-op 03.JPG

15 months post-op 04.JPG

15 months post-op 05.JPG

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50 minutes ago, Max Power said:

The second set of pictures is from the 6 month mark -- while the final set of pictures is from the 15 month mark.




For your response, I will refer patients to this thread who feel they should have their final results at 6 months. Big difference from 6-15 months.

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On 9/25/2018 at 2:34 PM, lukeyb1687 said:

Congrats, this is a huge difference between your starting point and through to your 15 month stage. Are you going to go for a second pass on the crown and for density or are you happy with having a hairline again?

Right now I am absolutely thrilled with my current hair line situation -- I wouldn't change a thing about it.

But yea I think eventually I will make a second pass.  Dr. Panine and I talked a little about that prior to my procedure and he was very upfront and honest about long term planning.  Really appreciated him setting my expectations like that.

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Congratulations on your recent hair transplant and outstanding results  with Dr. Panine.   This is also an exceptional example of why members need to reserve judgment on a patient’s 6 months progress as this clearly shows significant additional growth between 6 months and 15 months. 

 I also encourage you to create a patient website by going to www.hairlossweblogs.com.   There, you can share your experience, create journals with pictures month by month, rate and review your hair transplant surgeon, etc.   we are also in the process of creating a new,  much more mobile friendly  Version of the patient website so stay tune. But all of the existing patient websites will be transferred over to the new system so we certainly hope you share your results in progress pictures there as well. 

Best wishes,


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Its a great result to be sure, and congratulations to @Max Power. However, @Bill - Managing Publisher, most of the difference between six and fifteen months appears to be in thickness and texture. There are a lot of tiny, thin hairs in the six month picture that improved significantly, as one would expect. The majority of the growth appears to be there at six months, at least to my eyes. Anyways, congratulations again Max, and thanks for posting. 

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