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    I generally agree with your post, however I don’t think this thread is about FUT vs FUE. At least that is not what my comments were trying to convey. Both FUE and FUT are great procedures when performed by a qualified, experienced surgical team. To me, the thread reminds us that there are many bad clinics out there that can do more damage than good with either procedure. Neither is scarless, and either procedure, in the wrong hands can leave you screwed. Buyer beware.
  2. It looks totally normal for 3-4 months. It’s just the beginning. It doesn’t all come in at once. You should have a lot of new growth ahead.
  3. Looking really good so far. Looks like you’re on the way to a great result!
  4. Spaceman


    So, you think the donor in the pic above won’t end up looking cosmetically bad? And you can’t find bad fue scars on google? No point in continuing.
  5. Spaceman


    Google image search “horrible Fue scars”
  6. Me too, including a couple of small bald spots that filled in around month 8.
  7. @DEB1982 @jonyny I believe he is closer to six months than four. That said, he is still only at the mid point and should expect improvement over the next six months.
  8. It’s normal to have gaps at 5-6 months post-op, try to keep that in mind. It’s tough when all you can do is wait.
  9. Also, how is your donor doing now? Has it improved?
  10. If this was your final result you’d have every right to be dissatisfied, but most people see considerable new growth between month 5 and month 9. Is there a reason to believe your new growth has stopped?
  11. It depends on the surgeon. Many require the entire recipient area to be shaved. Others offer the option of a no-shave FUE for a higher price. In general, it’s better to shave the recipient area if you can.
  12. FUT allows you to extract more grafts from the “safest” part of your safe zone, one reason why HnW may recommend FUT. But then you’re left with the scar. You’ll need to have your scalp examined in person for signs of miniaturization to determine the extent of the retrograde alopecia and make sure you have enough lifetime donor to meet your goals.
  13. Yes, I agree. Start with strip. And then FUE when you’re stripped out down the road.