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  1. Don't forget a lot of Doctors typically state that the crown takes the longest for the hairs to grow/mature. I can see a big difference already and I think by month 12-15 you'll be smiling ear to ear!
  2. Wow! This is a huge difference! You must be over the moon! Congratulations and the scar is basically unnoticeable!
  3. Hi Sunny, Everyone has different opinions about each doctor and their results. The best thing to do is start looking at the recommended surgeons on this forum and start reaching out to them for consultations. Check out their reviews posted by them as well as patients so you can an unbiased opinion and accurate representation of the quality of their work. Is there a reason you don't want to go abroad? There are some amazing recommended doctors in Belgium and Turkey. I would recommend to upload some photos of your hairloss, this will help with people being able to make suggestions depending on your needs. As 2200 grafts in the crown will certainly be different to getting a natural dense hairline.
  4. Congrats, this is a huge difference between your starting point and through to your 15 month stage. Are you going to go for a second pass on the crown and for density or are you happy with having a hairline again?
  5. Your hairline looks amazing! But don't get too used to it as you're not entering the roller coaster stage! The Shed, you'll have lots of ups and downs until your ride comes to a full stop, but when you reflect back you'll see the ride was enjoyable and just like a real roller coaster it's over much quicker than you think haha! Can't wait to see your results over the next 12 months!!
  6. Personally, I don't think anyone should have a transplant until closer to 30. The reason being, even with Propecia you will only be slowing down any hair loss, it won't stop it completely. Also if you stop Propecia you will see the hair loss catch up quickly. If you wait a few more years you will be able to notice what is happening more so with your hairloss progression. At 22 I had just slight temple recession, similar to yours, by the time I was 26 a lot of my frontal third was gone, by 30 I had a few stragglers left. I had a few consultations in my 20's and all the docs told me to wait as they've seen a lot of eager guys coming in to fix their hairloss now and not thinking about the short term future loss. It sucks! Don't get me wrong, I was head strong and determined that further hairloss wouldn't happen to me...well low and behold it did and I would have been in a worst state of mind. Be patient and just keep researching, but at the same time don't let it become an obsession as it will take advantage of you if you let it. Just go out and have fun and check in every so often
  7. Very natural result! He must be very happy!
  8. Great transformation, not too aggressive and very fitting for this paitents age. It suits him! Way to go!
  9. Work looks AMAZING!! Very excited to see your progress! Keep us all posted
  10. lukeyb1687

    Dr Erkan Demirsoy 2760 fue

    Whiney,, The work looks clean and should result in a killer hairline!! At this stage, try not to touch any of the grafts, I'd wait at least 10 days to gently massage the scabs off. You want to make sure that they anchor and you don't knock them loose!
  11. Anonym1234, At this stage (and this is going to sound easier said then done) I wouldn't stress about your hairline. You have a thick amount in your frontal third. I was at a similar stage at your age and would have regretted getting it done so early as my hairloss increased. I'm glad I waited otherwise I would have, at the time, just filled in my temples and ended up with floating islands of hair on my head. Keep researching and checking out different surgeons, all in all know one can really make the recommendation for you. You have to be comfortable with the Dr and their results. Try some natural remedies such as Biotin and Saw Palmetto to preserve what you have and then in 5-8 years (depending on the progress of you hairloss) start reaching out to Dr's to evaluate you.
  12. lukeyb1687

    James A. Harris, MD ARTAS 2300 grafts

    I think what we are trying to address here Dr. Harris is that this result doesn't seem to really show any difference between pre and post op. Do you have images of where the grafts were planted? This will help us all understand what the plan of action was. Was it the patients decision to not strengthen the hairline more? Do you have images of the donor area as well? Top view of the patients scalp? What size punch was used on the ARTAS? Albeit I understand that hairs that are prone to recession conform to a shorter anagen period, but I have to agree with other comments here that I have seen stronger restoration cases for 2300 grafts. As I mentioned earlier, if you have graft placement pictures this might help with the forum understanding. All in all, if the paitent is happy that's all that ultimately matters, I would have personally expected more of a result and not been too pleased.
  13. lukeyb1687

    James A. Harris, MD ARTAS 2300 grafts

    This doesn't look like anything changed except that he grew his hair out. Do you have any immediate post op pics? I will admit I don't think I've ever seen a Great or even good result from ARTAS.
  14. Phenomenal result, hairline looks immaculate! Your patient must be over the moon!
  15. R5000, you look right on track mate! Watch from here it will explode even more!! Happy growing man, feel free to reach out if you have any questions I can help with what I did. Alex, was the question for me or r5000? For me you can see on the previous page my donor and side area