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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    In the last 5 years
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair

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    Dr. Emrah Cinik

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  1. Thanks Pelo! Yeah I feel pretty awesome about life with this hair right now! You know, I don't actually know. I can see if Dr. Cinik knows, but I'm not sure if he measures the area. Let me find out!
  2. Thank you! 🙏🏻
  3. Right?? Maybe I got "lucky" with my hairloss haha! Who knows maybe down the road I'll possibly have loss in the crown. For now I'm just glad it's still super thick.
  4. Thank you Alex! I am over the moon with the difference!
  5. Looking right on track! Congrats! Looking forward to seeing your result!!
  6. 11 months! Hey guys and gals! Well nearly a whole year has passed since I had my transplant. Currently keeping the length on top and shaving the sides every 3 weeks or so. I'm going to be growing it longer and longer and who knows....maybe get myself an man bun haha! I'm VERY happy, I think if I was to do a 2nd pass at it I would want to adjust the hairline a little on the sides, but overall I am amazed just how different I feel in myself. Again for reference I've attached the 10 month comparison.
  7. Thanks @OliverTja. No, I haven't dyed my hair. It seems a lot of the hair on the donor side was darker than what was on top. I've always had dark hair growing up, but as the follicles started falling out they seemed to get lighter and lighter. At this point in life I wouldn't ever dye my hair with all those toxic chemicals and risk damaging the hair.
  8. @MrOneSeries how exciting! Congrats! Yeah the Ugly Duckling Stage isn't the most fun, but it's fun when you see the new hairs sprouting out and then all of a sudden you wake up and BOOM! You have hair! lol
  9. @MrOneSeries Thanks man! I hope yours turns out amazing too! Where did you go? How bad was your loss? @jj51702 I didn't suffer from dandruff but I did get some itchiness here and there. I would put fractioned coconut oil on my head every day and night and that seemed to help with any dryness and itchiness.
  10. @HG1 dude it looks amazing! Night and day difference!!!
  11. Looking right on track! Donor area looks great! The shed is almost the worst part, personally I think when the hairs start growing (sporadically) although it's super exciting it also looks the worst haha! Few months and you'll feel back to normal. Careful with the sports team as you don't want any contact on the head for a while!
  12. Thank you @Shuriken and @Shifty I feel very fortune and blessed that my results have turned out the way they have so far and I still have more density to come over the next few months!
  13. Here's a side by side comparison from Dr. Cinik's Instagram page. Pre-op and 10 month post op. I'm still in awe at how much hairloss I suffered with in the frontal third, I almost forget how much I had lost!
  14. Hey @Donjamo Congratulations on your booking! You'll be in great hands, try and get some sleep the night before - I was unable to lol too excited/nervous! What does your hairloss look like at the moment? Glad I could be of assistance Yeah the first few months certainly are rough, your brain tricks you into thinking that everything looks ok...then when you look back after a few months you realize that it looks horrible for a while haha! But it's certainly worth it, especially the 10 month mark! Have fun and happy growing, if there's anything I can help answer please reach out, likely it may be covered in my thread already but there's a lot of info lol!
  15. Thanks @garethbale, I',m loving that I'm able to grow it and style it now! Think I might be going for the Bradley Cooper Hangover Hairstyle next...just takes so long lol!