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  1. Hey! Yep still no meds and no minix. Nothing further, which I’m happy about!! Thanks man!! 😁
  2. Hi all, Sorry I’ve been away for so long! It just dawned on me that my op was 3 years ago last week!! Crazy how time flies, especially when I’m not worried about my hair loss like I was in the past! Here’s my 3 year update. Could not be happier!!! I’ll say it certainly has helped my acting career and for sure my confidence! @DrQ sorry I didn’t see your post earlier in the year. How did your turn out? Hoping everything came in wonderful. I hope that you’re all well and getting through these interesting times safely. Wishing you all a happy holidays to you and y
  3. Hey guys I'm at the 2 year mark and could not be happier!!! So much has changed in terms of my confidence and outlook on life. But I am more frustrated on days that I can't get my hair to do what I want lol!! This community has sincerely been a huge support group and I wish each and everyone of you an incredible holiday season, and for those who are pondering on taking the plunge, from my experience, I would say go for it! But make sure that you're emotionally ready for the journey and that you take all necessary steps to ensure your body heals well. It's not easy at times but in my
  4. Thanks man, I'm over the moon!! Hey congrats on taking the plunge. That's honestly the hardest part! I was taking saw palmetto *fin caused cystic acne*, b12, b complex and biotin. They offered Fin, but I didnt want it as it causes too many issues with my skin. In the home packet they sent me away with anti biotic, probiotics, and pain meds for discomfort. Congrats! It will change your life! My biggest issue is now I dont know how I want to style it haha! Thank you!! 🤙
  5. Sure, here is directly under the light in the bathroom and with a light directly in front. There are some areas that I can a little scalp but when comparing to other people's hair they seem to all have this too (non transplant people)
  6. Hey man! Sorry for the delay, apparently I missed the email notification. Here you go!
  7. Thank you @ndubya @yesplease thanks man, I see what you mean and I think it's the angle and light as when I look with 2 mirrors I can't see it. But overall I'm over the moon lol. @Salsa I'm so glad I could help with your journey, that means a lot to me as that's why I shared my story! How long ago did you have your procedure? 1700 must look amazing to lower the hairline! Congrats on doing it! Thank you @Melvin-Moderator Thank you @Lyubo93! Thank you @jj51702my friend! @Markitodid you end up connecting with Dr. Cinik?
  8. Thank you all! Nope no Fin/Minox had horrible side effects several years ago with them and will never put them in/on my body again! Depending on the style I want I'll use different products, however for this photo I used Matte Fiber (Generic from Sally's, but comparable to American Crew Fiber) shampoo and conditioner I use 2chic repairing every 3 days or so. For more slick looks I'll use molding clay/pomade. Just had a hair cut #2 & #3 fade on sides and back and I can't tell I even had a hair transplant!
  9. Hey all sorry it's been so long!! Approaching the 21 month mark this month! Crazy how time flies! I'm still amazed that I have hair and how thick it is. It's been a process of experimenting with new hair products on different lengths and styles but at least I have options now!! Still trying to figure the best look, but at the moment I'm just trimming the sides and back.
  10. Hi Markito, From my experience yes I recommend him. Did you look through all progress and result photos? What are the doubts you have? Everyone's hairloss pattern will be different, best thing you can do is look through all results and find patients who have similar loss to you and compare. Best,
  11. @HG1 looking incredible mate! You Must Be chuffed!
  12. Hi @clerksband, It certainly does look thicker but it still looks great! Don't forget that a hair transplant will never full look like the real deal just a very close imitation. It's to give the illusion of a full head of hair. With that said, I wouldn't be able to tell that the front was transplanted if I didn't know.
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