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  1. Woah! That was one of my biggest hold-ups I couldn't afford $12,000 to do it. Where did you go? Why not? The travel wasn't that bad lol! Just a long flight (even with the layover).
  2. Years of research, Dr. Ciniks pricing is still pretty much the same as it was 18 months ago. I highly recommend him, based on my personal experience. I'll keep you all posted on my buddy who had his crown and slight touch up on his hairline done 4 months ago.
  3. Thank you! My incisions were done by Dr. Cinik. Thanks for the support man
  4. 17 months in and a fresh haircut. From when I started this journey to now I'm over the moon with my progress!! Thank to all of you in the forum who have followed my journey and for everyone's input, and of course Dr.Cinik and his team. I'm lucky that my MPB didn't cause any crown loss. However if I have any additional loss behind the frontal third/crown I'll likely do a touch up on the hairline as well, but so far I'm amazed how much has changed! Happy growing to all!
  5. Thank you man! Appreciate the support 🙏😊
  6. Thank you @BjornBorg for the kind words. I agree with you too, it's like the lottery and so far I hit the jackpot. I'd probably only revisit the hairline if I needed another transplant if further hairloss occurs, otherwise I'm light years away from where I was and over the moon with how everything turned out!
  7. Thank you man! I did not do a video call either, it was all through photos and his assistant who went to the Dr. To ask questions etc.
  8. Sorry to hear they had a bad experience, are they able to post their experience so that we all are able to see? Have they been in touch with the Dr to fix it? What was their situation in terms of amount of grafts, expectation, and recovery process? It's hard to evaluate without anything to show.
  9. Good idea to not panic, nothing good comes from it lol, especially as you're only Month 5 it may sort it self out by the 12-15 month mark. I think it's a combo of both but mainly the channeling...I would think, actually now I'm not sure lol.
  10. Hey! This sounds like it could be the channel was angled differently, do you have a photo to help show? I didn't experience that so I don't have too much knowledge on that subject.
  11. Hi @wheredidmyfolliclesgo, I'm not sure as to why Dr. Cinik was so deeply involved in mine in comparison to others. But if there is an option to have him do it I would highly recommend doing that. Thanks for checking out my results, your in a simmilar position (although you had more hair in the frontal third) that I was in. Aim for the higher amount if possible as it will keep with the consistency of your thick hair.
  12. Thanks Legend, I've considered going straighter with the temporal points, and maybe in the future I will. I want to wait a few years and assess any potential further hairloss and see.
  13. Hey! Here are my results at just over 16 months. Loving that I can style my hair many different ways, now I just need to figure out how to do so haha!!
  14. Looking right on track mate! You should notice over the next few weeks a considerable amount of thickening!