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  1. Thank you! I don't use minoxidil or fin. I had side effects with minox such as baggy under eyes headaches, and figured that it wasn't worth the side effects. Glad you remember my old post about it!!
  2. Thank you all for the support and following my journey. @johnp557799 great result man, that's a huge difference! How do you feel? @clerksband congrats on the 30 day mark! Yeah, I wouldn't use clippers on the transplanted area for at least 6 months. I believe the vibration of the clippers can cause damage to the root or dislodge the hair (it's still in its infancy) just use some good old scissors to trim. The rest of your head, inclduing donor, should be fine to clip...well it was fine for me at least. @mrknid yep you're right!
  3. Looking great man!! I waited for the 10 day mark but coconut oil is the best! Gently rub with your fingertips and don't force/pick the scabs. Best thing just take care of your health and it will help with the process (my perspective at least).
  4. I bet you can't wait! Work looks great! What did Dr. Cinik say about your hairloss future? Any reserves in your donor area just in case? Enjoy the next few days as the scabs come off and you get to see your hair...then the shed starts! This journey is like a rollercoaster but you'll be so happy at the end of the ride!! Happy growing man!
  5. Looking right on track!! Happy growing!!
  6. I'm chuffed!! I don't recall having this much density even in my late teens haha
  7. Well I am almost at the 1 year mark (3 days shy)!! But as I have family in town I likely will miss the date to update so wanted to give my results today! My family's coming in from England tomorrow and they haven't seen me since just before and after the operation. So this will be the biggest testament in terms of what they notice and how different I look. - Of course they know about the transplant, but will see it for the first time in person. I am growing my hair out and after a few weeks of the awkward stage it's finally getting better in terms of being more manageable and doing what I want it to. Overall at the 12 month mark I am ecstatic over how different I look. The fact the hair shapes my face, I don't mind about the wind as it's a quick fix. I can part my hair either side of my head (photos to follow). I've had a ton of compliments stating how I look 8-10 years younger than before, is it from working out, diet? I've been very open with everyone who's asked about what's different, and no-one has even guessed that I had a hair transplant until I tell them. They're reactions are priceless..I can almost hear their inner voices changing as they process that information "Are you crazy, woah that's so cool, hmm maybe I should get one" haha! This forum has been a huge help and I really appreciate everyone reaching out to ask about my story and following this thread. I will be continuing to post my journey over the next few months too. Thank you all and feel free to ask me any questions that I can help answer
  8. Thanks for reading! Never say impossible, you never know what is doable. Have you reached out to any Drs for a consultation? How far along is your hairloss?
  9. Looking great so far man!! Each day/week gets even better!! Looking forward to seeing your progress!!
  10. Almost! Dec 13 will be a while year!!
  11. That's why I'm here, share my experience!
  12. Congrats on your procedure! Yeah he came to Los Angeles and wanted to do an in person checkup. Meeting went great he was very excited to see how well everything had come along. (he took the 10 month comparison photos). Looking forward to hearing more about your journey! Best piece of advice I can give- Take Photos! Here are my photos from today- Lighting next to natural light (window) and bathroom lighting. I tried to style my hair differently using different product and I'm not a fan on the clumpiness of this pomade. I think I'll be going back to my sea salt and matte paste.
  13. @HG1 thank you man! It certainly makes me look 31 instead of 41 for sure! Plus I feel like myself again haha!!
  14. Thank you Melvin! Haha I completely agree with you! It's crazy how hair really does change the appearance and even gives a more youthful appearance too, in some cases!