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  1. R5000, you look right on track mate! Watch from here it will explode even more!! Happy growing man, feel free to reach out if you have any questions I can help with what I did. Alex, was the question for me or r5000? For me you can see on the previous page my donor and side area
  2. There's certainly an improvement, but is there s reason the patient only went for 1700 grafts? 2500-3000 would have served him better for density wise. Is he planning a 2nd procedure?
  3. Well we're at 9 months (or just shy of but will be travelling during the 9th month) Since my last update I grew out my hair and then decided to get a hair cut so that I can grow it our properly lol! Only difference I can tell is that it's still thickening up and I'm loving that I don't have to worry about how it looks at the gym, or in the street if the wind blows. Now I'm a perfectionist and trying to get the best style for me haha Has anyone else noticed that if you change the direction of your hair style it doesn't look as good, it may just be an illusion but if I try to comb my hair the other side it seems a lot more sparse than it really is. I'm assuming it's to do with the graft angle placement, but curious if anyone else has experienced this. Maybe as they thicken and grow stronger things will change I took the photos in two separate areas (harsh light bathroom and natural light bedroom) to show how lighting can really make a difference in appearance.
  4. Enjoy the shed my friend! Keep photos (either here or for your self) as it's really fun to go back and see the progress
  5. Hi Mickah17, Glad that you're happy, ultimately that's all that matters right? :) Certainly a vast improvement from where you were before. Are you considering a 2nd go around to fill in the area behind the hairline?
  6. Hey Johnny, I wash it daily, and haven't experienced any oilyness. Rawkerboi, donor looks untouched! 😄
  7. I'm using the back camera on my Samsung Note 8 and the more professional looking was a Fuji XE3.
  8. That's one knockout result, congratulations!!
  9. Hey Steeeve, Thank you for the kind words, I'm super excited to hear that it looks natural too! That's always a concern of mine, as I can tell, because I know and stare at it all the time haha. Yeah I'll reseve my judgement until 18 months, but I'm super stoked on where I am in comparison to before!
  10. 8 + 1/2 months! Not much has changed really except for the length of hair haha! Still hoping that the area on the top of my head thickens up soon, if not at least I am able to style to cover it, not that it's a massive area but I'm a perfectionist sometimes haha! What I can say for sure though, is I am loving being able to walk in the wind, or get our of the pool/ocean and not worry about how I look. Confidence booster for sure!
  11. Thank you HG1, how are you coming along?
  12. Do any of the mods know what happened to my photos? They all seem to have broken links!
  13. 8 months! Still a lot more thickening and the transplanted hairs are becoming more manageable to style. No paste or toppik, just natural shots for the update Meeting with Dr. Cinik in Sept/Oct when he comes out to LA for a convention. Will be able to sit down with him and get an idea of how much more I have to grow and talk about some of the sparse areas . Overall though I am through the roof with the results so far!!
  14. Hi All! Sorry been crazy busy and I have been enjoying my new hair! I just got a haircut but took some photos prior to cut. All photos have no concealer in them, only hair promade for style. As you can see there is an area that I am a little nervous about as it seems to be growing slower, but I spoke to Dr. Cinik, who told me to keep in touch with him, but we're only 7 months into the hair transplant and I should hold off worrying for a few months until we hit the 12 month mark. I'm extremely happy but would like a little more density (greed I know). Seeing as I am just over 7 1/2 months I am confident that more will come through over the next few months. With that said I can certainly see that there is more growth from the last month, so that is encouraging
  15. Looking great man! Congrats!! 👍