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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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  1. Hi @sharmaarya did you have a question? Looks like you requoted another user but I don't see anything else. If I can help please let me know
  2. Typically the crown takes a little longer to grow and really full out. I'd wait till the 15 month Mark and evaluate then. Looking great though!
  3. Hey clerk, I stopped taking it because I'm the worst when it comes to taking pills and forget to at times! At the moment nothing, I should jump back on a, multivitamin though lol! Hi Alex, I'm sure it would help a little!
  4. Hi @spikestar, Thanks for following I used coconut oil around the 10th day I believe (it's kinda hard to remember exactly when) I used Gaia Saw Palmetto and took their recommended daily amount- 1 capsules 2x a day between meals.
  5. Hi All, I guess I should chime in here that I fully approve this! My results came out even better than I could have expected! Thanks for the following so closely @Melvin-Moderator
  6. Hi @Brickellmoto, sadly no. Dr. Cinik's clinic didn't offer that at the time I went, they may offer it now (not sure) but a buddy of mine is going at the end of this month, so I can ask him then.
  7. Awesome man! Yeah it certainly helps a ton with the confidence and post op was fine (just kept it covered when out and about) and told my agents and manager that I needed yime to recover...didnt stop me going to a few auditions with a scabby head haha. Thanks man! I'm super ecstatic about my result and humbled that you read through the whole thread! Thank you! I chose Dr. Cinik because of the results and consulation, not to mention the price. I consulted over the years with several recommended doctors on the forum but the results really spoke to me.
  8. I don't unfortunately... I wonder if there's a way I can find out from home Thank you!!
  9. Hi Clerksband, I took it years ago and it caused me to break out in cystic acne so I stopped. Instead I took Saw Palmetto, it's the natural based version of Fin.
  10. Haha thanks Sean...don't tell the world my secret I'd happily portray him though! Hi Grant, I am able to now. I'll style it the other way tonight and upload a photo, it was probably due to the hair still becoming stronger and mature.
  11. And a new headshot to give you an idea of how hair styling can change your look entirely!! Attached the old one for comparison too!!
  12. Dude!!! Sorry I missed the updates! Congrats on pulling the trigger, how is everything going? You're right in the ugly duckling stage..it's s rollercoaster for sure but the end of the ride is worth it! From your last photos everything looked great, would love to see where you're at now!
  13. Thank you guys!
  14. 13 month update! I am just past the 13 month mark and everything is going great! There hair still seems to be getting thicker, I had a slight trim 2 weeks ago and I now I wish I had kept it growing. Live and learn lol! Other than that I am still over the moon!!