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  1. I was flipping through my personal journal of photos from month to month to try and weigh in here. Overall I think I fall somewhere in the middle of this discussion. At 6 months I'd say I had established a pretty good idea of how everything was going to grow in. I remember this was the first month I felt comfortable going out without a hat on consistently! Post 6 month I do believe there was a combo of maturation of the hairs as well as some new hair growth. I wouldn't say there was a TON of new hairs that came in, but for sure a few. My hair line seemed to establish itself early on
  2. Right now I am absolutely thrilled with my current hair line situation -- I wouldn't change a thing about it. But yea I think eventually I will make a second pass. Dr. Panine and I talked a little about that prior to my procedure and he was very upfront and honest about long term planning. Really appreciated him setting my expectations like that.
  3. The second set of pictures is from the 6 month mark -- while the final set of pictures is from the 15 month mark.
  4. Hi Everyone - I am a patient of Dr. Panine and this is my review of my 2,600 graft FUE procedure. Right now I am just about 18 months post op and could not be more thrilled with the results. Initial Consultation For about a year I combed through what seemed like hundreds of pages of internet research on hair loss and hair transplant doctors in the Chicago-land area. I settled on three possible options for my procedure and decided to make an initial consultation with each of them. What I felt set Dr. Panine and his team apart was their commitment to me. Starting with Stua
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