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  1. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Dr Raghu Reddy

    Deanomag, Dr. Reddy presents examples of his results on this forum every month. Moreover, I strongly suggest viewing Dr. Reddy’s recommendation profile here to view dozens of examples of his results. Best wishes, Bill
  2. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Dr Raghu Reddy

    John, That’s a fantastic result! I’d love to see more photos of your results. Did you create your own topic to showcase your results yet? If not you should. Best wishes, Bill
  3. Literalno, your post is so outrageous and nonsensical that I simply can’t in good conscience leave it up on this topic. It literally doesn’t even make sense. In the future if you are going to make critical comments, do so in a way that shows you understand how hair transplant or on this case eyebrow surgery works. If you don’t like a result, explain why respectfully. Don’t just make blanket statements that you’ve heard others say when you have no understanding of what the word means. If you post unfairly maligning, blanket comments again without any evidence to back it up we may have to suspend your posting privileges. Best regards, Bill
  4. Kimura, im concerned that you said you usually post under another login name but are having problems logging in. What is your other username? Did you try the forgot password option? Theres a nite there too about contacting me of you’re having problems logging in. But I don’t have an email from you. Send me a private message and let’s get your other account working for you. By the way your hair looks fantastic for only 5 months. Best wishes, Bill
  5. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Average Donor Yield

    This is a tough question to answer for a number of reasons. But on average, assuming you want to keep the donor area free from obvious scarring or missing hair, I’d say 5000 grafts is a realistic average. If you’ve been quoted 9000, then I’d love to hear what your donor hair density is in grafts per cm^2. I suspect it’s quite high. I also suspect your head is above average size, which ultimately does impact the number of grafts one has available. Best wishes, Bill
  6. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Help in contacting Dr.Lorenzo

    Noob, if you haven’t already I suggest calling the clinic. best wishes, Bill
  7. Dense dream, Everybody is different however, if you are familiar with the side effects from Propecia/finasteride, then understand that the side effects from Avodart/dutasteride Are nearly identical except stronger. Now, side effects are not a given, they don’t affect everybody and they are only supposed to affect a small percentage of people. As for whether or not they last, I think some people would disagree with Freddy. There is something called post finasteride syndrome where on going, lasting side effects of a sexual nature exist long beyond stopping the medication. This is allegedly exceptionally rare but do understand that if it’s a risk with finasteride it’s a risk with dutasteride Personally, I took Propecia for years and not experience any side effects. But just know everybody is different so it’s important you know the risks before taking it. Best wishes, Bill
  8. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Bill - Managing Publisher’s Results 10 Years Later - Growing Hair

    Hey new hair please, Thanks for the compliment I appreciate it. And when did you send me a private message? Did you send it recently or previously on the old forum? Either way I will check… I’m just not clear on when you sent it.
  9. Bill - Managing Publisher

    The ultimate manual versus motorized FUE thread

    Sean, While I don’t entirely disagree, I’m afraid that when we base things slowly on our experiences, we have tunnel vision. Regrettably, that prevents us from seeing the facts and how other people experience things. The reality is, Motorized FUE is a slight bit easier but as a result, it’s easy or at least easier for hair restoration surgeons or their technicians to get a little lazy. This is amplified even more with devices like the Neograft and maybe even the Artas Hair Restoration System. Surgeons who work manual FUE equipment have to stay on their toes and work harder and no doubt it takes more time, skill and experience to get it right. Personally, I truly admire those hair transplant surgeons who perform FUE with manual devices and constantly get superior results. It shows how skilled experience they really are. That said, as long as hair transplant surgeons to use powered or automated FUE devices to extract follicular units don’t get lazy or sloppy, they too can produce superior results. The end of the day, it always does come down to the surgeon, their skill and experience. The tool or device a surgeon uses should assist in making the job a bit easier, but it should never make a surgeon lazy because it will affect the results. I just thought I would add my two cents on this. Best wishes, Bill
  10. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Getfue Dr Ayhan Colak

    Forgive me for my ignorance, but where is Antalya? In my opinion however, always on the go hair transplant surgery well known surgeon who has an established record of producing outstanding results. Now, any doctor can show a portfolio of results to you at the time of your consultation however, how many surgeons can say they’ve been approved for recommendation on a true patient community with high standards? Surgeons we recommend must meet our demanding standards and continue to show examples of their current work and results in order to maintain their recommendation. Moreover, surgeons we recommend agreed to be held accountable by their patients enabling them to share their experiences and results online, good or bad. View our recommended hair restoration surgeons and consult with those you feel you are most impressed with. best wishes, Bill
  11. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Community Reputations

    To be honest, I’m not exactly sure how reputation is calculated. I know that the number of posts has something to do with it but I don’t know what else influences it. This is something I’m going to have to research and see what I can find. In the meantime, just know that the more you all participate, which includes liking and responding to each other‘s posts, the higher your reputation will get. Best wishes, Bill
  12. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Surgeon missed a spot...

    @zachmonmon Not to digress from your original post, but it’s interesting that I’ve been seeing a lot more Bosley commercials lately. And since they are pretty much the only ones or do I need to find a TV commercial advertising, I fear for how many people will end up liking. Now that doesn’t mean that some surgeons and technician at Bosley aren’t outstanding. But typically, surgeons with no experience start there and eventually, when they build and impressive enough portfolio, they start their own practice and hire their own experienced technicians. My biggest problem at Bosley is that you never know what you’re going to get when you go there. You might end up with an outstanding hair transplant and excellent results or you might not. Now, I can’t say whether they missed a spot of the grafts just didn’t grow there. However, the good news is, you can always get a touch up procedure and get it fixed. In my opinion, I suggest consulting with one of our prescreen Hair Restoration surgeons who have a proven track record of producing excellent results. You can view many examples of each hair restoration surgeons results here on this forum or on their recommendation profiles. At the top of the screen, you’ll see a button for “find a prescreen surgeon”. Click that, And you can find a surgeon that best fits in suits your needs. Best wishes, Bill
  13. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Announcing our New Mobile Friendly Forum - Issues and Updates

    Members and guests, we are currently experiencing some issues with the team design of our new forum, ever since we did the software update a couple days ago. So if you see the forum looks a little different now than it did when we first launched it, it’s because we are working on fixing the custom template to work with the new software. I’m sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused, but just know that the design of the forum is much better looking than the version you may be seeing as of this post. Oddly, administrators are able to use and see the custom theme with only a few minor bugs. But we are working on getting that seem to work for everybody including guests. So stay tuned and sorry for the imconvenience. Best wishes, Bill
  14. Orange hair, Thanks for presenting another excellent result from Dr. Dorin. His hair looks nice and thick. Best wishes, Bill