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  1. OK so allow me to explain because this title is probably confusing. FUTA versus FUE is one of the most discussed topics however, what people don’t realize, is that FUE IS FUT. FUT stands for follicular unit hair transplantation And was named that way because instead of using the old mini-graft technique which contains approximately 4 to 8 hairs - surgeon was began using hair groupings as they appear naturally in the scout, called follicular units. They follicular unit can be anywhere from 1 to 4 hairs. A follicular unit transplant procedure involves both harvesting hair from the donut area and implanting them into tiny recipient incisions in the scalp. However, when we talk about FUSS and FUE, our strictly talking about the toner harvesting technique portion of the FUT procedure. FUE stands for follicular unit excision, recently renamed by the ISHRS from follicular unit extraction. This donor harvesting technique involves using one of many various excision devices to harvest follicular units one by one from the side and back of the scalp or other areas of the body. FUSS stands for follicular unit strip surgery and involves harvesting a strip of tissue containing hair follicles, suturing or steepling the wound, typical using the tricophytic closure technique, slivering the tissue and dissecting follicular units from the strip using microscopes. So what about the implantation part of the procedure? Why is there so much focus on the donor harvesting technique? Well there are some names for the implantation part of the procedure, such as stick and place but the focus is on the donor harvesting because that’s what ultimately determines the viability of the graft. If a graft is damaged, it’s typically during the dinner harvesting portion of the procedure. However, grafts can be damaged during the implantation part of the procedure if the technicians or surgeon is not careful and crushes it during implantation. That’s why implanter pans were developed for example. They assist with implantation while minimizing damage to the follicles. For more detailed information about all of the above, I suggest reading the content below that we’ve written on our website. https://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/Hair-Loss-Treatments/follicular-unit-extraction.asp https://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/Hair-Loss-Treatments/FUE-vs-FUT.asp https://www.hairtransplantnetwork.com/Hair-Loss-Treatments/FUE-hair-transplant-implantation-devices.asp now, there are many more link so I can post, but if you follow the above link and then follow the links in the article 2 other parts of the site, you will see or about specific extraction devices, sharp versus blunt punches, a history of FUE, etc. I’d love to hear everyone’s input on this. Bill
  2. Bill - Managing Publisher

    FUE or FUT vs donor area advice

    Remember also that I’m providing you with general information. There are always exceptions to every rule. Perhaps Hasson And Wong know something about your specific case that I don’t and therefore, maybe they’re recommending strip for a reason. That said, since we are being overly technical, FUT is actually the overshadowing procedure where as strip and if you we are actually both FUT procedures, they are both just different toner harvesting techniques. That may be confusing because everybody is so used to discussing FUT versus FUE. The reality is, it’s FUSS versus FUE. If you SS stands for follicular unit strip surgery.
  3. Bill - Managing Publisher

    FUE or FUT vs donor area advice

    Phil, That’s not exactly what I meant. Strip is actually the more viable way to harvest grafts. However, once you have undergone both strip and follicular unit extraction, it’s best not to go back to strip because the hairs surrounding that the harvest in follicles could be damaged and not viable for transplanting. That’s not an issue with FUE, but it is an issue with strip… But only if you do strip after FUE. To clarify, it’s not an issue with strep if you haven’t done any FUE. Bill
  4. Hairlosspa, It is not the same thing to compare many different topics about FUT verses FUE to waiting more than one topic to present a single case of poor growth from a clinic. As I mentioned above, the duties and the responsibilities of the moderators are to keep this forum fair and balanced. Creating multiple topics about FUT versus FUE doesn’t create an unfair environment. However, it is unfair to a particular surgeon to create multiple topics that they have to keep track of and respond to regarding a single case or practices at an individual doesn’t necessarily like. So yes, there will be times where we simply say, a topic has already been created for this and to keep discussion there. Clearly, we wouldn’t do this for general educational topics, but when it comes to a controversy that involves multiple parties sharing their side of the story and views and a need for moderation - then we are not going to create more work for everybody by allowing multiple topics about the same thing, especially when it’s potentially damaging to an individual. I trust this make sense to you and that it clears things up. Bill
  5. Pgdmmb, It is the responsibility and duty of the moderators to keep this forum fair and balanced - which is the spirit of our terms of use. We have long-held surgeons accountable for their results by allowing patient to share they’re genuine opinions and experiences. Surgeons who are recommended, who know longer meet our high standards are discontinued in their recommendation status. However, each situation is investigated prior to removing a surgeon on a case by case basis. One poor result is not the same as a particular surgeon no longer producing outstanding results on a regular basis. However, this has happened and we have removed many surgeons as a result Similarly however, patients must also be held accountable for their posts. We are neutral until there is a reason not to be. In other words, when a patient begins unfairly maligning a surgeon, it is the duty of the moderators to step in. Unfairly maligning a surgeon or another member for that reason is not fair or balanced and is against our policies. So if you feel this is unfair of the moderators, then I’m sorry you feel that way but these are the rules and they are clearly listed. We certainly appreciate member feedback and opinions and will do our best to continue to be fair. We aren’t perfect and sometimes, it may appear that we are leaning one way or another but there is always a reason. We aren’t always correct in our assessment, we are not infallible and we recognize that. However, members will be held accountable for their posts just as surgeons will be held accountable for their results. Best wishes, Bill
  6. Bill - Managing Publisher

    FUE or FUT vs donor area advice

    I would personally stick with FUE now that you’ve had it. FUE can actually damage nearby follicles and make them non-viable for harvesting and transplanting via Strip. However FUE is ok because nearby follicles will remain intact because the nearest hairs to the preciously harvested follicular units aren’t extracted. But with strip, every follicular unit within the strip is used as long as its viable and not damaged. I hope that helps. Bill
  7. Hairlosspa, I’m not exactly sure what happened above but I will ask Melvin because I’m a little unclear. I’m also unclear about what’s going on with some other topic about FUT versus FUE that he says will not be anymore. That doesn’t sound right to me so I need to check with him. Just for being suspended in advertently, all I can do is apologize. I wasn’t involved but obviously, we certainly don’t want to give members the impression that we ban them for no reason. On the other hand, in what way do you mean that we Moderat too much? When something is unbalanced or unfair, there is a need to moderate. There are some forums that moderate WAY more than we do and there are other forums where it’s a free-for-all with no moderation. However, I would like to hear your opinion on why you think it’s too heavy moderated. So send me a private message rather than hijack this topic and let’s discuss it. Bill
  8. I too am very sorry to hear about what happened. However, since you have had hair transplant surgery 26 years ago, I doubt there are any grounds to sue even if the procedure was a complete failure. And I suppose I would ask the obvious question… Why are you waiting so long to consider taking action when I’m sure you were on happy with the results a year afterwards? Or, if you were happy a year after words, The reality is, hair transplant surgery does nothing to stop the progression of male pattern hair loss. That’s why nonsurgical treatments like Propecia and Rogaine are recommended especially for young people to still have a lot of hair they could lose. Now if you were not given informed consent, that is you weren’t told about these things in writing, I suppose there could be a case but again, the fact that it was 26 years ago, I highly doubt there would be any case here. Frankly, any judge would probably think that the only reason while you’re trying to go out your surgeon so many years later is because you’re low on money and are looking for ways to make something quick. Otherwise, why I haven’t you pursued legal action 20 years ago or even 25 years ago? No I’m not saying that’s what you’re trying to do, I’m just saying that it will likely be construed as that, assuming any lawyer would even take your case. But I’m not a lawyer. In my opinion however, I suggest dropping the wall and instead, visiting one of our prescreening hair restoration physicians to see what they can do to give you the head of hair I want and deserve. Melvin posted a link above and you can also find our list of prescreened surgeons at the top of the screen on both mobile and the computer. Best wishes, Bill
  9. Raker, Of course it’s all about money, do you actually think hair restoration is a charity? I could understand if we were having a discussion about feeding the homeless or the American Red Cross. But hair transplant surgery is a cosmetic elective procedure and at the end of the day, those who can pay for it, can undergo the procedure. Otherwise, doctors wouldn’t do it. Now don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying that doctors don’t care about their patients. Of course they do and they want the best for them. But, they do expect to be paid and if they can’t get paid, then they can’t proceed with the procedure. Now I will admit, I personally think the clinic should have done something to work something out especially since legend stated that the money was there. Perhaps he could’ve done something to prove the money was there by showing an account statement? Perhaps that may have satisfied the clinic? I really don’t know how much conversation and negotiation there was however, I do think that something should have been worked out rather than just seeing the procedure get canceled. But don’t make a mistake in thinking that hair transplant surgery is a charity. It is an elective cosmetic procedure that most people don’t get or have money for. The lucky few that do undergo the procedure and doctors get paid well for it. And they should. Bill
  10. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Dr Devroye 8 MONTH REVIEW (FUE 2583 Grafts)

    Been chatting with Phil privately for a while and I have been pained by his disappointment since we started talking. I feel bad too because I know that he wanted my input before he presented his experience on the forum but I guess I to had a difficult time understanding the real concern because when I read his experience, there were no photos attached. After reviewing his photos, I was surprised to hear he was unhappy but after talking with him for a while, I do understand that he wanted something different than what he received. How exactly that was communicated to the clinic, I don’t know as I wasn’t privy to. However, both parties of knowledge the miscommunication and I’m very pleased to hear that Dr. Devroye was offered a touch up procedure to tackle the area the patient is concerned about. Phil, I do hope and trust that you take the good doctor up on his offer and give him a chance to make you happy with your results. Best wishes, Bill
  11. Bill - Managing Publisher

    My Experience with Dr Richard S. Keller

    @chicago2017 and all, While I can appreciate that you are unhappy with your results, we have yet to see any real good photos showing your crown and mid scalp. I do agree with you that Dr. Keller should have posted more photos of the midsection from the top down angle and to your crown since that’s where the grafts were transplanted. However, I suggest that you take some realistic photos under natural lighting rather than extremely harsh lighting which always makes it results look worse than it is. Honestly, the crown and midsection according to the photos I’ve seen do look improved and given your level of baldness, I’m not surprised that you don’t have more density. In my opinion, you have got an a great start with 3000 grafts and if you want to get another procedure, you can obtain more density. While I reserve my final comments until I see more accurate photos of your crown and midsection after surgery, I am inclined to agree that your expectations may have been too high. The reality is, with your level of boldness, there’s no way that 3000 graphs will give you the kind of density that you want. I have had to undergo 4 hair transplant procedures in order to get the results I have and I still have thinning areas in the crown. Some people may be unhappy with the results I have if their expectations were to achieve a full, thick head of hair like the high school glory days. But I’m very happy with my results and most people don’t even know I’ve ever experienced any thinning hair. However, I’m confident in the way my hair looks now so I will even show people my crown my putting my head down and people saying, oh yeah I guess it’s a little thinner there but it still looks good. Considering I would be completely bald without my hair transplants, I am very happy with my results. But I also had to be realistic with what could be achieved on a Norwood five A with 9600 grafts. The reality is, it would take 22,000+ grafts (50,000 hairs) all over the top of a completely bald scalp in order to achieve for density. And this is not realistic because we don’t have that many available grafts in our donor area. It would take approximately 11,000 grafts to achieve The “illusion of density” which means it will appear thick under normal lighting but under harsh lighting, it will still appear thinner. So I think you can imagine that only 3000 grafts placed in a large area of baldness such as the crown which is considered a black hole for grafts and the midsection which is a very large area simply will not achieve the kind of density and coverage you want in a single procedure. You or others might wonder why other positions might have had what looks like better results with the same number of graphs and a similar balding area. I’ll people also have to understand that hair caliber, shaft diameter, thickness, Color, hair to scalp color contrast ratio, placement of the grafts, area of the scalp where they are transplanted, etc. all play a vital role in achieving this illusion of density. So if you take this post seriously and really analyze and evaluate what you have versus what can be achieved, I think you’ll see that they are pretty much in line. Now personally, I think doctors should do a better job explaining this to patients and even let their patients now that they will likely require more than a single procedure to meet their goals if they want a thicker looking head of hair. However, part of the purpose of this community is to help educate patients so they can do their research before they undergo surgery. I wish I could’ve personally explained all this to you before you underwent surgery and maybe would have a different outlook today on your results. Maybe would’ve prepared like me knowing that you would’ve had to go for more than one procedure to meet your goals. So like I said, I’d still like to see better photos not under harsh lighting as I explained above about the illusion of density, harsh lighting will impact what the result looks like and its simply not a fair comparison. That said, I’m still inclined to agree that your expectations may have been too high which is why you’re not happy with what you have right now. At the end of the day, whether you are happy or not, to achieve more thickness and density, you will require another procedure. This should have been explain to from the beginning. Hopefully it was. Best wishes, Bill
  12. @chicago2017, Since Dr. Keller may not see this post for awhile, feel free to post your own photos showing your results and share a detailed account of your experience. I understand you didn’t get grafts put into the hairline, but the mid section and crown look good according to the above photos. If you can take photos of your scalp from the top down or of the crown alone, we’d be able to provide our comments based on your photos as well. Best wishes, Bill P.S. I’ve take the liberty of editing Dr. Keller’s post to remove the part about the frontal area being transplanted.
  13. Ok since both titles seemed inaccurate I changed the title to something a bit more generic. I trust this will meet no objections. “Couldn’t Have Surgery With Dr. Diep - Here’s Why” Best wishes, Bill
  14. If people have a problem with the new title how about suggesting a new one instead of crying foul about this one. Let’s be constructive here people. What do you think is fair? Bill
  15. Dr. Sethi and Dr. Bansal, Thank you for presenting several examples of your results. This is truly very impressive result as our the others I’ve seen so far. I will be looking over the rest of them soon. Keep up the great work. Best wishes, Bill