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  1. You don’t hear about them very often, but some are still undergoing synthetic hair transplant surgery and ending up with a scalp full of disgusting and painful sores that take a long time to heal and never heal as long as they continue getting synthetic hair transplants. There are all kinds of problems with the years but many don’t know about it. They think they can obtain an unlimited donor supply because it’s not your real hair. But how does it really look and what are the dangers? View “Synthetic Hair Transplants Vs. Surgical Hair Restoration” and share your thoughts below. Best wishes, Bill
  2. How to select a top hair transplant surgeon is the most crucial component in ensuring you get the best result. In fact, we always encourage those looking into the procedure to research all surgeons they are considering. Recently, we published an article siding a few of the things you should look for in a surgeon. You can see it at “How To Select a Top Hair Transplant Surgeon”. You are encouraged to read the above article and then share some of The proponents that you look for in a surgeon and that you would recommend others do too. Your thoughts? Bill
  3. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Should I Have An FUE or Strip Procedure?

    That’s true, they both come with their own advantages and disadvantages. However, I think answer really depends on the individual and their goals. Whats everyone think?
  4. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Hair Transplant Surgery and the Lateral Slit Technique

    Melvin, Thanks for posting this article. I know there’s been some debate related to whether or not coronal or sagittal incisions produce more natural looking results. I’ve personally spoken to hair transplant surgeons that use both and hav even seen a side-by-side comparison on the same scalp whereas 1/2 of the scalp was performed using the lateral foot technique and the other was performed using sagittal incisions. Frankly, I’m not so sure there is a significant difference between the two. It’s possible that the lateral slit technique which uses coronal incisions allows for slightly more dense packing when appropriate for the patient, but I haven’t seen any real significant difference related to growth when it comes to either technique. As long as the surgeon is skilled and experienced, either technique can produce outstanding results. Other thoughts? Bill
  5. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Potential Recommendation of Dr. Antonio Alcaide of Malaga Spain

    @Raker, Thanks for expressing your concern. However, Jean made a great point about many surgeons not doing temporal work or at least presenting it but you have to remember, that many patients simply don’t need it or requested. And as you can see, the clinic responded to your concern and even showed an example of some temple work in his reply. So clearly they do this kind of work when requested although they admit that it’s rare because it’s often not needed by their patients. Dr. Alcaide he may have only just started presenting examples of his work and results here on this forum. However, his work and results are well represented in other places online. Moreover, he was trained and is backed by Coalition member Dr. Bisanga who is fully confident in his work and results. Certainly that says something as well but you know us. We never approve a doctor for recommendation just on someone’s word. We need to see the work and results for ourselves. But I’d say in this case, it certainly producing top notch results. Best wishes, Bill
  6. Dear forum members, As many of you know, we gather as much information as possible about a physician, their staff, technique and track record before they are even considered for recommendation on the Hair Transplant Network. Part of our review process involves getting input from patients and the members of this forum community. To learn more about this review process, click here. Thus, we'd like your input on the potential recommendation of Dr. Antonio Alcaide of Malaga, Spain. At this time, Dr. Alcaide is being considered for recommendation only, not the Coalition. To see our demanding standards for recommendation, click here. Dr. Antonio Alcaide has been trained by Coalition member Dr. Christian Bisanga and performs FUE (follicular unit extraction) and some FUSS (strip surgery) when appropriate as the primary part of his practice at BHR Clinic in Spain. Dr. Alcaide has over 5 years of experience and operates on only 1 patient per day. He uses all of the latest tools and techniques including microscopic dissection, the trichophytic closure, minimally invasive blades, needles as small as .8mm, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and dense packing when appropriate for the patient. He specializes in FUSS, FUE, hair transplant repair, SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation), hair replacement (hair systems) and Mesotherapy. Dr. Alcaide also offers prescriptions for Propecia and free consultations for hair transplant surgery. Dr. Antonio Alcaide has the staff and experience to perform large, densely packed sessions of ultra refined follicular unit hair transplantation exceeding 3500 grafts when appropriate for the patient. Dr. Alcaide uses both a manual and motorized extraction device (depending on the patient) with punch sizes ranging from .8mm to .9mm depending on the patient and the size of the graft. He uses single haired grafts for the crucial hairline areas to mimic nature and densely packs up to 50 FU/cm2 when appropriate. Dr. Antonio Alcaide prefers manual FUE extraction because he feels it's more delicate, gentle and less traumatic for the grafts than the NeoGraft and the SAFE Scribe. Follicular unit grafts are stored in a PRP / Saline holding solution after extraction for a maximum of 2 to 3 hours to minimize dehydration while waiting to be implanted into tiny recipient incisions made by the surgeon prior to implantation. Grafts are then inserted carefully using Ellis forceps by experienced technicians. Dr. Alcaide has a background in dermatology and trichology and is a member of the ISHRS, FUE Europe, the Spanish Academic of Dermatology (AEDV) and the Spanish Society of Trichology. Given Dr. Alcaide's training and experience in performing both state of the art FUT and FUE and providing only the best results, in my opinion, he should be considered for recommendation. In recent weeks, Dr. Alcaide has presented several examples of his procedure and recent results on this forum. Dr. Alcaide's Recent Patient and Surgical photos can be found below: Dr. ALCAIDE - BHR Clinic / 2583 FUE - Crown restoration Dr. ALCAIDE - BHR Clinic / 1817 FUE Dr. ALCAIDE - BHR Clinic / 2583 FUE - Crown restoration Dr. ALCAIDE - BHR Clinic / 2756 FUE - Hair line and crown Dr. ALCAIDE - BHR Clinic / 1393 FUE - Crown restoration Dr. ALCAIDE - BHR Clinic / 2292 FUE Dr. ALCAIDE - BHR Clinic / 2505 FUE - Crown case Dr. ALCAIDE - BHR Clinic / 1981 FUE Dr. ALCAIDE - BHR Clinic / 2214 FUE You can find additional examples of his work by visiting the “Results Posted by Leading Hair Transplant Clinics” forum and by using the “search” feature. I welcome input and comments from forum members regarding his potential recommendation. To view our standards for recommendation, click here.
  7. Bill - Managing Publisher

    advice on meds side effects

    Confident Hair, You should know that promoting your website or peddling your product on this forum is for bidden and against our policy is. Therefore, you have been flagged as a spammer and banned. All your posts will be removed. Bill
  8. Bill - Managing Publisher

    How To Select A Hair Transplant Surgeon

    Melvin and all, Selecting a quality hair surgeon is the most crucial part of hair transplant surgery and ensuring you get the best results. The article does a pretty good job going over various things to consider when researching and deciding on a Hair restoration physician. What does everyone else think? What makes for a top hair transplant surgeon? Best wishes, Bill
  9. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Dr. ALCAIDE - BHR Clinic / 2292 FUE

    Daniel, Thanks for posting another impressive result. The front went from completely bald to what appears like true density. What is the actual density of the transplanted area? i look forward to seeing more best wishes, Bill
  10. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Warning! Getting A Hair Transplant With Unstable Hair Loss Is A Bad Idea!

    Good article Melvin. I agree that it’s important to stabilize your hair loss prior to undergoing address surgery. Otherwise, you’ll be chasing after me and frankly, never be satisfied. Any other thoughts? Bill
  11. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Dr. ALCAIDE - BHR Clinic / 2214 FUE

    Daniel, Thanks for taking the time to introduce Dr. Alcaide to the community and present your first example of his results. This patient result is clearly top notch. I really like both the thickness and the naturalness of his hairline in particular. I look forward to seeing more examples of his work and results in the coming days and weeks. Best wishes, Bill
  12. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Are All Low-Cost Hair Transplant Clincs Bad?

    Selecting a hair transplant surgeon or clinic based on cost is not a good idea but it doesn’t mean that low cost clinics are necessarily bad. But, in my opinion, to ensure you Greg the best results, you should select s surgeon based on a proven ability to produce outstanding results rather than cost or location. Great article. What does everyone else think? Bill
  13. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Is FUE Scarless?

    Melvin and all, Even today, too many prospective hair transplant patients think that FUE is a scarless procedure. Now, it clearly lacks the linear scar associated with strip surgery however, shaving their head completely will likely reveal thousands of tiny round dots all over the sides and back of the scalp. These will be more or less visible depending on the patient’s physiology and wound healing properties however, still, many prefer it over the linear star because patients can typically wear their hair cropped just a bit shorter with FUE then they can with FUSS. Personally, I was never overly concerned about scarring. I was just so happy to be able to restore so much hair on top of my head that the thought of a pencil thin linear scar was far from troublesome to me. Today however, a lot more people seem concerned about this which is why they choose FUE in the first place. Thankfully, the procedure has advanced substantially and many world renowned hair restoration surgeons are performing FUE hair transplant surgery with outstanding results. Best eishes, Bill
  14. Bill - Managing Publisher

    My Hair Loss Journey

    Melvin, what a phenomenal video and even more outstanding transformation. I guess I didn’t realize that you had that much hair restored given how thick your hair is today. I look forward to seeing some of your next videos since I know you’ll be doing many including answering several hot topic hair loss questions. We are all looking forward to it 🙂 Bill
  15. Bill - Managing Publisher

    Is Microneedling Effective For Treating Hair Loss

    @Phil36fromaus I’m sorry, I meant to address @LaserCap Yes, you are right, that’s what SMP is. But this topic is about micro needling so I’m not sure what @LaserCap was talking about. That’s what is confusing us @LaserCap Click on the link at the top of this topic and it will explain what microneedling is. Best, Bill