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  1. @RameshK, Although your post doesn’t really make sense, I imagine you’re trying to say that there are too many gaps in between the hairs. However, nobody else seems to think this or agree with you. In fact, I happen to think the work looks very clean and I’m looking forward to seeing the end result. You are certainly entitled to your opinion however, I suggest you look at the pictures and detail again and see the responses posted by others also. You are certainly in the minority with your opinion. Bill
  2. Great topics. And I happen to agree that most people don’t have 8500 grafts available via FUE. I mean technically they do but if you want to minimize the appearance of scarring, there’s no way you can harvest 8500 follicular unit grafts from the donor area in most patients. But regarding how many hair transplants one and having a lifetime, clearly that does vary. For me I’ve already had four strict procedures and 9600 grafts. Ironically, I probably still have some available donor for strip but I think I would opt for FUE at this point now for several reasons. But in general, it’s difficult to put a number on how many procedures one can have because there are so many variables. The number of grafts available is easier to put an average on. Best wishes, Bill
  3. I want to further add that spex has been found creating posts on this forum asking prospective patients to pay him for consultations. Mind you, he is not a surgeon and just a patient. He also gets paid by doctors he represents. So there is a huge conflict of interest there. He clearly is a self promoter and while I’m not denying that he has done some good, let’s be realistic about who he is and what he does. Sorry, but my post was accurate and even still, he is the one overreacting and choosing to leave on his own accord. Bill
  4. It’s interesting that people think I’m being harsh. The reality is, that there are far too many patients who are impatient and badmouth their surgeon only a couple months after surgery when much can happen between now and the end result between 12 and 18 months. The reality is, the donor area may not look great at the moment but can and will likely heal Immensely and look much better in time. So yes… I stand by what I said originally and feel that this patient should relax, take it easy and do his best to trust the process. If for some reason his donor doesn’t look good but the time the in result comes in, i’m sure Dr. Bhatti will standby him and do what he can to make things right. Best wishes, Bill
  5. @Upshall, This is clearly not the first time you have criticized us and frankly, you clearly don’t have any respect for this community. While I have no problem addressing questions and provide reasons for posts or comments I make, I’m not going to be bullied by someone who doesn’t respect me or the work we do on this community. Therefore, it is time for you to leave. Bill
  6. @Nebulosity, To be completely honest, I have no idea what you are talking about. You are about four months into your hair transplant and the very first day you posted you said you weren’t happy with your “results“. You clearly don’t understand that hair transplant results take a year to 18 months to grow in doesn’t make a lot of sense. You’re also now talking about hair transplant removal when your newly transplanted hair probably is only just starting to grow in if yet at all. Truthfully, I really don’t know how anybody here can help you if you don’t listen to reason. Now, I don’t know what conversations you had with the doctor but I do agree that he should at least try to address your concerns and answer your questions. However, you do not have any results yet to discuss and there’s nothing he can really do to satisfy your concerns except to tell you to wait, be patient and in another 8 to 10 months or so, you should be very happy with your results. So, I strongly suggest that you stop worrying so much, stop talking about failures and results when you should be only just starting to see first signs of new growth from your transplant from a couple months ago. Sit back, be patient, and enjoy some warm weather activities depending on your location and wait it out like everybody else had to. Best, Bill
  7. Well that is certainly the understatement of the year. It’s interesting how Spex will take one negative comment I made out of dozens if not hundreds of supportive statements I’ve made about him over the years and blatantly overreact and use that as a means to not only leave this community but attack me and make me sound like a bully. The reality is, all I did was remove comments from Dr. Hasson who already essentially “removed” his own posts by editing his comments, changing them to the word “deleted”. So, any reply to Dr. Hasson didn’t make any sense and thus, I removed those as well. Now, forget whether or not anyone felt the doctors comments were appropriate or not… that is not the issue here. The issue is that Instead of contacting Melvin or I privately and expressing concern or simply asking a question, he decided to sarcastically and unprofessionally make a snide remark making it sound like we are participating in foul play. This is certainly untrue, unappreciated and unprofessional. So I reply to him calling him out for peddling his own agenda. So wrong about that and what’s on True about it? Specs is a self promoter. There’s no question. He has a website dedicated to himself and while it’s good or bad, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s a self promoter peddling his own agenda. Does he help people? Sure. I’ve mentioned that which is why I said what I said. But is there any question that he’s a self promoter? There shouldn’t be. I’m sure Spex gets paid very well for everything he does. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with getting paid as long as you’re working in the patient’s best interest But for him to accuse us of an agenda when he blatantly self promotes on this forum is not only offensive but sort of like the pot calling the kettle black. Now as for Spex, if he wishes to play the martyr, that’s his prerogative and yet more examples of his self seeking agenda. With the record, we have not banned him or suspended him. Leaving this community is his choice. So I guess at this point, we will all wish Spex good luck and hope he works in the best interest of prospective patients regardless of where he posts. But since he has chosen to leave, there’s no sense in continuing to discuss it. That is his choice and we will honor his choice. Bill
  8. Spex, Don’t appreciate your snide remark. If you have a question about something that has been edited, why not to be an adult professional and send a moderator a private message asking about it. Are you a team player or are you a self seeker peddling your own agenda? I think the answer to that question is obvious. However, we have put up with it because you do provide some sound advice and you haven’t blatantly broken any rules As for the editing, Dr. Hasson deleted his own posts. So, it was no longer appropriate to host any replies to his posts including posts that quoted his deleted comments. Frankly, this was obvious so I can’t imagine that you didn’t know this. But this that means that you were trying to stir the pot and become a poison and otherwise healthy well. And that will not be tolerated. I suggest sticking to the scope of the topic and be professional and your responses. Frankly, this was obvious so I can’t imagine that you didn’t know this. But this that means that you were trying to stir the pot and become a poison and otherwise healthy well. And that will not be tolerated. I suggest sticking to the scope of the topic and be professional and your responses. Do you have a question about something we’ve done, you can either ask us privately or even ask us publicly in a normal way. Snide or sarcastic comments just make you look like a fool. Regards, Bill
  9. @John Doe Congratulations on selecting an outstanding surgeon for your hair transplant. In addition to posting on our forum, I encourage you to create a free patient website which is the best way to document your entire hair transplant journey with photos, videos, etc. In fact, we recently overhauled them to make them not only mobile friendly, but essentially like an app that response so well that you can create and manage your website by tapping a few buttons. By tapping a few buttons. Create your own website, simply go to www.hairlossweblogs.com. You can then take your patient website and link it to your form signature. Or you can just link it directly into your post. There are instructions on how to do all that in the “hair transplant experiences and surgeon reviews“ forum up at the top. It’s a pinned topic. For more instructions, feel free to ask. You can find a link to my I lost website and document a journey in my signature below. best wishes, Bill
  10. I personally tried both DermMatch and Toppik in the last bit for some reason I couldn’t feel comfortable with either. I couldn’t find a color match for DermMatch and it just felt like I had makeup in my hair and I just felt like I couldn’t get enough Toppik in my head. It still looked thin even after using a lot of Toppik. But I now it gets who have had great experience with both and even others. So don’t let me experience away you. What about others?
  11. Hi there, sorry for the delay in replying. I’m personally not familiar with that medication and I’m guessing by the lack of replies that nobody who has read this can relate to so far. But it is a legitimate question and I think it should be discussed. For starters, perhaps you can tell us about the medication, what it is, what it does and why you are concerned about it affecting a hair transplant. If you are considering her transplant surgery, I do suggest consulting with a few top surgeons recommended by this community and asking them this question. I’m sure they would have a direct answer. Now, don’t take this as an answer but I would doubt that this or most medications would really affect your hair transplant unless it thins the blood in which case, there may be some complications during surgery. If anybody has any information on this medication or an answer to this question, please reply. Best, Bill
  12. @kathyln, Thanks but I’ve had to remove your promotional link from your post. If you are genuine and interested in participating in discussion, that’s great. But please do not link to promotional products which looks like you’re just trying to pedal and sell it. Thanks, Bill
  13. And the fact that the clinic you are referring to is in turkey… That’s another potential red flag. I’m not familiar with the clinic you mentioned but many clinics and turkey are turning patients over like a factory and operate in the “black market“. Frankly, I would never recommend anybody go to Turkey for a hair transplant UNLESS it’s a surgeon we have already prescreen and approved recommendation. That’s not to say there aren’t potentially other good surgeons there, just that we don’t know and there are a lot of black market clinics causing patients way more harm than good. Bill
  14. Nasser, Thanks for posting however, you sound like a walking advertisement for a vacation resort rather than a patient who just had a hair transplant who is sharing their genuine experience. If you are indeed a genuine patient, I suggest sharing your actual experience, what it was like, how you felt, how involved was the doctor, what the technicians did, how many grafts you received and where, etc. and most importantly… Where are the photos? If you just had surgery, you should be able to post before and immediately postop pictures showing your procedure. And if you are concerned about your identity, you can always crop your face out of it. These so-called “glowing reviews“ simply appear fake and nobody is going to believe it unless it’s backed up with a real experience at pictures. Maybe even a video. So let’s see the photos and hear about your actual experience if you are genuine Best, Bill