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Normal crown or start of bald spot?

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Age old question , reason I posted here is becuase I have upcoming HT booked with Dr Bisanga for hairline work and want to know if it's something I should consider.


Is this a bald/thinning spot or normal crown? (I can only see from certain angle and this was fairly bright light)


Should I be requesting to have this addressed for my upcoming procedure?


It's been there for years and seems to come and go depending on what haircut I am wearing at the time, so I don't know.


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Looks normal to me. Keep in mind there are risks with transplanting into dense areas with lots of native hair, I would leave it alone.

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nah, bro. I don't think it is MPB in the crown, but you probably have some degree of Mpb in your genes if you are getting a transplant. That said, you won't be getting any cosmetic improvement to transplant that, even if it is, so you should stay away from that.

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To be honest, it's really hard to tell. It could be normal or it could be male pattern baldness. I'd consult a quality hair restoration physician in person to let them inspect your scalp under magnification. If there are many hairs in the area that are miniaturizing, than it's likely male pattern baldness. If not, it's probably just normal.


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I'd say normal, if you're on finasteride then you'll probably maintain what you are at for a long time at the very least.


I have a bunch of cowlicks too, fair skin and dark hair and fine hair can exacerbate the appearance of thinness, particularly in areas that swirl and don't allow the hair to sit in a cooperative pattern as crown cowlicks often do.

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