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  1. Thanks Dr. Bhatti. Per my earlier question, is the greed aspect more about adding density to a result that looks thin or unnatural? Or just refining a result that already looks good and taking to to 'great' so to speak? I went with Dr Bisanga in Belgium just to do my temples and reenforce my hairline (where there are hairs already) and lower it just slightly. I researched a tonne of his before and afters on this site and elsewhere and the density of his results for most of his first time patients was a big reason I went with him also. I don't mind a few years down the line getting another transplant, but I'd be disappointed if all the effort that went into this first procedure have results that looks thin or still balding.
  2. Thanks Spex, I'd consider you one of the most well informed posters on this board so I put a lot of weight into your opinion. Do you think the motivation to go for a 2nd session is becuase the first result gives a subpar look that needs addressing to look natural? Or is it more about taking something that looks 'good' to make it look 'great'? If the latter that makes more sense to me about hair greed. For me, if I spent the money on a HT and go through the discomfort of surgery, flying overseas and the long wait for results for it to produce hair that looks like its thinning or not blending in, which is noticeable to others. And having to go back for another session to get it looking acceptable, then I'd be knocking on my surgeons door asking for some answers.
  3. Yes ironically that video from Spex is what drove me to make this thread. More out of curiosity than anything. I guess what confuses me is, I've seen lots of before and afters from clinics and patients themselves with similar HL patterns (around that NW 2.5 mark) and some of the end results look incredible and completely natural, if my result turned out anything like that I'd be ecstatic. And these were first time HLT patients as well. The impression I get though, is that it's rare for someone to be satisfied after their first HT which strikes me as a bit odd given the above.
  4. I had 2,300 grafts with Dr Bisanga in Belgium 2 months ago. I have no visible scarring that I can see anyway, incredibly clean work. Check out my thread in the patient results subforum for photos.
  5. To be specific I'm not referring to 5-10 years down the line when you've experienced further loss, I'm talking right after your first HT you're already planning your next one. Let's say for example you only have moderate loss in the scheme of things (NW2-3 and less than 3,000 grafts) and you have work just to restore temples and lower hairline. Are you expecting too much that the first go around will give you adequate density and coverage? Or is it almost always a case that you'll have to go for a second to get that? Acknowledged everyone's needs and goals differ but asking in general, and yes I am using myself as an example. I'm hoping the FUE I had will blend in with my native hair, obviously it will never reach the same density but the illusion of that is what I'm after.
  6. Just hit the 2 month mark a few days ago, after a 2,300 FUE procedure with Dr Bisanga. The procedure was to restore temples and reenforce/lower hairline just slightly. My understanding is you won't see any real growth until month 3 minimum, i noticed growth in the frontal region which is mostly the native hair that was shaved for the procedure, but their seems to be a bit of a gap in the middle where the hair is a bit more bare. Not sure what this is, or if I should be concerned or not. Feedback appreciated.
  7. About 7 weeks post op. Been shedding most of the transplanted hairs over the last few weeks. My native hair that was shaved for the procedure has grown in pretty fast.
  8. Hair Transplant surgery is a long process, my FUE was on the smaller side (2,300 grafts) and I was there from 8am until about 5:30pm. if a doctor was to do every single aspect of the surgery himself day in and day out without any techs assstance I doubt it would still be of the same quality. These guys are humans as well, and are suspectible to fatigue and making mistakes especially in an environment which requires their 110% attention at all times. Would you rather the doctor do everything in light of the above? Or let him do the most important aspects of the surgery (punching of the grafts, incisions in the recepient) and let the trained techs do the remainder to keep him fresh? Now on the other hand you are well within your rights to ask about the experience levels of the techs and their training, and also what the doctors involvement is on the big day. If it's a case of the techs doing 95% of the work, then I'd be concerned.
  9. I'm 6 weeks post op. Had my temples restored and hairline lowered slightly, so all my grafts are in the front. I'm in a situation where I have to ride my motorbike to work as a relative is borrowing my car. The problem is my helmet definitely feels tight and I can feel some friction on the recepient area, after I got home from work my forehead was a bit red but it soon disappeared. It's not uncomfortable really, but I'm just concerned am I doing damage now and/or impacting future growth? Problems of having a melon head
  10. My post op instructions say to avoid hairspray for 1 month after surgery. Though no mention of hair gel/wax etc. What are your thoughts on how long to wait? I also like to use a hairdryer to prop my hair up a bit and make it look thicker, so not sure if there's an acceptable time to wait for that also.
  11. Would a bandana be sufficient cover from the sun? I had a full head bandana provided by the clinic, a black one. It just occurred to me randomly that I spent about 10 or 15 minutes under the sun in Singapore (which is quite hot) while I was trying to flag a taxi to the airport. This was Day 3 after the surgery. The bandana was on the whole time, but any chance sun could make its way in?
  12. Great thread, at almost 1 month post op definitely something I need to keep in mind. I'm going through the initial shed of transplanted hairs right now, coupled with some significant dry/flaky skin on my scalp. Anytime there's a change in appearance in the recepient (i.e some redness due to the aforementioned dryness) I tend to freak a bit and convince myself that it's going to impact the end result.
  13. Thanks, did you see my other post above about the sun exposure? Keen to get your thoughts on that too.
  14. Thanks Matt. On the topic of sun exposure, ironically today I was at my doctor getting a top up prescription of Fin, I was waiting to be picked up out the front and didn't realise I was standing under the direct sun, it would've been an an absolute maximum 10 minutes but probably less. No sunburn obviously and it was only 10 in the morning. Would that be an issue? My hair was combed forward so covering the recepient as well. I know Gillenator knows quite a bit about this.