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  1. I think anything that can increase blood flow to the hair follicles is good. That said, imho the lasercap's are likely to be the least effective. GET ON THE ROLLER! 🙂
  2. 1.5 mm roller, Tuesday & Friday nights Melvin. I roll over back and forth across the weaker area's to the point of light bleeding right before I go to bed. In the morning I wash my hair normally & apply the rogaine foam. I would never have even tried microneedling if it wasn't for Shifty's posts - I have followed the regime that worked so well for him.
  3. Here is a close up just taken. No fibres, just natural. I have been a member of this forum for 5 years & think a few senior members would acknowledge i am a genuine poster.
  4. I have been using minox via rogaine foam for 10-15 years. Been using Fin for 5 years. I use the rogaine foam the morning after rolling as per normal.
  5. I do it in the thinning area only, to the point of light bleeding. I was a bit worried about making my hair worse at first but the gamble paid off. Obviously the wounding significantly attracts increased blood flow to the affected area and the follicles have responded like wildfire.
  6. You should regain most of the native hair 3-4 months post op. If it was strong hair it almost certainly will come back unless something has really gone wrong. IMHO.
  7. I posted on this forum a month or so ago seeking advice for some thinning that I had been experiencing behind my transplanted frontal hairline. Thankfully I stumbled across a post by Shifty in which he reported amazing results from microneedling. Deciding to give it a go myself I have been rolling twice a week (Tuesday & Friday nights) with a 1.5mm roller and truthfully, am blown away with the results too. The thinning part has almost completely filled in within just one month! I could notice improved results by the 2nd week! Seriously guys, imho it is about time derma-rolling o
  8. Should get more recognition on this forum than it does imho. Id go so far as to say the Big 3, should be the Big 4 with microneedling included.
  9. I would be guessing mate but personally I wouldn't touch the transplanted area's with a dermaroller for 6 months! Just my gut feeling.
  10. 1) Anti Androgen medication - Finasteride or Dutasteride 2) A good shampoo such as the coal tar variety or nizoral. 3) Minox / Rogain Foam 4) Research micro-needling & do that on area's of the scalp with weakness. I think its about time we start giving micro-needling a bit more respect & credibility. There have been some incredible results highlighted recently & I myself have had some good early results with it.
  11. An inspiring thread Shifty. Congrats on your results thus far. For what its worth, I agree that a good regime of hair care can virtually stop MPB in its tracks. I was receding quite sharply on both temple points by 18 years of age, now 48 and although I have had transplants for my hairline and temples, the crown is still intact and most people consider I have almost a full head of hair. Ionil T shampoo which is a coal tar type is what I have used for almost 30 years and worked brilliantly at rectifying a psoriasis type of condition which I think was exacerbating my hair loss at such a you
  12. There is a thread going on here atm with a guy who is having incredible results with the big 3 and micro needling! His results are smashing the ball out of the park - definitely worth a read.
  13. Depends on the condition of your scalp. I am a big believer in Coal Tar shampoo's, especially if you suffer excessive dandruff. Yes the Minox Foam would be a good idea for you too.
  14. If you look after it you should be able to maintain your hair all your life. I was losing mine at 18, was referred to a dermatologist - have since used Ionil T shampoo, Minox Foam, later added Fin - im 48 now & have held onto most of my hair.
  15. Thanks for the response guys. It is a minor aggravation only & from front on it isn't visible. I live in Australia so a likely overseas visit for a touch up HT or PRP if I do something. The surgeon that did my repair work was okay but I was disappointed he didn't nail the result I was looking for given the price I paid. Perhaps I will contact him again or do you think a new surgeon would be interested in a small job like this? I see Dr Laorwong in Thailand is now recommended by this forum - that appeals more than travelling half way around the world to me but I would do it if I
  16. Yes. Fin, Minox foam, lasercap. I was an early receder (18 years old), really slowed the loss down with a good coal tar shampoo ( Ionil T)...first HT at 33, now 48. Really blame my initial surgeon for my frontal 3rd thinning. His agenda seemed to be to keep me committed to a series of small procedures always leaving something minor to fix. The last "touch up" for only 30 grafts he aggressively stuck the needle into the major artery which runs from the nose up to the forehead in the middle of my front hairline. Three months after that i lost a chunk of hair overnight from the forelock ar
  17. Or could PRP possibly thicken up this area without surgery? Or can PRP in itself cause shock loss?
  18. Hi guys, Some might remember me from my posts on this forum 3-4 years ago. Overall in a better place than where I was but have never been completely happy with my repair work. The hairline looks good from the front but I still think there is significant weakness on one side of my forlock area in the frontal third that I would one day like to get addressed. Any thoughts on how many grafts might be required & risk of shock loss? After what I went through back in 2015 I am ultra cautious of shock loss leading to repeat procedures. Cheers.
  19. Sorry but I wouldn't be happy with that result. I used to think this Dr was amongst the worlds best but a few posts I have seen now have alarmed me. I think for 3500 grafts in the frontal third you should have had a much better result.
  20. I had a thread on the old site about a horror shock loss experience I had, resulting from a tiny touch up procedure. Im convinced I was being led up the garden path for several, unnecessary repeat procedures. I finally consulted another surgeon who did a decent repair on me but I can still notice weakness when my hair is wet, but its almost undetectable to others - especially when dry. Cant really complain - I am way, way better off now than if I had never had transplants. Don't get too depressed mate, your results may not be as thick or as dense as you would like but I wouldn't say
  21. Pretty alarming to read this post & feel the impact it has had on you! Im a bit surprised as based on many previous posts on this forum I had considered Asmed to be amongst the best FUE team in the world. Maybe they are taking on too many clients/surgeries in the one day and it is beginning to impact their results? Dr Couto is the red hot surgeon atm but his wait times are apparently insane/years! I have been on the receiving end of the good, the bad & the average from this industry myself so can genuinely empathise with you pal. What doesn't break us does make us stronger bu
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