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  1. Excellent density for so few grafts. He's got to be stoked to see that, especially getting the ability to style his hair again.
  2. The scare mongering over meds is mostly paranoia, a miniscule number of men have sexual side effects, and almost 90 percent of men see stabilization of their hair loss and in some cases even partial reversal of hair loss in the crown or vertex. If you want to avoid a norwood 7 then I'd advise trying out finasteride (propecia), if you are one of the statistically few people with genuine side effects they will go away after you stop taking the medication, so what do you have to lose by trying it out for a six months to a year trial run? I'm about to be 34, have taken it since 21, I assure you I have had zero side effects and have held on to my crown and mid scalp allowing me to focus all transplants on the frontal third where they have the greatest cosmetic impact. As for SMP, you need to know your hair loss pattern and overall strategy before you commit to SMP, if you intend on a surgical solution then I'd hold off and do SMP down the road after you know what the transplant looks like.
  3. Is thininng confined to the crown? You stated this was caused by an anxiety disorder, so is this not male pattern baldness? If it's not genetic hair loss then it will probably come back if you give it time. Are you presently taking any preventative medication such as finasteride ( brand name propecia)? It works very well at preserving the crown and often grows some hair back in that region. I'd consult a physician about obtaining a prescription for it ASAP if you aren't currently taking that medication. I would advise against a surgical hair transplant until your hair loss is stabilized, your thinning is minimal and it isn't definitive if it is caused by male pattern baldness. So start taking finasteride and re-evaluate your hair in about six months, take pictures and compare, a year from now after being on the medication, if your condition remains unchanged or improved, then I would advise against a surgical solution and think medication is sufficient. But you won't know until you try it out.
  4. If you post some pics of your scalp we can give you some educated estimates about the number of grafts you may need.
  5. Speegs

    Post FUE

    You're almost half a year post op, don't worry about anything, the grafts are secure and growing, now is the time for patience.
  6. Can you please try the links again so we can open them without cutting and pasting, we'd love to give you some insights if we have any to share.
  7. You can get an SMP done to punch up the appearance of density, but I'd wait until after your transplant has matured so you can see what you're working with. Are you taking preventative meds to keep that crown from getting worse? Will be a fool's errand trying to fill it if you're not.
  8. Speegs

    Multi Unit Hair Grafting

    I can't vouch for or against that doctor, but that is unfortunate marketing by their website. Be very discerning, and don't be married to a doctor being close to your area as your primary decision maker, travel around the US shouldn't be a major obstacle for you when making your decision, it's worth it to do so. I took a year of investigating before deciding on a doctor, did almost ten consults in person or online, and ultimately traveled all the way from Austin, Texas to Portland, Oregon to make sure I was in capable hands. There's a database of doctors on here you can peruse, but I advise against making close proximity to where you live being the primary criteria for picking them above all else.
  9. Speegs

    Multi Unit Hair Grafting

    Another thing I might add about their deceptive verbage, it sounds like they are trying to sell you 6,000 to 8,000 hairs, not grafts. Which is a trickster move, that could be the equivalent of 1,500 FUT grafts in some instances, but they made it sound like more by telling the hair count with some fancy wording.
  10. Speegs

    Multi Unit Hair Grafting

    Sounds like a sales gimick, or worse it could be mini-grafts, which are an outdated method and not the gold standard that follicular untis are for achieving naturalism. I just looked them up, looks like a hair mill chain, I'd keep my distance. Do your homework, if it sounds too good to be true it often is.
  11. Sorry for your frustration, thank you for being an advocate for patients to do their homework, it can't be preached enough.
  12. True, they have an excellent reputation and i always feel comfortable when people choose them. As you well know, there are only a handful of doctors out there who actually should be touching any of us.
  13. What part of country do you live in? If you're in west coast or pacific northwest definitely smart to do Hasson & Wong and Gabel, those are the best with scars on that coast.
  14. Clean looking hairline.
  15. Enviable work as always by Dr. Konior. That scar even looks pretty good and will probably continue to improve.