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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    10 years +
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    Maintain Existing Hair
    I'm here for support

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    Dr. Steven Gabel
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    Propecia (Finasteride)
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  1. You'll be fine, you're in good hands. I had three FUT as well, including two with Dr. Gabel.
  2. Gabel did touch up work on me after unsatisfying results from another doctor, he's pretty adept at tweaking the work of surgeons that didn't get the best result before him.
  3. Seems on track, the subtle changes ahead will last at least a year. Happy growing, after month 8 or 9 you'll see significant differences. Can't really compare your early growth too intensely with others as everyone is a little different. But your patience will probably be rewarded so don't sweat it.
  4. Speegs

    Why hate on Mexico?

    I'd reach out to the Gabel people with that question as variables change prices sometimes for physicians in demand.
  5. Looking good, you're well on your way.
  6. Most people wait at least a year between surgeries, it's smart and mandatory for ethical medical practitioners. And most choose a single surgeon, only going to a second if they can't book their first one or are dissatisfied with the initial results.
  7. Age appropriate is always key, a doc that creates a hairline that will look good at both 28 and 58 is the one that was forward thinking and did you right. A juvenile hairline can look a little out of place or suspicious as we age, especially if the hair behind it thins.
  8. Finasteride was initially used to shrink the prostate and as a happy byproduct, it was discovered that it had a positive impact on keeping DHT from attacking susceptible hair follicles by reducing the presence of DHT in the bloodstream. So the idea of it exacerbating prostate issues is counter to the very reason finasteride was under clinical study in the first place, which was to shrink the prostate. 5mg finasteride is still prescribed by physicians to treat enlarged prostates and to help prostate cancer survivors keep their prostate size in check.
  9. Pretty strong first third of it all, you're gonna look great circa February through June.
  10. How many month post op is this? Looks good.
  11. I live in Austin, wish you'd come here before going to Mcgrath, I would've warned you to stay clear. Feel free to reach out to me about my opinion of Texas hair doctors in a PM, personally, I chose to go to Portland.
  12. Speegs

    Why hate on Mexico?

    ARTAS is an expensive gimmick robot that has encouraged a lot of hacks to get into HT because you don't have to have any skill to own one. A true surgeon does it delicately by hand because every scalp is too nuanced to calibrate with a robot. ARTAS is a red flag all the way, and any other robot or automation machine for that matter, such as Neo Graft. As for celebs, their money doesn't make them all smart, they get duped by their ignorance or else given free surgery for an endorsement. Not all of them may end up butchered, I'm sure they're given special attention, but they aren't going to the best if they're actually going to Ziering.
  13. Speegs

    Why hate on Mexico?

    4 to 6 is pretty normal, depends on the doc. Lesser docs are usually asking 4 as if they were elite, so when a good doc asks 4 it's competitive. Hair restoration is pricey, that's why it's important you do your homework and get the right physician. Please PM me and I'll share pics, for privacy reasons I tend not to post them.
  14. McGrath is a product of the Ziering hair mill, also employs hackneyed sales consultants in the model of Hair Club and MHR, his background. His present sales guy was even formerly with that bat crazy Florida physician famous on youtube who uses two ludicrous blades to extract donor and does untold harm in the process, that crackpot lost his license in Tennessee and proclaimed himself Jesus Christ in a blog rant. Can't make this stuff up, run, don't walk from such people. It's why even though I live in Austin I traveled to Portland!