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  1. I had a thread on the old site about a horror shock loss experience I had, resulting from a tiny touch up procedure. Im convinced I was being led up the garden path for several, unnecessary repeat procedures. I finally consulted another surgeon who did a decent repair on me but I can still notice weakness when my hair is wet, but its almost undetectable to others - especially when dry. Cant really complain - I am way, way better off now than if I had never had transplants. Don't get too depressed mate, your results may not be as thick or as dense as you would like but I wouldn't say you are botched or left looking freakish. When you brush it back dry it actually does look quite good. I think top notch Dr's can get reasonable yields into scar tissue, work is even done on burnt skin. That said you have to work out the toll it will take on your wellbeing by chasing a better result. Good luck with whatever you decide. Cheers.
  2. Pretty alarming to read this post & feel the impact it has had on you! Im a bit surprised as based on many previous posts on this forum I had considered Asmed to be amongst the best FUE team in the world. Maybe they are taking on too many clients/surgeries in the one day and it is beginning to impact their results? Dr Couto is the red hot surgeon atm but his wait times are apparently insane/years! I have been on the receiving end of the good, the bad & the average from this industry myself so can genuinely empathise with you pal. What doesn't break us does make us stronger but we do need our smarts, complete dr integrity & a bit of luck to end up happy in this game. Best.
  3. I think it looks very nice, neat work & a great use of 2500 grafts. Really look forward to seeing your results.
  4. Mikey1970

    5236 grafts FUE Dr. Nader

    Looks like very nice work. Great review - look forward to seeing how you progress.
  5. Mikey1970

    How bad is it?

    I think a good Dr should be able to get you a really good cosmetic result with around 2000 grafts.
  6. You can definitely accelerate the loss of native hair if you undergo a transplant too early. It is a genuine risk and reason why you must go with a recommended surgeon recognized as being a top quality doc. Although I have a much better hairline now, I have significantly weakened a fair bit of my frontal third by persisting with a "quack" for too many small procedures chasing a perfect result that he was not capable of delivering. Sometimes I feel tempted to try and correct this but I know how real the risks can be & have learnt to live with a reasonable result.
  7. Still early days but you should be on the cusp of some good times. I think FUE can take a bit longer to start coming through but you have every reason to feel confident at this stage imho. Best.
  8. Great review. Thanks for sharing & please keep us updated with your progress. Looks like great work. Best of luck.
  9. Good luck. I live in Australia & it would be handy to know there are good FUE surgeons in close proximity (rather than having to travel half way around the world).
  10. Mikey1970

    Erdogan 3200 2/2017

    I don't think it looks too bad. Maybe not a great result but at least you haven't been disfigured like I have seen with some botched jobs. The transplanted hairline looks rather fine but that could be due to the calibre of your donor. Overall whilst I can agree that its not a "home run result", I wouldn't consider it to be a bad one either & not something you should feel too stressed over. Best.
  11. The shedding with my last procedure was very dramatic & at the 4 month mark I was pretty convinced it had failed. I ended up shaving my head at zero with the clippers & then tried growing it out at the 7/8 month mark and was pleasantly surprised.
  12. Mikey1970

    Prp. Is it worth it?

    Thanks. I have had a psoriasis type scalp condition so used ionil t shampoo daily since my late teens. Also fin/minox daily & use a capillus lasercap.
  13. Hi guys. I have had several transplants in the past & have very little shiny bald spots on the scalp but there is no doubt my native hair behind the transplants is weak & miniaturising. Reluctant to undergo more surgery as i have experienced a history of one problrm area being addressed only for the trauma to adversely affect adjacent hair. What is the consensus with prp these days? Can it work in thickening up existing hair? Also is there a risk of a shock loss type situ arising from the trauma of having prp injections into the scalp? Your advice is appreciated.cheers.