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    Receding Hairline (Genetic Baldness)
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    10 years +
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    Norwood II
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    Maintain and Regrow Hair

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    Propecia (Finasteride)
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  1. Just wondering if I could get the opinion of experienced posters on the effectiveness of PRP in thickening thinning hair. Also have people heard of, or any thoughts on Factor 4 PRP & whether shock loss, similar to that in a transplant can be a problem with PRP? Thanks, would really appreciate any feedback on the above.
  2. Dr WOOds fixed me up after a botched touch up by another Aussie Dr. Agreed he is expensive but I don't think anyone could say he is bad at his craft. Some of his results are outstanding & on advanced Norwoods.
  3. Lets see if 2018 lives up to the hype that has been promised! Awaiting clinical lab results from Shiseido & the first human trials from Dr Tsuji. Will either or both live up to the hype promised in recent years?
  4. give me a break. that is nothing more than a little "bed hair".
  5. Dr Ray Wo ods or Dr Johnathon Chan for FUE in Sydney. Dr Knudsen for strip. Good luck
  6. Have any of the Aussie posters heard the very sad news of Dr Rhett Bosnich? I did a google search on him a week or two ago & couldn't believe what I was reading! I have no idea what happened but it reads as incredibly tragic. I had a consultation with him a couple of years ago and almost went with him for a HT repair. He struck me as a really good bloke and a HT surgeon that could be trusted. The Australian HT industry has definitely lost a valuable asset with Dr Bosnich's passing.
  7. I had beard hair successfully transplanted into my strip scar with a good result. This goes without saying but make sure you go to a surgeon that is excellent with body hair (especially beard to reduce the risk of facial scarring). I know of one but there may be others - inbox if you are interested. Best of luck.
  8. Mikey1970

    Advice needed

    A lot depends on your level of hair loss. You MUST realize that there is a limited amount of donor hair on the scalp that is impossible to give good coverage for advanced MPB. In my opinion it is imperative to stabilize your hairloss and get on a regime to maintain what you have before undertaking surgery. Ionil T shampoo, Rogaine Foam and Fin have worked well for me. Dr Woods is not cheap but he certainly helped me out of a bind. He stands by his work and looks after his patients. If you want FUE you MUST go with a Dr that specializes in FUE or your head could end up looking as bad, if not worse, than a strip patient! Dr Woods certainly is a skilled FUE surgeon and he is also a master at utilizing body hair for more advanced cases of baldness.
  9. Body hair is not recommended for the hairline as it does not have the same cosmetic appearance as scalp hair. Scalp hair should be used on the front hairline & body hair can be used to fill in gaps further back into the scalp. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  10. For what its worth I & many other guys have taken Finasteride for years with no side effects. I almost think the side effects concern is the result of a placebo reversal affect but that is just my opinion. Be extremely careful which surgeon you select with FUE & particularly transplanting into existing hair. Anyone less than a top doc & you could experience shock loss and end up worse off. That happened to me but on the flipside I had to do exactly what you are proposing for a repair and it has paid off. Best of luck.
  11. Cant understand most guys considering the luxury of temple points if they have any degree of MPB. Better to keep those valuable grafts in the bank for up top if needed imho.
  12. I had beard hair used for a strip scar repair. I am clean shaven everyday with no visible scarring. As always is the case - surgeon selection is paramount.
  13. Mikey1970

    Do you DREAM about Hair?

    Its a bit of a worry when you start seeing these type of posts flow through from patients that underwent surgery from Dr's that I had considered to be some of the very best in the world. I have seen a few like this in recent months & I am logging in much more infrequently now. I know how painful it can be - I spent much of the past 2 years in a state of deep depression due to a botched HT but thankfully the gamble of a repair has paid off for me. Thoughts are with you Sean. Best.
  14. It is a definite risk no doubt, especially if you go with anyone less than a top notch surgeon or an unethical one! That said if you are approaching Norwood 3 and are aged 30+, in the right hands you are likely to benefit significantly from a procedure.