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  1. Any other way to improve scalp circulation does anyone know ?
  2. Hello, As I was researching the web into hair-loss treatments I found numerous citations from doctors and clinics saying that bloodflow to the scalp is the key to healthy hair. As blood keeps the healthy hair, blood vessels up there do that too, healthy transplants need lot of blood flow to grow the recipient, etc. Available remedies for increasing blood flow in scalp Unsurprisingly, amongst the popular remedies against hair loss are: * Inversion method to physically instils higher blood flow to scalp * Scalp massages to stimulate blood flow * Caffeine, popul
  3. I d rather have no scalp than take finasteride; as I saw reports of permanent erectile dysfunction after intake of finasteride, problems that popped randomly after months or years of finasteride workinggreat!! and effects that never stopped or resulted in suicide of the person; I d rather have a sexual function. Thanksss
  4. I mean; the native hair, the one who might fall after hair-transplant, the one who was still up when we had the transplant; Can it be held / protected by PRP / laser treatment / red light in any way ? If yes, can you provide proof /real photos with people who had results, not advertising from clinics ? Thank you, Davis. A
  5. Lastest research shows 25 % with more probably not reported and some brecause of unknown cause of their problems (many people in third world countries or poor countries don't know what's causing their penis to die / depression / suicide tendency etc) Do you have any idea how many killed themselves over prophecia permanent erectile dysfunction ? Carry on mate, say it's just poison for some, don't be amazed when it hits you randomly as it happened to my buddy The only reason this drug is still legal is that idiots put millions into Big Pharma, and Big Pharma cann
  6. Is that so ? Follicles won't be affected by that, after hair transplant I do myself a rough massage with my hands on all the scalp and that is not mild at all, it's brute force, still the grafts wont be damaged... because it's 2 months since that
  7. Alright I am a hater cause I wanted to help make him aware of such dangers of finasteride, whatever Carry on guys ! take finasteride as it has no sides, it's safe /outofthisthread
  8. You don`t really get what I say, do you ? There are loads of people who experienced sides randomly after some time and those sides never went away after stoping the drug. This is the REAL concern I have no idea why this drug still exists and it`s legal thou
  9. At the same power ? I doubt it... Be aware that finasteride syndrome can hit anytime to people on it, as many reports were on finasterid survivors forum....
  10. why would you posts results with topikk in it ? just show us the natural hair
  11. Impressive results but why risk your life with finasteride ? I know someone who commited suicide after 3 months use of finasteride and on month 4 he developed permanent erectile dysfunction ,,, 3 years of agony and nothing not even viagra could give him an erection anymore. He posted on finasteride survivors before his death.... I think it doesn't worth the risk mate, you can get that erection bomb anytime from these drugs
  12. Hello, so these are the pics - post OP, this is month nr 2 and to this day I have lost not one single hair for some unknown reason. I am not on propecia or whatever else medicine and never plan to do so considering the potential desatruous effects that it might have on sexual function, brain, etc. I will try to find pre - OP photos and post there here soon. The situation looked somewhere to mild near severe, I had lost temples, the crown area had a hole in that spot where people get balding and hairline receeded a lot. This is the result done in a clinic in Istanbul, not sure I
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