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  1. Thank`s for your advice. Is a hair transplant still possible after serveral treatments? Because I`m afraid that smp could lead to tiny dotted scars, which could make a hair transplant impossible.
  2. Thank`s for your advice. I`m hesistating with drugs like Minox, Fin, etc. because of the side-effects. Maybe a Dermaroller is enough? Saw some guys who only dermarolled, with amazing results.
  3. Not sure if 1,5mm is really needed, it`s a painful bloody theapie. Do you think 1mm with less pain and blood is fine, too? What are the Big 4, now? 1. Minox/Finasteride 2. Dermaroller 3. ? 4.?
  4. found out that they used in the famous dermaroller study 192 needles with 1.5mm length. I`ll use that.
  5. Hello, how much needles should a dermaroller have? Is 192 the right number?
  6. Makes a SMP sense? My hair-color looks much more darker when it`s shaved.
  7. Thank`s for your opinion, and I`ll give micro-needling a try. Makes a SMP sense? https://s17.directupload.net/images/190910/3ifid92n.png
  8. Hello, makes a hair-surgery sense, for me? Age: 35 Hairloss startet 13 years ago, very slow. Norwood-Skala: 6 never took finasterid, minox or other drugs no hair-surgery, yet Father + Grandfather Nowood 6-7 https://s17.directupload.net/images/190910/wz7jwf67.png https://s17.directupload.net/images/190910/uuyhh3f8.png https://s17.directupload.net/images/190910/znidilfd.png https://s17.directupload.net/images/190910/fs5n7u9q.png https://s17.directupload.net/images/190910/kg5jborz.png https://s17.directupload.net/images/190910/lcjpadqr.png
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