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  1. Hi The argument for Fin has probably been raised daily since this website was created! You will/would be in a better position having stabilised you hair loss before undergoing any surgery. There is no doubt about Fin being a saviour for many men's barnets and could possibly prevent any surgery. But here's the thing, if you are decided on getting it done without taking meds afterwards then there is no point in people bombarding you with opinion and making you second guess your decision. You sound like you understand the implications of going ahead without meds and seem happy to under
  2. I'd be wary of making life changing choices based on Google and yelp reviews which can be easily fluffed. Granted travel is not an easy option right now but I would really take the time to look at screened clinics at home and abroad. If there's doctors in the state's doing it for half the price without any patient based results then you would have to ask yourself why.
  3. I would think after 11 months you should have a rough idea by now if the hair was growing back, is if possible it's just not a gap from poorly placed grafts maybe? Where did you get it done and are you happy to post any pics for the more seasoned members to elaborate on?
  4. P.S I'm a fan of BF and in no way bashing him or how he works, it's just frustrating that his work is trickling through. I think in 24-36 months internationally he will be up there to compete with but for me now and the way everything is shaping up with travel etc I am happy to get it done close to home.
  5. My math is correct, because it suits my situation. If I stay abroad it will be in quality accommodation, I won't be treating it like I'm backpacking my way through a hair transplant. There's all other costs that I will have to factor in besides room, flights, and food. As I said there's parking at the airport, fuel in my car amongst other things. My business will be affected if I'm away from home and also if I have to factor in isolating. Basically I know what I will and won't spend. That's beside the point, I haven't chosen where I am going based on price, it's just happens to be well pr
  6. Costs for the Hair Dr is £3 per graft. Bruno Ferreira charges €2.50 which is roughly £2.25 so for me: 2000 grafts Bruno £4,500 Vs Hair Dr £6000. So for some people £1500 would be a deal breaker but for me by the time I factor in flights, accom, food, airport parking etc etc it would leave £1k. I'm a slight hypochondriac so it's a small premium to pay for the peace of mind that if anything does go wrong I will be on English soil and going home to my own bed plus Dr Arshad has proven results so for me it's not a compromise. Hope this helps
  7. It's hard to tell with such close up shots, can you take pics at a wider angle and maybe blur your face? I have to say the actual end result is not bad by any means but then you didnt look like you needed it in the first place. The problem with afro hair is you need a doctor who understands how to frame your face properly and regularly puts it into practice. Cinik seems to have a one shape fits all approach.
  8. Are you on Finasteride as well? If so I would make sure its not having an emotional effect on you. If you have been on it a while then maybe not but I would rule it out
  9. Ok buddy it's good to hear a renowned doctor creating a plan for future loss without meds. From what I can see your hair is in good shape currently, and with donor available for filling in at a later date you should be set future loss. Good luck and keep the updates coming 👍🏼
  10. Results are looking really good. Do you intend to carry on without using Finasteride? Do you use any other meds like rogaine etc or will you just go down the good diet and regime path? I only ask because without starting a debate on meds I will be similar to you in the sense that as long as my donor area is good I will carry on without meds and maybe have several future HT's as and when needed.
  11. Yea the density looks fine and if the shape was good it would prob be a good result but they have literally ran a straight line across a round head. It just doesn't tie into his features. At the end of the day its how it makes you feel and by the sound of it he's a happy man although rather him than me 🏃🏼😮
  12. This has just popped up on my news feed. Former X Factor contestant Eoghan Quigg has had a lockdown hair transplant at the Cevre Hospital in Istanbul. I'm no HT expert but this looks horrendous in terms of design, it's almost as if they have placed a bowl on his head and drawn round. You would think he would have enough celeb connections to find a decent place. Has anyone heard of it? Apparently he is now an ambassador.
  13. Yeah I would have to agree, it seems a tough enough job as it is doing the transplanting so I would imagine having hair still in place would add to the difficulty.
  14. Evening all From what I have seen from various successful HT's, not only does opting for 'no Shave' leave you with a pointless tuft of hair that cannot be styled, it also costs you more for the pleasure of keeping it?! Surely if you are going in for a procedure you want to see what lurks beneath before you jump head first into a transplant. I did consider this option early on but obviously surgeons are not barbers and there never seems to be much left to be styled! Am I missing something? FYI I am going in to get mine done at the end of this month and as much as I won't suit a shave
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