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  1. As @Gatsby has echoed above, don't make the mistake of thinking a hair transplant will put all your hair worries to bed, if you are fixated on your hair daily then be prepared for it to go x10 crazy once you've had it done - like watching paint dry in an ice cold room!. And that's assuming all goes as planned, if you are a slow grower, you may end up with just bits of fuzz 9 months later wondering why you jumped in. Im also 32 and certainly wouldn't consider touching a relatively thatched crown like yours at this point, I would divert my attention to dermarolling or switching up your mai
  2. Definitely safe after 2 months, not too sure about using direct off the plant I would double check unless it's something you're familiar with. I just applied to the recipient area as my donor healed well but you can also use on donor area if you wish, it'll also help with itching and dryness.
  3. Everything looks fine. You're at that wonderful stage of worry where everything looks and feels shit. Just keep at it and have faith. My best advice is to start using aloe Vera gel morning and night. It started easing off my redness within days and I even felt like it helped the hairs pop through. Even it was placebo or not I am just over 4 1/2 months drug free and pretty much have full coverage. Good luck
  4. Your result has made a massive difference to your look. You can see the gain in confidence by the way you style your hair etc. Getting a HT is rolling the dice at any age but again you have to look at the pros and cons. If your getting constant references to your hairline and how it makes you look old it can leave deep mental scars. Would you like to have a good young quality of life and worry about how it looks down the line when maybe there have been developments in hair restoration?? I think you made the right choice, you will get nothing but wise advice on this site but no one can wa
  5. I think there is a brand of topical fin/min which is purchasable in India, I think it's Morr F?? I think Dr Suhail can vouch for its efficiency. I would definitely consider this route before you write off using all meds. To answer your origional question, a HT is achievable without meds but I would not commit to it until you are past 30. Whilst that is still a risky age, it gets you past you initial spike of hormones in your late teens and early 20s and should give you a rough indication of where you're heading.
  6. A pic would be a good starting point we're all unqualified as it is!
  7. You would have to see what's the latest you could cancel the appt without losing your deposit and run it right upto the date. I though Oz had one of current tightest border policy's in place? Would be a shame to lose your slot but with France going for a 3rd lockdown as one example I don't think you could predict anything other than month by month.
  8. I think you have got a strong forelock looking at the pics. If you went from the first hair at the front and curved into your temples you would get a good result. That line from above your first wrinkle would look ridiculous and progressively worse as you age.
  9. You certainly won't do yourself any harm eating right and exercising. I believe regular exercise plays a big role in balancing hormones - it certainly does for me. Have you had an overall health check? Blood pressure etc which can all play a part. At the end of the day if you eat rubbish you feel rubbish. At least if you improve your health and try fin and still get sides you will know then you tried everything possible to make it work. Topical Fin would be the best starting point if you can get it in your country. There's some great threads on here about the efficiency of topical fin plus ora
  10. Hi have you uploaded any pics/details of your hair loss? It would be foolish to get talked into a HT without knowing you are a candidate or you could end up with buyers remorse and be in a worse situ than you started out. Have you gone as far as having a consult with anyone?
  11. Dr Bisanga would be top of the list. He also has a clinic in Greece which is cheaper than his Belgium clinic. If you are hoping to save some change from that 20k than I would consider going with that option - covid permitting
  12. I am 3 months in today from surgery(25/11/20) and happy with my results so far. In desperate need of a haircut due to lockdown but will post some more up to date pics once it's been trimmed. The one below was taken a couple of weeks ago. I have also been lucky enough to experience really early growth from day 1 and my surgery healed well although I've still got some numb patches. Dr Arshad is clearly a skilled surgeon which was obvious from his speed and precision on the day. If I could offer any critique it would be that it would of been nice to of had a pic taken once my hair had been
  13. Mine is the same mate. They were all implanted at the same angle but a few have grown against the grain, I guess it's all part of the process. Also the black blobs at the end seem to be where the hair was connected before it shed. All of mine have grown that way after shedding but I've trimmed a few times now so most are gone. Hope this helps, all growth is growth!
  14. I had FUE just under 3 months ago and and my recipient area is still numb. Some places have slowly improved but there's still patches I could stab and not feel. I've had good growth this far so there's no correlation between healing and growing etc. I also had a shit load of injections and had to get topped up during surgery so maybe that also plays a part.
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