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  1. Hey guys I'm going to google but I wanted to ask here if anyone knows. I'm looking for someone that has a good rep in the teeth correction business. I was considering Invisalign but I want to see what quote and what I get told by a Cosmetic Surgeon specializing in teeth correcting, mine are not aligned, not straight. I don't know exactly what I need, I need to email and enquire. Either in Uk where I live or I'm traveling to Turkey soon for work and there for 1 month so wouldn't mind checking out while there and seeing if it's better prices and good work at the same time! Thanks
  2. Thanks man for this advice, it was very helpful and you have an amazing positive energy about yourself which is clear also from the Youtube video I saw and the info you are sharing on your own thread, props! I've been conscious about my hair for a long time, in terms of styling it, making sure it's got a good look when i go out and in general so I think when I noticed the thinning to what I considered too much for me that's when I took the FUE plunge (even though of course i was not bald) so since then even with how it is now, it's not something I'm as confident as you are to be able to handle infront of people! But saying that I do agree with you on cutting it, I was planning to wait say mid to the lask week of Nov then going to my friend who is my barber and he is eagerly waiting to see me lol, of course I told him and then I'll cut down the native hair to match closer how it's looking at that time. It's great to have someone like yourself with similar grafts to me to watch also and at same timeframe!
  3. For topical dutestride? well that sounds the same as what the sides of oral finastride are!
  4. This is my update as of exactly 7 weeks today Redness still there Changes I don't see much. I wash my hair once every other day. 1x with Nizoral then the other time with a Shampoo I got from Sons.co.uk Not using Minoxidil yet. Might start next week. I don't see any changes from last week. My hair line seems to from what was done in the surgery, kind of in and out, sometimes looks like something is happening, sometimes not.
  5. Hey guys I been on Finastride 1MG tablet for 2 years, in last 6 months I would say I felt it lost it's effect as hair started to accelerate to thin and I also experience after 1.5 yrs of using it sides where I felt my sex was no where near the same. So only in the last 1 week based off what a few others said on this forum, I decided to order TOPICAL DUT from FUECLINIC.COM. They advise you to use once a week for the first 4 weeks, if no sides they then say you can use 2x a week or even every other day. If anyone is on DUT or decided to go on it, why did you decide that? Which DUT did you go for, topical or oral and did you then stay on it?
  6. HI there I got this too from FUECLINIC They told me for the first 4 weeks only use once a week - if no sides, then you can use every other day. Did you do this also? I see @captaincalico says he uses everyday. How often do you use? I emailed FUECLINIC guys to ask them even what they mean by sides, what ones should i look out for - they didn't reply to me since 2 days
  7. Oh wow ok I thought the redness goes sooner. Sometimes the scalp does feel sore esp the hairline area but nothing major.
  8. I actually only started using Nizoral in the last week, so I used it twice so far. Once every other day but ok I will use it just once a week. I still don't feel comfortable like this to go out without a cap, I'm hoping by Dec 1st it's at a better position as I have a few things I want to attend, even once in Nov 12th but I don't think I'll be ready by then. Will see at end of this month how it looks and I think def get some kind of haircut or trim to try and work with what I have and what it will look like then. I want to meet girls asap lol Yes it seems everyone has different reactions to shedding process but I've been told from here and from clinic to expect the shedding phase now and for even another month then from month 4 seems to be the most common period where everyone starts to find it relaxes, which for me would be December (I really hope by then I can find a good way to style or cover or might even use hair fibres as on Dec 1st there is a party I would really want to attend)
  9. Hey guys this is an update of just over 6 weeks now post FUE Only thing I've been using is 1mg of Finastride tablet, starting from today I'm going to start using topical dutestride once every other day, based on the same method of @captaincalico I'm washing my hair once every other day - Nizoral and then the other time a shampoo I got from SONS. CO.UK https://sons.co.uk/products/shampoo From what I see I think I am shedding a bit, not too much yet. I develop sometimes dry skin with what looks like the shafts in them when they fall off, not everyday but yesterday for example it did more than the last 2 weeks. There is still some redness on my hairline area, not sure why that isn't going. I'm training in the gym 6x a day and I wear a baseball cap, I keep it loose so i don't think it's the cap, I guess it's still healing overall the scalp. Does this all look normal for post 6 weeks in? I'm planning to see and wait until end of this month then may decide for my first trim since getting my FUE, seeing what my barber can do to bring this into some kind of balance
  10. How long have you been using it for now? Did you use it before your FUE also or only after you had your FUE? The guys from FUECLINIC.COM told me: "Once a week, 2ml (full pipette) for 4 weeks After this, if no sides, you can increase to twice a week or even EOD if you want"
  11. @captaincalico I received my Dutestride from FUECLINIC, they told me 2ML per day right? How do you use it, eg. morning or night? And how much do you use then do you massage it in? And do you do it all over or only a specific part? Thanks!
  12. Strange my clinic told me there is nothing wrong with creatine and no proven effects on the hair so i carried on using it for now.
  13. Oh dear lol, then I'm not sure I want to go to the party I'm supposed to if that is the heart of it. I was thinking this month, October would be the heart of it then towards the end of Oct it will start to settle down. So is it realistic to say around January is the time I'll be in a position where personally feel more confident and not worried too much about my hair? As a reminder my FUE was on Sept 3 (I know everyone is different, in my case it bothers me alot that's why I did it in the first place wheras alot of people where like it's not as bad as you think to me when I told them I'm going to do FUE)
  14. Left is post 18 days Right is post 5.5 weeks I'm not sure but it looks like I have shed on some of the hairline area where it was implanted right?
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