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  1. I'm a young male who underwent a 2500 graft FUT procedure in May. It's been a little more than 3 months now and I'm starting at a new university next week, but still very much in the ugly duckling phase. Is there anything I can do to accelerate the recovery? Post surgery, I was expecting the grafts to fall out and grow back in 3-5 months - instead, only about half fell out and it's still an awkward, patchy, slightly pinkish area after 3 months.
  2. I am a 20 year old male who has been struggling with hair loss since age 16, but didn't seriously start receding until age 18 (I know some users on this forum believe that 20 is too young to be considering a transplant). Relevant info: I've been on Finasteride for over a year. I was in a "freak accident" at age 17 that caused me to be subject to immense stress and brutal physical conditions for a couple months. This accelerated my hair loss, although it recovered slightly for a few months after. I live a very stressful lifestyle (working on improving this). I tried Minoxidil for about a week, but making time for it twice a day and dealing with the side effects unfortunately wasn't practical. Anyway, I've done my research and would love nothing more than to not have to worry about always wearing a hat or no one believing I'm under 30. I'm grateful for current technology and the extensive list of surgeons on this site, but my main question is how to pick the right surgeon out of many, as this will be a decision I live with for life. All photos are within the last month. I live in a suburb of NYC but would probably be willing to travel if necessary.